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  1. I have a 2011 Barcelona, bought brand new. I think it was the second version, the first ones were prone to damage by stone chips at the front so our model had plastic panels at the front to add protection. We had a small amount of damp at the front which was detected on the first or second annual service & sorted under warranty. No damp since, last tested summer 2019 & passed with flying colours. Only other minor issues have been two new batteries, new tyres with tyron bands re-fitted, a new battery charging unit & we have replaced two window blinds that failed last year. We did ha
  2. I am paying about £1075 for my local Jaguar dealer to fit a detachable towbar to my 2017 XE. I did ask Witter for a quote but they weren’t able to provide one; they could supply the actual bar but couldn’t code the electrics.
  3. Cosgrove Leisure Park is about 20 minutes away, on the border of Bucks & Northants & often used by caravanners visiting Silverstone.
  4. We go on non-caravan holidays too. We like a bit of winter sun but as we are tied to school holidays we can't go for too long. We have had 2 holidays in Dubai this year, Easter & Whitsun & are going again in February. Love the caravan but guaranteed sunshine & a 5* hotel is heaven!
  5. We tow our Barcelona with an 06 Santa Fe, diesel auto, 7 seats. No problems. We sometimes have all 7 seats occupied & a seasonal awning in the van plus enough kit for 7 people for a week & still no problem. Penny
  6. Yep! 3 month old Barcelona, love it. Bought to replace our 18 month old Carolina. Loved that too but not as much as the Barcelona.
  7. I'll try that next time, I end up with very sore fingers trying to fit our Isabella wheel cover onto our Barcelona. Always pops off just as you reach the second corner. Drives me mad! Penny
  8. Shame some people feel the need to ridicule a perfectly simple question. I have young children, my 3 year old can reach up into an open drawer (or open it himself) but isn't tall enough to see what is in it. My knives are in sheaths so there is no danger if he does get into the drawer. Just sensible parenting, not health & safety gone mad! Penny
  9. All our sharp caravan knives are in individual sheaths. They are pricey in some places but I noticed M&S have started to stock them. I bought ours in a discount shop; Home Sense I think. Fairly cheap because they were last seasons range. Penny
  10. Haven't stayed at any Park Resorts sites but did stay at the C&CC site at Agestone last year with 4 young children in school holidays. It was very crowded, pool& wash facilities were at bursting point so I wouldn't recommend it for July/August! The point I wanted to make really was that whatever site you choose I suggest you look carefully at ferry times & site arrival/departure times. We arrived on the IOW several hours before site check in time & found it really difficult finding somewhere to park whilst we waited. We ended up on some wasteland behind a school.
  11. 5 kids & 2 adults in the car, pram in the tiny boot space remaining, everything else in the caravan (packed as carefully as possible) & dog in the kennels! Penny
  12. We have Raskelf mattress toppers in our caravan; a shaped one for the fixed bed & 3 single ones for the children. They all have zip on sheets which make life easy & are extremely comfortable. We don't have any Duvalays but I have seen them at the NEC Caravan Show & they look great. Penny
  13. We have a halogen heater that can turn on its base, though i can't remember the last time we used it. Has a sensor/safety button on the bottom that turns it off if it were to fall over. We have one too, it is made by Pyramid & we bought it in a caravan accessory shop. We never use it for more than about 15 minutes & as it rotates it provides a comfortable temperature for several people at once. As for lights, we have LED torches attached to awning ceiling poles by cable ties. Penny
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