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  1. The answer to this one is very simple. Do a bit of research. This is what I found on the Swift website concerning testing: Endurance testing Swift Group were the first to use the Millbrook Proving ground to put vehicles through their paces to simulate 6 years usage, including aggressive kerb strikes and pave. Swift Group have also recorded data from special recording instruments to measure dynamic load inputs, resultant displacement vectors and vibrations within the caravan structure on the Millbrook track to get a worse case scenario. Along with stability testing of each product at Millbrook looking into the weight distribution to verifying the centre of gravity calculations on a tilting road this all goes to making our vehicles safer to drive and tow. Note the comments: "including aggressive kerb strikes and paves", and "worse case scenario". Frankly Swift do not have a case to answer. We had a similar comment made when we wanted to reject our ***** Elddis. Their website is even clearer in this respect, and it put a potential potholing rejection firmly to bed.
  2. Just had a lovely email from the unfortunate couple who bought my heap of junk. As might be expected my cowboy dealer has simply sold it as seen and had not carried out any of the repairs. Fortunately their dealer was a sound, honest dealer and had no idea it had been rejected and immediately gave them their money back. What is really sad is that a couple looking forward to their new van have been cruelly disappointed as a result of our cowboy dealers unscrupulous actions.
  3. No the manufacturer was not my target, it was always the dealer. The CRA is quite clear, its the dealer who was in breach of contract.
  4. Yup you are just being paranoid. When we bought a new French caravan we never bothered with CRiS. We just used the 13 digit VIN number stamped on the chassis. In fact CRiS use this same number. Good enough for the insurance company. In the last 50 years touring abroad I've never been asked for any proof of ownership of any car, trailer tent or caravan we've owned.
  5. Why bother? You don't have to register a caravan with CRiS.
  6. I'm sorry about your disappointment, but pleased the dealer seems to be responsible and supportive. Hope all goes well. I think it is a fair bet that since the caravan was returned to the dealer, there has not been time to undertake all the repairs needed, sell it on to another dealer who then advertises it, and sells it. Especially with Christmas in the way! For a start all the cushions need replacing, the quickest I have heard on here is at least 6 weeks. How long to repair a broken roof? Most dealers are inundated with repairs and it takes weeks before another repair can be started. Frankly that caravan was never going to be a beautiful caravan. With so many faults all linked to a really shoddy build what else will fall apart?
  7. With a fully charged 110ah battery the motor mover should run for over 4 hours continuously without draining the battery down to levels where it will damage the battery. Think you will be OK somehow.
  8. Not quite. We never saw the actual report, but the cowboy dealer wrote one response to our solicitor when we engaged one. This was a really childish inaccurate response, but they did claim in this letter that the Elddis report stated that the majority of the faults were minor. The obvious point being that some faults were not minor. No they didn't just buy back the caravan, they were forced to accept a settlement under the CRA, otherwise they would have had to go to court to defend their (tenuous) position. Had it gone to court, the obvious fact that they had refused any form of contact over the issue for several months until a solicitor was engaged would certainly have gone against them.
  9. Not quite, I received a very positive reply from the C&C Club and they did state they take member's complaints seriously and use these when reviewing their preferred dealer list which they do annually. they did point out they had removed 2 dealers last year. We shall see.
  10. You really are joking? Why write to my cowboy dealer now considering that when I rejected the caravan they would not even reply to letters, personal visits or respond to phone calls. As for Elddis they were equally hopeless, though they do at least reply. However, I have complained to the Camping Club and the NCC as they both have them listed as preferred dealers. had a positive response from the C&C Club, but needless to say, nothing from the NCC. I've also left plenty of lousy reviews of them on those sites that allow it.
  11. I already have supplied all the relevant documentation. It did not go to court, however it did need a solicitor to get my rights enforced with the cowboy dealer, who seems to have excelled himself in the cowboy department. Its such a pity we can't name the scumbag dealer on here. There simply has not been enough time since I returned to caravan to now to have had proper repairs made.
  12. Some of you will have followed our long and tedious saga of the cowboy dealer and the unfit-for-purpose Elddis caravan we had. By a quirk of fate I have found out what happened to it. It was returned at the end of November with a number of structural failures together with a host of more minor problems. However even these more minor problems would take some time to sort out, such as replacing the Osio cushions, and replacing all the overhead locker doors. It is clear the van has not had time to be sent back for a factory repair. When I spoke to Elddis at the NEC they acknowledged our van was not the only one to have suffered roof failure, but at that stage they had not sorted out what caused it and how it would be repaired. Our caravan has already been bought by someone else. It appears the cowboys must have done a botch job and disposed of the caravan quickly to another dealer who thought it had been returned with finance problems. Clearly the cowboys were not going to sell it themselves knowing it would continue to have problems. There really are some scumbag dealers around!
  13. I've been camping for the best part of 65+ years. I've never been caught out by the wind, and don't intend to start now. The best idea with these is to simply wind them in at night, and in any case I will be getting a tie down strap. Not too much worried about the payload, we've over 400kg to play with, which is heaven after the caravan. In any case we don't take a lot of junk. We've spent between 4 and 8 weeks in motorhomes around the world where we have been limited by the flight weight restrictions. I always have my hair cut short before we travel so I have no need for the hair dryer and hair curlers for instance.
  14. As can be seen there is a slot for the awning. Could use a drive-away kit, this would be quite simple if we then deflate the poles and leave it fastened to the ground. Its a thought!
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