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  1. You might be better off visiting our sister site for help on a motorhome. http://www.motorhometalk.co.uk
  2. Would of thought it did, to stop it opening while travelling
  3. JanandJay

    BMW X5 or X6

    I've been a rear passenger in a X6. I'm 5`10. nearly had concussion on the 1/2 mile journey. Not a lot of headroom
  4. The locking device isn't engaged is it?
  5. I use the ResMed cpap machine. Doesn't work on 12v, tried an inverter and still had no joy
  6. On our Lunar water pools around the bedroom skylight. All I do is have the van slightly nose down. Don't have a problem no more
  7. Screenshot from this months Caravan club magazine
  8. Never got a jack with our Lunar. Think most vans it's a paid extra
  9. Just tried to log onto the website and it's offline for maintenance
  10. Have tried here. https://www.al-ko-secure.co.uk/will-it-fit.html
  11. this is the hitch you'll have fitted... and this is the hitchlock you'll need... Hope that helps
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