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  1. If you have Facebook. This is the group you need https://www.facebook.com/groups/safefill
  2. Already a thread running here... https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/141164-nights-away-2020/?tab=comments#comment-1710748
  3. It'll be the transformer that's built into the consumer unit. Check to see if the consumer unit is still attached to the backboard. If not, It'll hum and vibrate. Happened to us
  4. Green Flag and Mayday don't have the same cover. So you maybe restricted on what you get. If your van is over 7m Green Flag won't tow or recover it
  5. Aran hasn't been back since 2015.
  6. This is the umbilical for a Powrtouch....
  7. I'd personally be asking Elddis about cleaning. If you just use anything to try and clean them and it goes pear shaped, you could invalidate any warranty that goes with them.
  8. Could be the umbilical for the motor mover remote
  9. We bought the Aldi one. Went on holiday 3 weeks later it was taken back to the store. Didn't work. Never bothered with another one
  10. I very much doubt the "original" picker would of picked these up individually. So I very much doubt they would of known the difference in weights. It sound , from your description that one has come open at sometime to get the treacle effect. I've bought tins of paint the same, where air has got into the tin. Be thankful they gave you a free one. All I got was the product replaced and waved goodbye to
  11. Need to insert the special tool that's under the flap into the hole named "R"
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