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  1. I suspect the numpties that drive at those speeds are incapable of doing that calculation.
  2. The original post might be quite old, but sadly things are no better since then and IMO worse. That goes for cowboy dealers and manufacturers that cannot build a caravan that doesn't fall apart after you've used it once.
  3. Hi WG. Sadly, like many of us you are learning that the whole caravan manufacturing and dealer supply industry is in the hands of a bunch of cowboys, happy to grab your cash but unwilling to act responsibly. Unfortunately it looks very much like the cowboys have won again. I doubt you'll get much redress without a difficult and costly fight which you probably won't win. I think your last sentence should read: By the way, all caravans are at considerable risk of damp because of the poor standard of design and unacceptably low standard of construction, so whatever you buy get it tested.
  4. I've just moved house and it came complete with a gas safe certificate done only weeks before. On opening the door to the gas locker, the first thing I spot is the fact that the earth connection has fallen apart. Being Gas Safe certified doesn't stop them being cowboys.
  5. Trouble is they may take someone else with them who is not ready to enter the afterlife yet.
  6. 1. Toughen the kids up. 2. Let make the kids erect it.
  7. More likely never used it. BTW going back to the title. Yes, caravans ARE allowed in lane 3 of a motorway when it has more than three lanes.
  8. I know what you mean about cars. I also go on a Mitsubishi forum, and while my ASX is superbly reliable, there has been a long term issue with the boot lid rusting on older models. Mitsubishi are willingly replacing boot lids on cars that are 8-9 years old! This is one reason I'm on my 3rd ASX. Frankly I think Elddis are a disgrace. Not only did we have the above faults but also a real problem with the cupboard holding the microwave also falling off the wall. When I was at the NEC last October there was the 2019 version with the same design/build faults I had on mine already evident. You cannot put that down to them being hand made. As for the glue failing, they have made a big case about how good their bonded systems are. Really? Thank goodness they don't make airplane wings!
  9. The Stargazer rooflight recall was started sometime in May/June last year, by which time ours had already fallen off. The solution was to put 6 screws in the surround. However, that wasn't the only problem with it, the surround was not deep enough so it was forced against the rooflight, so not only gravity but the extra force induced here will always make this a dodgy repair. Elddis have refused to acknowledge this. However I feel the second problem you have is possibly not down to sealant, but another problem I had with mine. The collapsing roof. Others had experienced this too, and when you put a straight edge along the front of the roof, mine dipped down by 2cm in the middle creating a puddle in front of the stargazer window. Sooner or later the sealant would give here, due to the flexing of the broken roof (I could push mine up from the inside with one hand) and the constant immersion in water. So glad I rejected my heap of junk! I doubt yours will be the only one to suffer this as time goes on. You did the right thing getting rid! BTW, this van was less than 6 months old!
  10. Ah yes! We all have a full sized washing machine in our lightweight caravans. One thing I can say for absolute certainty is that solid state power electronics are not fussy about a floating neutral. Many years ago as a Production Engineer I spent 2 years working on delevoping the first commercial switch mode power supply in the UK so I certainly know in depth how they work! While it might have worked in the case you quote, I'm almost certain something else was at play. Its horses for courses. Every situation is different, and running a large genny for a narrowboat is significantly different to a small portable genny for caravan use.
  11. As I said above, with no earth, you have to touch live and neutral together from a genny (or inverter) to get a shock. i.e. exactly the same as anything double insulated. However, if neutral is bonded to earth, then effectively any metal part of the caravan becomes a un-insulated neutral wire. Thus touching anything that is live or becomes live and any metal part will cause a shock.
  12. Make and model irrelevant. Secondly, I don't use the genny with the caravan. However, I see no reason why the test button of the RCD will not work. Clearly you seem to think the RCD requires an earth. It does not, and there is no connection to earth from a RCD. Ever fitted one? I think not. All the test button does is provide that small imbalance needed to trip the RCD, by use of a resistor. I note you still haven't supplied any details of how you would provide and test (and don't think the test button on the RCD will do that because it won't ) an effective earth under all conditions, which is essential if you feel it necessary to bond the neutral to earth. Without that guarantee, bonding your genny to earth could prove a serios safety hazard. You may wish to do some reading: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Technical/Distribution/How RCD Works.htm One paragraph underlines what I have already written: A test circuit is connected from neutral to phase across the toroid and when the test button is pressed creates an unbalance of about 2.5 times the normal tripping current across the RCD which trips it.
  13. We bought a lightweight Trigano air awning which weighed in at 17kg. Kept it for 5 years and sold it on looking almost as good as new, only the guys had faded. Fully waterproof, air tubes never leaked and never needed reinflating. Why are all air awnings not like this?
  14. I suggest you read it carefully, there are different sections for large and smaller generators. Still doesn't answer my question though.
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