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  1. As an aside, I also fitted this new reg much higher up than the old one, this makes the hoses a nice 's' shape, I'm giving it every chance against the oil problem. CBBC, can't help you on that one I'm afraid. The Mrs is convinced that all the gas appliances are now performing better but I can't put my hand on my heart and confirm it.
  2. Well, as an update I ordered the Cavagna reg and another hose, but not before I rechecked the old one. Much to my chagrin, the old truma reg worked perfectly fine. So much so, that we did 3 nights/4 days on it with no problems at all. However, my faith was shaken and I fitted the new reg anyway. I'll keep the old one as an emergency spare while hoping that I'll never need it. The new Cavagna worked just fine and the Mrs reckons the hob rings were much better flame wise and, curiously, easier to get lit and keep alight. This was at a DA rally so we were running all gas as well. Result. We also got 24 hours out of a bottle we probably would have exchanged and the system auto switched bottles flawlessly. So far so good then. :-)
  3. Interesting find. I can find one a tenner cheaper too. ..but is it any good? Can't seem to find anyone who has one. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Might well give it a go, we know the truma one has a high probability of failure.
  4. Yes, that old chestnut again. Out at the weekend, brand new 6kg lite, was fine for the first 2 days and then the gas pressure at the hob dropped off to the point of unuseable. Water and fridge stayed on ok, but as they were at operating temps, maybe they didn't need much to keep them there. When packing up, we turned the water and fridge off and tried the hob again, no change. However, after being home for a few hours and justr prior to posting this I tested the hob again. Same bottle, etc, and now the flames are back to normal. Having a read about it seems 'likely' that we have the old truma reg failure problem. Anyone had the same or similar symptoms? Wheres the best place to get a replacement? Cheers all.
  5. We had a Bretagne S7 for 3 years from new and it's history during my ownership is well documented in this forum, you'll find it if you do a search on my name. Can't comment on your other choices but the S7 is a very good van. Other than kit the major difference between the 540 and the S7 is width. The Pageants are wider and they feel it, imho. That's either good or bad depending but after setting foot in both we plumped for the S7 over the 540. We now have an Alu-tech body 534 and find that very good too. It is prone to dents though and the factory fit protection on the S1 at least is laughable at best. Is alu-tech better than old style construction? Well the jury is still out on that one, it's not without its merits but early versions interiors can 'feel' less inviting to some. I certainly wasn't sure when they first appeared but am ok with it now. I'd say buy the best you can afford, buy what suits you and whatever you get, above all, use it and enjoy it.
  6. The plastic is a spare. The others are a bit of a puzzle. Do the small bits fit over or inside the downtubes? Do the holes go all the way through the pipe or just one side. I'm guessing that the small tubes are the same diameter and the holes are on one side and not all the way through, which would lead me to believe that you're missing bits. I would suspect that they click together like the handle of an aqua roll, but you're missing that bit x 3. Tis only a guess though and I'm sure someone will be along with the proper answer soon enough.
  7. Pictures would help if you can.
  8. That's correct. We used it all the time when the kids were younger, Family deal plus electric fee. That's it.
  9. I've used screw in types and have had to switch my drill to hammer mode to get some of them in. I've even resorted to drilling a hole with a masonary bit beforehand to get a peg in before. Whatever works really
  10. Hi Cbbc, you are correct I did plan to do an in depth review, like the old Bretagne, and I did get a long way into writing one, but really, after thinking about it, I was two years behind the curve and doubt I could have offered any insight that wasn't already out there. I'll get around to the picture at some point
  11. We bought our 534 last Oct for 12K. Tracker, mover and centre chest/wrap around seating option. Now we've had some use out of it I can say we think it's great. No problem towing, no damp in the front, handles resealed. Only other thing to look out for is the paintwork. Some, got dinks from the factory and were repaired but it didn't quite match up in some cases.
  12. I just updated my TTone to the latest navcore and GB (and Europe) maps, still life in the old dog yet
  13. Rule 1 - A tomtom will always try to cut a corner and take you down a B road, or worse. Rule 2 - Check your route on a map before you set off and ignore the tomtom if it looks like taking you down a road that's iffy Rule 3 - Ignore rule 2 at your peril
  14. Been using one on and off for a few years now. Less so the last couple of years as the digital switch over took place and the coverage has improved, but still lug it about just in case. Never had a problem setting up or getting a good signal out of it. For a compact little unit they work really well.
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