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  1. I'm the same. Runflats and where the spare wheel well is, that's where my battery is
  2. Don't forget Joey is in New Zealand. So the electrics might be a bit different over there
  3. Think the OP might of got it off by now, as the post is over 12 years old
  4. Can't see pads on a 2019 van being that low, maybe contaminated
  5. Hello and The OP was also looking for a service. You could try asking a couple of local dealers if they provide a service to move it for you
  6. Was taking our van for service 1 year. Coming out of our village there is a 5 sets of speed humps. I had to go over one set and it popped the handbrake on. Dragged it 26 miles to the dealers and got that strong whiff and smoke coming from the wheels. Ended off having a new axle fitted due to the heat damage. Was the joys of the time towing with a Pathfinder
  7. It's a Lunar thing on the newer models
  8. Main problem is the roof strap fixing causing the front and rear panels to split. I have a 2008 Lunar and can get parts ok. Front and rear panels are not a problem to get, just expensive
  9. That would be my preferred route. Also there's some big lay-bys along the way too. I was working in Doncaster a couple of years ago and got an urgent job come up in Kendall. Was over a hour quicker travelling A1- A66 route
  10. He has been disqualified from holding a directorship for 12 months due to irregularities in another of his companies. He's made his son director for now
  11. Advertising for shop fitter. Building park homes and caravans
  12. You are asking a question to a 11 year old post and none of the posters have been active for 10 of those. So you might not get the answer you are looking for
  13. A static doesn't come under CRiS registration. Also the OP hasn't been back since this was first posted in November
  14. I find the Aldi stuff is expensive rubbish. 20 doses per bottle in fine weather 10 doses if it's used in warmer weather. Elsan Double 66 doses per bottle. Also according to the manufactures of Zoflora you shouldn't mix it with any other chemical. Also the Aldi pink caused my my flush tank to turn black with algae.
  15. The CAMC outfit match isn't up to much. I have a BMW 5 series Touring 2015. Doesn't bring up my model. This is the selection I get. https://www.towcar.info/index.php is far better
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