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    Enjoy getting away as offen as possible, had a avondale pearl argos for 8 yrs old van but great fun stillgoing strong, just upgraded to a esprit panche still a old van avn but in better shape than orginal.
  1. Hi just brought a esprit panche 1991 model with handbook which also includes details of other esprit models will get from van tomorrow and send infor to you.
  2. hi had the spaceship bit pinched off top of van everything else still attached can you buy just this bit or will i need to replace complete? Deb
  3. hi rick sorry got messages mixed up there is no 2 berth esprit panache in handbook,theres a esprit charisma, esprit flair, esprit charde if you need infor on any on these let me know Deb
  4. Hi Rick I'v just brought a esprit panche 1991 with handbook it has details for a esprit flair so hear goes hope it helps you out:- ext lenght 5687 (18'73/4), ext height 2521(8'71/4), ext width2100(6'105/8) , int height 1940(6'41/2), int lenght 4260(13'113/4), ex wks weight+5%(kg/cwt)710, max design weight(kg/cwt)900, max mass to be imposed on jockey wheel mechanism - reccommended nose weight for caravan in touring trim 50-75kg chassis:- tyre size 175rx13, tyre pressure 36 deb
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