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  1. JanandJay

    Wheel Clamp Sprite Alpine 4

    Have tried here. https://www.al-ko-secure.co.uk/will-it-fit.html
  2. JanandJay

    Hitch lock problem

    this is the hitch you'll have fitted... and this is the hitchlock you'll need... Hope that helps
  3. JanandJay

    New owner after 25yrs

    Fixed bed.
  4. JanandJay

    New owner after 25yrs

    Mines a 2007. Had it now about 9 years
  5. JanandJay

    New owner after 25yrs

    Take it it's an earlier model like my own. I have the Solaris 1.
  6. JanandJay

    New owner after 25yrs

    Hi and What model Solaris have you bought?
  7. JanandJay

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    I was travelling at 2 am in a 50 zone that went to a 30 on a sharp bend. A conveniently place tree branch obscured the sign. Had I bothered looking at both my sat nav and dash cam, which show the location of cameras, I'd of slowed down in time. Hence 3 points on my licence
  8. JanandJay

    Cleaning Wastepipes

    Also don't use boiling hot water...
  9. JanandJay

    BMW X5 battery drain tale

    For years BMWs have been susceptible to battery drain. I've had 3 BMWs all of which had it. Turned out an earth leakage to be the problem. Had the IBS changed on all 3. Never had a problem after that
  10. JanandJay

    Buccaneer Floor Delamination

    Our van floor has delaminated twice. Both times repaired from underneath
  11. JanandJay

    Sniper TV

    Cheaper on Amazon for the 22 inch model https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sniper-Travel-Satellite-Freeview-Mains/dp/B06XHJRSXM
  12. JanandJay

    VIP 575 12 Volt running

    I'm also assuming the battery is connected correctly...
  13. JanandJay

    Newbie - What's a CL site ?

    You have the main 2 clubs. Caravan and Motorhome Club is a CL Camping and Caravanning club is a CS Simples As for star reviews, Not being funny the more stars you get the better you are. How does a Site know you have travelled hours? Please elaborate.....
  14. JanandJay

    Newbie -thetford c262 flush tank HELP!

    Depending on our stay, If a few days I tend to fill it so it's just visible from the filler cap
  15. JanandJay

    How to replace an alko axle?

    According to the OP's profile he has a SWIFT SPRITE QUATTRO FB. Which has a minimum MTPLM of 1600 kg. So basically upgrading the axle won't make much difference. Looks like the OP isn't from this country either. Googled this...