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  1. I'm also with Caravan Guard and have been following this post. I contacted Policyfast as a new customer and they were over £100 more expensive for a like for like policy with Caravan Guard. I'm only market value, but to be over £300 for a policy for a caravan is extortionate. My car insurance is only £70 more for a £20,000 car
  2. There's a great website that does the majority of Lunar and other makes for decals. Have a look HERE
  3. I had to buy all those things, so why should I put them in as part ex? All I got from the dealer while buying mine was 10% discount for 14 days. I didn't even get a water pump.
  4. If you can find somewhere to swap. My local Calor outlet has loads of blue 7kg, but no red 6 or 3.9kg. Thankfully I bought a Safefill last year Refilled twice and total cost was £ 11.69
  5. You will need a butane pigtail
  6. There's a few 530's on Autotrader.
  7. JanandJay

    Pitch up

    Wife has used Pitch up a few times and we've not been disappointed. I've also found that the sites we've used through it have been owners that are new to the game. Think a few new owners need to use more free advertising, rather than paying for the pleasure
  8. When I bought my current BMW, I tried the CAMC outfit match. Doesn't cover any 520D models. Only covers the 5 series on models over 3 litre
  9. Their email address is mail@al-ko.co.uk, or it was Phone number is 01926 818500 Try this LINK
  10. Front of my van lost it's shine and became dull. Last year I tried Pink Stuff paste to clean it up, then used Autoglym Super Resin polish. Came up like new. I'd never use the likes of T-Cut. It will only damage the thin layer of paint on the van
  11. Mates got one in his garage. Been there about 10 years. According to him biggest waste of money he's wasted in 30 years of caravanning
  12. Some sites for insurance purposes require the hitch to be facing out. I asked at a site once where the view was fantastic at the back of the van and not so at the front. Was told by the owner that all vans have to have the hitch pointing in the same direction in case of an emergency
  13. It's where the door is on the opposite side
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