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  1. Great Stuff - Thank you I shall be going back to the van tomorrow so I'll have a look.
  2. Thats one of the first things I checked, and they seem to be seated OK
  3. It did when we turned it down, Im not sure how the numbers on the thermostat relate to temperature to be honest, but it got to around 27 degrees before we had to turn it down. I've heard 32 degrees mentioned as the max temperature, but I dont know how true that is
  4. Thanks for the info, there's no easy way (that I can see) to get behind the heater, so I'll do as you suggest and close the vents at the back. Will this force more air to the front? I'll have a word with the dealer to see if they can alter it properly when its in for its service. many thanks Rick
  5. Hi there, thanks for the reply. Any idea how I get at the back of the heater to adjust the diverter flap? Rick
  6. We've been away all week in some freezing temperatures, and during the day, with the heating up full on 2kW, the van has been sitting at a comfortable 22 degrees (we were quite happy with that considering its been between 0 and - 6 outside all week) It was only at night that we realised how much heat was actually going out through the windows. As it started to get dark, I always closed the roof blinds, and the inside temperature stayed more or less the same, however when we actually closed all of the window blinds, the temperature just kept going up until we actually had to turn it down due to being uncomfortably warm. I just thought it particularly strange that Bailey would spend so much time and effort developing a van with grade 3 insulation, and then let it go to waste by fitting what would appear to be poorly insulated windows. Rick
  7. Hi All I'm sure there have been posts about this in the past, but I can't locate them, so apologies in advance if I'm causing a repeat thread. The blown air heating in our Verona seems very biased toward the back of the van, the vent in the bedroom and bathroom both have a far higher flow of hot air than the front does. The air coming out of the front is still hot, but you can hardly feel the air blowing through, and consequently the back of the van seems far warmer than the front does. Im sure I read somewhere that there is something you can alter to make the air flow more to the front than the back. Would any kind soul be able to provide me with an idiots guide on how to do this? many thanks Rick
  8. I've seen 2 on sites so far, the first one was at a site near Doncaster, the owner had just picked it up from the factory, and was en route to Spain. The second was on a site just outside Scunthorpe. It was unoccupied for a week, then a Dunster House van appeared one morning and I presume did some work inside, then the foreign owners (complete with foreign number plates picked it up later that day and left. I wonder if there are more of them abroad than in the UK?
  9. The problem with buying cameras from places like this, is that people are blinded by the fact that they are advertising an allegedly 14mp camera at a cheap price. In reality though, the chances are that the sensor is low quality, and in some cases, if you read the small print, the 14mp is actually interpolated, so in reality they are probably only 5 or 6 mp. Only ever got caught like this once with an allegedly 10mp underwater camera quite a few years ago, I would have got better results with an etch a sketch. I only ever buy good brand cameras now, its worth paying a bit more for the quality
  10. I have exactly the same problem, I've tried the steadies at numerous angles supported by wood blocks, and with varying amounts of wind down pressure, and I cant stop the bounce either. I too would welcome any suggestions
  11. Whilst this is a very true and valid statement, you also need to take into account that if you crop photo's before printing, then the resolution is effectively reduced. Yes 6x4 or 8x4 if you're just printing the whole of the shot, however if the OP is shooting planes, then I would suspect that they may wish to cut out some areas of the background to give more emphasis on the subject. In this case, 2mp (IMHO) will be woefully inadequate. Personally I wouldnt look at anything under 10mp unless you're just printing what you're shooting with no adjustments etc
  12. Have you considered one of these? http://www. amazon. co. uk/Fujifilm-FinePix-HS30EXR-EXR-CMOS-Tiltable/dp/product-description/B006Q8VA2W/ref=dp_proddesc_0?ie=UTF8&n=560834&s=photo I have the HS10, and am very happy with both the photo's and the video from it Rick
  13. I think the rain is keeping them at bay lol, I'm loving Loch Lomond though
  14. SWMBO actually walked in the other night with a bottle of skin so soft, one of her friends had mentioned it. Many thanks for the verification that it works. I just need the A1 to be reopened now so I can get up to scotch corner
  15. We love our Verona too. We've had it since easter last year, and to be honest I've lost count of the number of nights we've spent in it. Fair enough, its had a few warranty jobs done on it, but nothing related to damp/water ingress or wheels falling off, and with the exception of a couple of blinds that were replaced, all other jobs were pretty petty to be honest. I cant see us replacing this for a good few years
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