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  1. You are posting on a 7 year old post and none of the other members have been active for a while
  2. I've seen a few turned away on my travels. Even the CAMC
  3. You may be able to tow with a van, but you might not be allowed on to sites due to them not accepting commercial vehicles My handbook states not to be towed by a commercial vehicle
  4. You won't get the answer from the OP. As they haven't been back on since 2018.
  5. We had the Fiamma Caravanstore on ours. Was ok until I did my shoulder in. Murder to get back into the bag, as the wife is vertically challenged. Took it off as wasn't worth the hassle of having to carry steps to get it back into the bag
  6. I got a couple of these off eBay. Never had a problem with them
  7. The original poster hasn't been online since February. So you might not get the answer to your question. Best to check how old the thread is and when the poster was last online. Hope that helps
  8. I've recently bought a set of poles. Not had chance to try them out yet
  9. I Used them last year. Out of the 4 each side I could only use 2 either side. This was due to Decals and jointing on side of the van. I have just had a set sent from Kampa. It states on each limpet from new NOT to put on decals
  10. You buy 1. Means popping to the shop more often. That way beer and wine supplies can be topped up regularly
  11. Are you planning on towing the said van, as 2x120ah batteries will eat into your payload considerably
  12. Ours had a plinth of wood across the top of the microwave. Don't be alarmed if you find how primitive it's held in once you access it
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