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  1. We no longer have a cocktail cabinet and have a matching door . Far more useful to hide stuff in
  2. not even to check that the tap that they had to remove still worked ? In which case then yes I am panicking over nothing thanks xx
  3. When I went to the caravan the taps weren't open and i assume that the heater not drained . ... It had been in to the dealers to have the kitchen worktop replaced . Hence why its going back . Fingers crossed it is fine
  4. The caravan is going back to the dealer on Sat for them to check it over . Hoping its all ok as we def drained it all down last time we used it ( and opened all the taps !! ) and we are away at the end of this month
  5. It was defrosting today and i could see no sign of water inside the caravan but I will check again tomorrow . Storage is shut for the night now
  6. we have had snow and it was -12 the other night
  7. Hi Just been over to the caravan today and discovered that none of the taps were open and the water heater was not drained I'm gutted what chance do we have of no damage ?
  8. I am trying to buy a proper door to replace the wine cabinet . Its of no use to us at all. Elddis however want a copy of the servicing and a damp report before they will sell me one !!!!! not Due its service until April and not really sure why The caravan needs a damp report for an internal door !!!
  9. Concertina caravan blinds . Up or down same old question! Today I have been told that a certain caravan manufacturer will not honour blind warranty issues if they have been used wrongly ! The fabric on the blinds stretches so it forgets how to fold if they are left closed. Don't close them unless you are using the caravan !
  10. Hubby did this once . We araldited it back together
  11. you can raise the legs manually but not lower
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