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  1. You can only claim a maximum of £10k using the small claims court. Having been through the process of rejecting a caravan, dealers are prepared to take plenty of risks and use delaying tactics to put off all but the most determined customer. At the end of the day if all this fails they are no worse off settling out of court. Your notion of threatening court action is actually laughable. Our new caravan was a clear reject, however it took the use of a very knowledgeable solicitor and 5 months to get a refund, so clearly the dealer delaying/ignoring tactic is largely successful for them. My figure of £10k was actually less than my solicitor said it would cost to go through the courts to get redress. When I rejected our new caravan, the dealer sent out an Elddis engineer to inspect it. It was a very clear reject and a first repair had failed within 2 weeks, though this was just one of several serious structural faults. After that the dealer completely ignored us, and would not respond to emails, phone calls or letters. This is a large dealer with 3 branches and a turnover in excess of £20 million a year.
  2. The button is brown. Its towards the right of the circuit board under a couple of connectors. Do disconnect the mains first though before removing the cover. It will still reset if you have a habitation battery. Hold it down until the red LED turns orange. How do I know? My motorhome went in to the dealers with a Truma fault today. The workshop tech said they had been having a lot of problems with the Combi E since its launch.
  3. Were it that simple! If the clutch goes after 5 months who is at fault? The dealer because the fault was already there, or the owner for mis-using the vehicle in some way. In any case,how do you make the dealer repair it if they refuse? You have to take them to court which could cost up to £10k in solicitor's fees, and take months to get through the system. Who would take that risk - and the dealers know it.
  4. Again, that one does not work with refillables.
  5. I now use one of these with a refillable bottle. Works brilliantly and seems to be accurate to a couple of %. Get the reading on my mobile phone. That one does not work on refillables though, the Gas It one does.
  6. thebriars


    I'd keep your options open, personally I really would not want to pay £20k for a caravan that had to be taken back to the factory and ripped apart. It can then never be as good as new. How do you know the same problem won't appear after you have had it repaired. I looked at the next year's model of the caravan I rejected at the NEC last year and the two main structural faults were still there in the new demonstrator.
  7. I assumed you meant you'd only fit them on the front. However, many say they would not tow with a spacesaver, yet the weight on the tow hitch is about the same as one passenger in the back.
  8. Why not the rear wheels also? After all would you ask any back seat passengers to walk home if you had to put a space saver wheel on there? Is there anything in your handbook to say no rear seat passengers can be carried if a space saver wheel is fitted?
  9. There were 24 police motorcycles in convoy with a police car at the front and rear with flashing blue lights.
  10. That's odd! Every caravan I've owned the inbuilt charger would charge the battery perfectly adequately.
  11. thebriars


    Reject it under the Consumer Rights Act. Your responsibility lies with the dealer, if the dealer cannot/ won't repair it in a reasonable time, then a good cause for rejection. If it is under 6 months old, then you could get the full amount back for it. If you allow the dealer or Swift to repair it they must do so within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the consumer. My advice would be to contact a decent solicitor. If you took out legal cover with your home insurance, or car insurance, use that. Otherwise if it is on finance, Talk to them as they own it. It would be great if caravans were as reliable as Mitsubishis!
  12. .... and have a fair risk of a puncture due to the debris usually lying around.
  13. thebriars


    That's almost exactly the usage our new caravan had within that time. List of faults: 1. Large 5ft panel fell off ceiling. 2. Wall mounted microwave cupboard started falling off wall, repaired, starting falling again. 3. 8 cupboard doors came loose due to screws being overtightened. 4. Badly installed wiring stopped one drawer closing properly. 5. Straps retaining front locker came loose. 6. Alarm battery not connected. 7. Alde heating left on purge setting 8. Nails sticking out of woodwork near front window 9. Curtain track damaged when fitted. 10. Plastic trim peeling off. 11. Seat cushions visibly compressed and not returning to original shape. 12. Problem with Alko brakes squealing when going slowly. 13. Alde heating pipes badly fitted so creaking noise every time they heated up, and fixings for pipes coming loose. 14. Both pairs of side bench hinges came loose due to screws being too short. 15. Roof starting to collapse at front. Dropped 2cm outside. Well you asked!
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