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  1. Ok so here goes. My own view is that sites will start opening towards the end of June. My reasoning is as follows. There is a limit as to how long the gov. can continue to pay people and keep businesses afloat so there has to be an ease to the lockdown after this current 3 week period. I, like everyone else knows this will be gradual and will require social distancing measures to remain in place, though tbh the 2 metre rule seems arbitrary to me as many countries only use 1.5 metres and as far as I can see no research has been done on the distances required to reduce the possibility of transmi
  2. While I agree that the CMC prices are quite high for some sites e.g. Barnard Castle, a lovely site in a great location with a fab dog walking field, we have stopped going due to the cost. However there are loads of CMC sites that are more sensibly priced so we use them. Also many of the commercial sites are mega bucks now check out Skelwith Fold near Ambleside again a site we have used often but now refuse to pay upwards of £40 per night. So I guess what I'm saying is if you don't like the prices go elsewhere. But you won't get the flexibility of the CMC.
  3. Whilst I agree totally with most comments on this thread I strongly feel that noseweight is extremely important. During the last 10 years I have towed with the following cars, VW Passat estate, VW Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-5, Briefly a SsanYong pickup and now a Kia Sportage. All except the Passat were 4 or All wheel drive and at least 2 litre. I pulled 2 caravans a Compass Omega 1550 kegs MTPLM and a Bailey Pegasus. Almost without exception I have found that the caravans towed much better with the noseweight close to the max permitted. Of course this is not the only factor I'm fastidi
  4. Been to Oz a few times (daughter and her family live just outside Adelaide) so have checked out the Auzzie take on caravans. There are some that we would recognise and then there are the real Off road jobbies - blimey! These things are unbelievable, as mentioned above double awnings, wading depth of over 1 metre massive chassis and suspensions most are twin axle and some are triple axle! Even come with 'proper' washing machines and 500kgs payload. But thepoint I would like to make is that they have some very original ideas myy favourite being fold outs that increase space. Not slide outs
  5. As always Alan - brilliant! I think this has been mentioned before, but you should write for a living.
  6. Thanks for that, unfortunately we cannot go any earlier as its our daughters 40th birthday in Juky and she has her mind set on spending it in Italy. So last week in June and first in July it what we have. They are excited about the prospect of travelling and are used to the miles (everywhere is a long distance in Australia) however I think they underestimate the volue of traffic in Europe.
  7. Looks fabulous mate. Will give it serious consideration. Loving the closeness to the lake and also the pools.
  8. Seems like sensible advice mate, thanks for that.
  9. Thanks Andy, my oh and I feel its a bit optimistic but if I said what they wanted to do you would be shocked. My gut feeling at the mo is that if the want to go to Italy then we head for there directly i.e. via the South of France tben across to the East. At least that serms doable in 14 nights. Cheers and thanks for the advice.
  10. Thanks Doosan, very interesting and helpful. You suggest that 4 weeks would be necessary to enjoy the trip more and I tend to agree however I think our family have different ideas. Quick question if I may. Did you head directly to Italy by that I mean merely have overnight stops or did you stop for longer en route? Cheers Richard
  11. Thanks Dave sounds good to me - just need to convince my daughter.......
  12. Thanks guys, its what we thought. But our daughter and her family are coming over from Oz and they are spending 4 weeks in Europe. 1 week seeing relatives in this country, then pickingnup the Motorhome and wanting to travel as I mentioned finishing up with a short week with us before going home. TBH they wanted to go further into Italy than I mentioned but we are not keen. I have sent them an itinary which includes 3 nights in the Black Forest and 3 nights in Lake Garda but its still 8 days travelling out of 15 and some of the distances are quite long. They cant seen to understand the differen
  13. Hi a bit off topic I'm afraid but anyway. After we retired early my wife and I always fancied being site wardens so for the first two seasons into our retirement that is what we did. Firstly on a Forest holidays site in Ardgartan near Arrochar in Scotland and the following year on the wonderful Herding Hill campsite at Haltwhistle on Hadrian Wall. We thoroughly enjoyed our life on the campsite but it was very hard work. I guess the best thing about it was the campers. The overwhelming majority were lovely I guess being on holiday would do that. The comments posted tend to be a bit negative etc
  14. We are member of both major clubs and have never experienced any problems with any wardens or sites. On CCC sites we have been directed to pitches that we didn't care for and have never had problems changing. Also we use commercial sites and mostly they are happy if you wish it change. I know some sites CCC and commercial are errr....very reluctant to allow you to change but in my experience they are very much the minority. As for the comment about Devizes it is a lovely site and the wardens are extremely helpful and friendly. Frequently stay they en route to Devon and Cornwall.
  15. Hi all, thinking of going to Italy next year from the North East of England. We have been to France numerous times but thinking of venturing further. Looking at stopping in Southern Germany, then across to Lake Garda and down to La Spezia on the Ligurian sea back via Southern France. I have a couple of questions. 1. Thinking about the crossing we were considering Newcastle to Amsterdam but it seems very expensive so possibly Harwich or more likely our usual route through the tunnel. Has anyone any veiws or experience of the Northern ferry crossings? 2. We are going to travel late Ju
  16. One main meal plus breakfast. Wine and beer - mostly in the car. We used to take a full weaks shopping but then decided that the weight was a bit too much esp as we now carry the bikes on the A frame and a canopy on the rail so that impacts on what's left of the miserly payload. Since we have reduced what we take we now eat out more and visit local stores and supermarkets.
  17. Bought one at the NEC last year and have only recently had a chance to get away and check it out. Very easy to erect (we have a size 12) but its quite heavy. Lovely inside and so much more space than our porch awnings. Having said that everyone says how easy they are to erect but taking them down is a pain how do folks get all the air out of the tubes? We rolled them but it wasn't easy. I notice that the pump has a deflate option but the valves prevent the air from coming out and if the valve is reversed the rubber seal is trapped and still cannot move. Any suggestions?
  18. Yet too go but its my mates favourite site. Him and his wife (not forgetting the dog) love it. Great walks, great pubs with good beer and food, lovely countryside. We will be going in July.
  19. Just sold our 2.2 AWD Sport Nav. on a 65 plate. Loved it however we sold it due to too many faults inc, new gearbox, new back brakes (everything discs, pads calipers), new door lock motor, plus a few that I can't remember. We even took out Mazdas extended warranty in December last year when the 3 year warranty ran out. It paid for it's self when the car packed in heading back from the Alps! All the warning lights came on, the engine lost some power but was still driveable. We contacted our dealership - we have a great relationship with then as you would expect who advised to take it to the nea
  20. Thanks Alansi, may not be the same but is sounds like its the same engine. So it is really good to know - I know I should have checked out this forum first but looked everywhere else and all reviews seem positive. Thanks again I really appreciate the feedback. Take care Richard
  21. As always mate you have hit the nail on the head. I totally agree and have been saying the same for some time. Unfortunately politicians of all colours will never say that - it would be political suicide besides how could we reduce population. And then there are the human rights lobbyists...... As you say it won't be our problem. I cant help feeling that the planet will heal itsself (a phrase I picked up reading a scientific journal- apparently its very good at it!) in the not too distant future.
  22. I have a Bailey and have tried all ways to transport bikes (2) and have settled on an A frame carrier works great. Needed slight modifications though.
  23. I use a 4 metre one and it's great. When the guy lines are pegged down it can withstand fairly high winds. Never had to take it down in a blow and we travel with it on the rail and it's no problem.
  24. Ok so it was a long time ago but having read the entire thread how was it?
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