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  1. I would say that now we have received the 2014 guide not to throw away any older guides. There are many original sites that are not in the new guide. However these older sites will still accept the card and give the acsi discount which will give a much larger choice of sites. .
  2. There is aleakage loss of power from the battery. I have connected a light bulb between the earthing lead of the battery and the earth terminal, with everything off there is a light glimmer on the light bulb so something is taking some small amount of power even when all is switched off. I have removed the fuses one at a time and the leakage stops when I remove the fridge fuse. So where in the fridge could this leak be when the fridge and the main 12 v switch is off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chaps.
  3. Thanks very much chaps, will carry out your suggestions this weekend.
  4. The caravan is an Elddis 2007 super cyclone, Problem, Battery will run flat completely over a 2 week period. I have checked that everything is turned off as well as the main 12 volt mains switch without any improvement. I have 2 batteries that I interchange through the season and both of them will discharge without any use while on the van. I have now found that when I disconnect the battery there are still 12 volts remaining in the system, enough to light the fridge light for a good 5 minutes before it fades to nothing. So where is this 12 volts being stored as it seems that this
  5. A site we have used close to Roses is Las Dunas' lovely pool complex etc. To get water slides I think that you need to travel further in the Costa Brava and look at campsites such as Castle Montgri at Estartit.
  6. If your heading to Pontorson then the service aires at Baie- de- Somme have a large eating area for all meals. We have often stopped here for a fresh baguette and coffee.
  7. We have used ACSI since it first arrived on the scene and have found it to be of excellent value. Firstly for those that have not used it here are the basics of its operation. It is a book that you will apply for at the end of the current season, It is a directory of European campsites that will give a discount on out of main season fees with the current card that is issued with each directory. Over the years of its operations many of the sites that appeared in the first issues have dropped out of the system due to the cost of insertion fees of each year. But that is not to say that th
  8. If visiting paris then the best campsite is this one http://www. jablines. mobi/ It is a very short distance to Disney, less than 10 minutes by car or a 2 euro bus ride from the camp entrance. We have used it to take all of our grandchildren to Disney and it is a very friendly site, With large pitches and very easy access. Set in a park with a large lake and entertainment for the kids I am sure it will suit all.
  9. The problem with the tag system is that the toll booths are now all being upgraded to accept automatic pay machines for cards as opposed to lining up and paying with the cash customers, These machines are being installed in the tag line so one has to wait while the system accepts the credit/debit card of the guy in front and the guy in front of him. On a couple of occasions this year it would have been faster to pay cash. I hope that when this system is rolled out across France that a dedicated booth for the tag is incorporated or I shall be returning my tag.
  10. Experience, Experience, Will stop a caravan from flipping over, And it isn't gained easily.
  11. There is a very nice site not far from you at Little Baddow http://www. millhousecaravanpark. co. uk We use it often and it can be very busy at times. There are no toilet blocks only water and toilet empty facilities. Cost £11. 00 all in. Maybe you could pop over and see his set up.
  12. I have no doubt whatsoever that there will be many of these awnings on e bay before to long.
  13. We use les Epinettes, We have never booked and have always found a place. If you arrive late they don,t mind you setting up outside on the grass if there are no spaces.
  14. How I envy your first trip to France, I first went in the early 60s on a motorcycle when I was 16. I remember too well riding off the ferry and and into the early morning mist at Boulogne and driving through the town with all the houses shuttered on the windows, And then out into the country. The sheer joy and excitement of that first 100 miles will never be repeated. Take it all in and you will return time and time again, So enjoy your trip, if I had to give one piece of advice it would be to tie a ribbon on the steering wheel to remind what side of the road to be on,.
  15. What a strange world we live in, All the reasons being given why some of you would or could not help are just crazy. Ill health and the rest of it. I suffer terribly with my health but it would never stop me from just giving some verbal help or standing on a corner once the chap in trouble had some sought of control. But I suppose there must be a certain amount of 'I'm all right jack' characters even in the caravan fraternity.
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