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  1. I second that! We have had it for a few years now. Wouldn't be without it.
  2. If you like scenic you won't beat Morella but I wouldn't be going near the place with a caravan. Get set up at Alcossebra and then visit Morella for the day. It is a wonderful place. As Jaydug says the A23 from Zaragosa to the coast via Teruel is a good road and toll free. That is the way I would be going.
  3. Truma's wonderful customerservice may have been mentioned before but I think we should offer praise when it is due. We had a major Ultrastore failure in our caravan last winter down in Spain. Caravan 12 years old and very well used, we live in it as we live at home. When I saw the state of the boiler removed by the technician, I agreed a new one was required. Cost to renew/replace in Spain was in excessof €1000 which I thought a tad excessive. A bit of research showed that the new Ultrastore Rapid GE was less than half that price in UK. Email to Truma brought me the answers I n
  4. Last winter we had a young Spanish family, Mum, Dad and three young children on the pitch next to us. They were very polite and the children were well behaved. In conversation they said they were only here for a few days because it was expensive (we are on long term pensionistas rate). We asked them if they knew about ACSI and they didn't so we explained it to them. As we just pitch up on one spot each year now we have no use for it so we gave them our book. A few minutes ago we had a caller. It was the same man who called to thank us. Not only did joining ACSI save them money but i
  5. Seats are hard at all Son et Lumieres in France and we have seen a few. We take a bag of cushions now to ease the numbness.
  6. You really do have to book early for Cinescenie. If you have seen the show you will know why, it's fabulous and I'm not easily impressed. OH has just informed me that we booked on 11thOctober for June 2018.
  7. I doubt that you will regret it, we certainly haven't.
  8. We agree with you Vanmaster. The difference is we live here so don't have the withdrawal symptoms. La Marie Galante is our favourite seafood restaurant by the way, only 40 minutes away. We also love Spain and we over winter there each year just north of Castellon.
  9. Love the humour on here especially the supposed age of the Irish lady. For sure Scotland is a beatiful country but I am, however, surprised that no-one has mentioned France in the comparisons between countries. If you want diversity look no further plus it has good weather and the highest overseas visitor numbers every year. Wonderful place and before anyone else says it, the people are wonderful too. You just need to get to know them!
  10. Have a look at electric underfloor heating, easy to fit and effective, providing you have ehu of course.
  11. We had an Omnistor. Very good bit of kit, well made and robust. Had no problems with it at all but a change in our caravanning practice means we no longer have a need for it. Friends have given it a new home. We didn't have side panels so cannot comment on that aspect.
  12. If you still have the problem, talk to Truma. Their customer service is excellent in my experience.
  13. And at some it is totally impossible. Google Earth gives a clue.
  14. There are no hard and fast rules but this site gives a good comparison between sellers and the location of the likely cheaper places. Supermarkets are always the best value but they can vary too. Our local Intermarche is sometimes cheaper than Carrefour but usually they are the same price. I am not suggesting going out of your way just to buy fuel but if you don't know the area you are in, its good to know which supermarket has the best price and where it is.
  15. I have come across a website that could prove useful for those of you planning a journey into/through France and it could save you a few bob too. The site is prix-carburants. gouv. fr it gives you the opportunity to search a location, an area or a journey by putting in the start and finish points. The journey option could be especially useful when having to fill up en route in a strange area. Bon Voyage. (Sorry, don't know how to make the address a live link)
  16. Why not slide the rolled up canopy forward as far as it will easily go for travelling. It won't move any further forward under braking and you won't have enough acceleration to move it backwards. Saves you money as well.
  17. Never had any problem with fit to travel being signed! It is only the airlines that need that filled in. We take our dogs to shows in the UK via tunnel from France!
  18. So sorry to read about your problems Eric. One thing they didn't nick was your sense of humour. On a more serious note, there are lessons to be learned here regarding Credit/Debit cards, especially joint cards and other valuables, passport etc. We live very rurally in France and theft is seldom discussed, presumably because not much of it happens. When we are in Spain for the winter, we feel the site we use is quite safe as it has security staff, only one way in/out and of course we are all in a similar situation, we all look out for our neighbours wherever they may be from and we seldom
  19. I can resonate with Gordon's observations #12. I was a mechanic in those olden days when you could not only see the carburettor and distributor but carry out the necessary adjustments etc. whether in the garage or in the field. Nowadays I wouldn't know where to start so as far as the car is concerned I carry a tyre inflator and breakdown insurance. I do however carry a small selection of tools and bits and pieces for the caravan and I have used most of them.
  20. I get the impression you don't like France / the French!
  21. We recently got our first automatic (Ford Galaxy). It is brilliant solo, haven't towed with it yet but have no doubt that it will perform equally as well.
  22. You drink what you want and I'll drink the good stuff!!! When you look at the duty rates in UK, if you drink wine at £12 for 5 litres you seriously need to have concern for your health. Just saying!
  23. I agree with Chalky and Val. A smattering of French helps but in our experience they make sure you understand what they are saying, even if it means finding someone who is bi-lingual and the service is wonderful.
  24. Hi Paul, so you are at Montreal again! Do you remember passing on our good wishes to Hans and Leonie last year after my Wife broke her ankle at the site? Please give Hans and Leonie our best wishes and have a lovely stay. Super site. Enjoy.
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