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  1. The delay is horrendous, I found it unpleasant to watch. However, you can buy Bluetooth transmitters with zero delay, but they are more expensive. Search Amazon for "Bluetooth transmitter low latency".
  2. On a hill start no it won't make any difference! Its all down to weight, gears, steepness of hill, and tyre grip. It really doesn't matter where the extra weight is in a front wheel drive car. The answers are simple: 1. Reduce the overall weight by either towing a lighter caravan and/or take less junk with you. 2. Avoid steep hills. 3. Get a car with more bhp and torque, and if tyre grip is an issue, go for a 4x4. 4. Generally 4x4s have a lower top speed, and therefore are geared lower. This means there is less need to slip the clutch in very slow moving traffic.
  3. You will be lucky to find any RV under 3.5tonnes. Even the Fiat panel van conversion we hired a couple of years ago in the US had a generator slung under the back.
  4. Ever tried finding an intermittent Canbus fault?
  5. Yes because it only isolates the motor mover. if you don't turn it off after using the mover, the electronics will slowly drain the battery.
  6. Our last caravan was simply called The Heap of Junk. We were going to be given the number plate ending in FKU for our motorhome. It would have been easy to use that as a suitable name. Thought better of it in the end, and got the plate swapped.
  7. Our motorhome has the Ford 2.0 170bhp auto, and even lugging 3.5 tons around all the time in a non-too-streamlined body still manages 30mpg and it isn't fully run in yet.
  8. I would agree, but avoid the other one like the plague. There's defects and there's defects. There is a whole world of difference in a screw coming loose and the roof starting to collapse after the first month's use. Saying it had, say, 10 defects is really meaningless.
  9. Easy, fit heavy duty Velcro instead. We used to frequently swap plates on the caravan and this was ideal.
  10. thebriars

    New bike price

    I started full time work two months before you with a salary of £1000 per annum.
  11. Surely you mean what do you guys not eat if you need a machine to clean it out afterwards.
  12. By the time I bought my caravan Hymer had owned Elddis for about 9 months. Then Hymer were bought by US Thor Group.
  13. Frankly, when they didn't reply to the first 2 emails, why did you bother with any more? We had this with our new Elddis heap of junk last year and our dealer refused to talk to us. We used the legal aid cover on the house insurance straight away, and eventually got results. I'm afraid like our cowboy dealer, your dealer is ignoring you and expecting it to go away. So far he seems to be successful. I think many caravan dealers work this way and capitalise on the caravan buyers being fobbed off. Get a solicitor involved asap. Check if you have any legal aid cover on anything, if you have ring them. Pester your finance company for a resolution. If not, as has been said above go through someone like Which Legal Services. Above all, do something, don't just sit there fuming. A good start would be to record everything so far, dates, times etc with as many photographs as possible.
  14. What era? We bought our first van, a Stirling, back in 2000. Major damp repair after first year, which Swift refused to fully fund. Three years later it was a write off with damp. 20 year later and nothing has changed.
  15. That arch is bad enough towing a small normal width caravan. Even worse if you meet an oncoming car and caravan.
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