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  1. According to the Alko will it fit page. This is the one for a brand new Phoenix 644 https://www.al-ko-secure.co.uk/will-it-fit_7.html
  2. It's just launched today HERE
  3. When you joined in July sites were open right up to October so they could say you could of taken a holiday or 2. I've personally spoken to the CAMC and they have no plans to give a refund or an extension on membership.
  4. I'd hardly think the insurance risk is in doubt. It's the French licencing driving laws that matter
  5. If you have a bulkhead regulator, then the only difference is the pigtail. The jet size will have nothing to do with it. Depending on the size of the bottle the regulator needs to be higher than the outlet of the bottle
  6. I've been with Caravan guard for over 10 years. Great customer service and their claims department is excellent. Had our claim all sorted with in a couple of days
  7. I very much doubt anything will come to fruits before Easter if anything
  8. My brain must of left me when I posted that
  9. Why would you need a transit to tow a Hobby? A half descent 4x4 will pull one. Even in America an X5 will tow one of these
  10. My last car was on GAP insurance. Just as well, as I had it written off by a guy not paying attention. Got it on my latest car. Handy thing to pay for. Saved me losing £8k
  11. Sadly I doubt you'll ever find out Hambo hasn't been on the forum since 2016
  12. Just out of curiosity, you do have an Alko compatible towball fitted?
  13. 1 thing to remember a caravan oven doesn't get as hot as a conventional oven at home
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