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  1. Anyone else received this? Baring in mind it was due for renewal end of November...
  2. I forgot to empty the rinse tank before travelling once. Stuff was everywhere
  3. I have a brand new one if you want it. Never been used and bought 10 years ago
  4. Don't count your blessings. As I've heard quite a few mixed reviews about Coachman and not a lot were favourable
  5. That's where my 412gw was fitted. When I upgraded to the 422gw , the fitted it right behind the mirror so you couldn't see it at all. Lad who travels with me has on a few occasions told me that it has frozen. So needs resetting. Just what you need from a dashcam that. Apparently they can be prone to it.
  6. Hello and . Am sure you'll find everything you need to know here, either by searching or asking. Very informative bunch here
  7. You do know you are reply to a thread that is over 3 years old
  8. Coldest part of our van is front offside. There`s 3 vents in the floor. Blows up the side making you think the window is open
  9. Timster hasn't been active on the site for over 2 years now
  10. Didn't know Aldi did heating for caravans
  11. Our Lunar shower tray split in a few places. In the end our local Caravan Medic replaced it. Was cheaper replacing it than having it Speedcoated
  12. Already a thread about it, started earlier today. Here.
  13. I think an update from the OP might help, seeing as this was posted almost 3 weeks ago...
  14. How much are you paying for the cartridge if you don’t mind me asking.
  15. Never had a problem getting a Calor bottle. Had to get one at 6 in the morning once. You must live out in the sticks not to be able to find a stockist between 6 am and 10 pm.
  16. If you don't mind travelling a little. I've used Hedleys of Durham for a few jobs. Would highly recommend them
  17. Not in Durham it's not. Both Esso and Tesco are the dearest. Even with the discount Esso is still dearer than our local BP. Was going to cancel it, as never used it and can't see me using it in the near future
  18. Won't accept my email or phone number
  19. Anyone having trouble accessing their website?
  20. Can't see why not. As they are owned by Bailey
  21. they don't seem to be very cheap. Here's a link to a seller Here
  22. Unless you got a tank to pull one lol Depending on what side the door is, Some sites won't let them on
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