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  1. Thanks Mike I tried to find any other threads but failed, will speak to dealer.
  2. Will have to wait until I am home, currently away for another week or so, temp repair with duck tape keeping locker shut and water tight.
  3. What about pays that are not listed, is there any way to order those? Or do I need to go through the dealer. I am looking for parts fora Pegasus 2 front side locker door, wrong slammed pioneer shirt and broke the plastic lock mechanism. Can't see anything listed online.
  4. Don't they have different things at the two shows, from memory there is more camping and kids activities at the Feb show? I really don't see the point of the large motorhomes where they won't let people look around, surely there are some people there that might be persuaded to spend a lot more cash if they could see what they would be getting? Equally there might be some who cannot afford it today, but you never know what tomorrow brings. ....
  5. Correct but it cannot make good financial sense to have to stop production to carry out warranty repairs, they need to make room on the production line to free up workers to do things like roof replacements, at least the last time we were at the factory and asked about it (and first hand from friends that have had factory repairs in the last year) that was still the case. They are victims of their own success and have a shortage of factory space and production capacity (something they are looking to improve), so its not as if they can set up a separate warranty line, so warranty repairs d
  6. I don't think weak demand for caravans is true, more like demand declined due to Bailey reducing caravan production in lieu of motorhomes, leading to a lack of caravans at dealers and long waiting times for a factory build. It would be interesting to see how much warranty work/rework costs them. Surely it is cheaper to produce less products but to a higher standard rather than chuck any old rubbish out, and hope for the best?
  7. If we cant send them back, surely we could house them somewhere inconvenient for them whilst we "process" their applications, perhaps we could build a holding facility somewhere inhospitable, wet and cold, the Falkland Islands springs to mind. Basic food, water and shelter. I am sure a lot of them would get fed up with no mod cons and want to be repatriated voluntarily, has to be cheaper than the current system. The other added benefit would be no security fence etc required, where could they go? If they burn the accommodation down (like was done in Germany recently) it probably would not m
  8. Personally I think we should search every vehicle coming in, and I don't mean the cursory glance the OP witnessed, if the lorry is full of wood etc it should have been either emptied or checked by other means, yes it costs money but surely it is cheaper to employ lots of border security than deal with the consequences of illegals in the country and the associated costs. I would take money from the foreign aid budget to pay for it. An inconvenience if travellers are held up, but security is not a dirty word and should be taken seriously.
  9. i have had one similar and no it is not the same quality as the fluke I use at work, but for basic electrical measuring and checking fuses etc this is ok, the probe leads do have finger guards, granted the leads are not that flexible (or long), but it does the job. If all you need is something to check mains power to a socket in the house/caravan you can get a plug top tester. For those that know how to use a multimeter and understand the limitations of a budget meter, this would be fine.
  10. We have just had the same problem, unable to tighten it up, most annoying, will probably use an elastic band
  11. Just to update this thread, I managed to get "er indoors" to try an X3, and she really liked the road tax (£145), how it drove drive, she thought it more car like(it will spend more time on road afterall). Set about looking for one in our budget, and found a 2013 2. 0d SE with the 8 speed auto and pro nav pack. Picked it up the day we went on holiday, so I towed our van with my mondeo. Whilst on holiday we got a detachable tow bar fitted and so towed home at the weekend and it was superb, managed around 29mpg at an average of 56mph with our 1500kg van. Thank you all for the
  12. no external gas BBQ point dont forget loss of side lockers and the space in the front locker IIRC peg 2 has heavy duty leg steadies, not so on GT65 not checked a peg 4 but. ....
  13. But the GT65 has less kit and lower spec than the Pegasus 2 it replaced. This new version continues the slide downwards. I am sure people would have been happy for all the safety items Alko ATC - shocks and branded tyres to stay and the price to stay the same as GT65.
  14. Which begs the question why remove it if all buyers are going to do is put it back on? Cant see the logic in that one. I can understand removing the ext gas point, but why not put these things on the option list. Likewise the microwave, simply put it on the options list. We have a Pegasus 2, our friends have a GT65 and there are several cost savings between those vans, so to see the Pegasus 4 spec reduced again, they may as well have called it the Ranger. Not to mention other things like making the caravan narrower, I know they need some compelling things to make you want the next model
  15. atc stuff is £600 solar panel is say £300 so for the extra £2k you get alde heating and different coloured graphics - not that compelling. what are the competitors for the pegasus?
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