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  1. Check the pipe that goes under the van. Maybe loose or split
  2. Please note this thread started 8 years ago
  3. Hotels can stay open, only to accommodate key workers
  4. There's no discount on Council Tax, just deferred payments. So I'd assume ground rent would be the same
  5. I think now the personal insults need to STOP. Anymore and this this thread WILL be locked
  6. If he's so keen to be out and about. I'd say Jehovahs Witness....
  7. Like the 4 idiots not far from me, who thought it was a good idea to drive 56 miles to meet a mate on the Northumberland coast. Or the family that thought it was a good idea to drive 11 miles so they can exercise by playing football, just because they never touched anyone or anything. You stay in because you break the chain of this virus from spreading. Example. You tootle off to the Peak District. You walk a few miles away into the wilderness. Then you have an accident. Useful resources used for a useless cause.
  8. Graham, the OP hasn't been on since October 2017, so chances of answering are as slim as my waistline. New topic Glyn would be best
  9. JanandJay

    Service due

    From Swift I'd assume other will follow. Saw a post on our club site on Facebook Lunar are doing the same
  10. If airlines can do check ins online. Why can't caravan sites. You pre book. You're give a seat on a plane. Why cannot that technology be available to caravan sites?
  11. So did mine. So thought no problems Update.... Took a payment out on the 25th also took a payment out on the 27th.... Not a happy bunny
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