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  1. Bought one at the NEC last year and have only recently had a chance to get away and check it out. Very easy to erect (we have a size 12) but its quite heavy. Lovely inside and so much more space than our porch awnings. Having said that everyone says how easy they are to erect but taking them down is a pain how do folks get all the air out of the tubes? We rolled them but it wasn't easy. I notice that the pump has a deflate option but the valves prevent the air from coming out and if the valve is reversed the rubber seal is trapped and still cannot move. Any suggestions?
  2. Yet too go but its my mates favourite site. Him and his wife (not forgetting the dog) love it. Great walks, great pubs with good beer and food, lovely countryside. We will be going in July.
  3. Omega54

    Mazda CX 5

    Just sold our 2.2 AWD Sport Nav. on a 65 plate. Loved it however we sold it due to too many faults inc, new gearbox, new back brakes (everything discs, pads calipers), new door lock motor, plus a few that I can't remember. We even took out Mazdas extended warranty in December last year when the 3 year warranty ran out. It paid for it's self when the car packed in heading back from the Alps! All the warning lights came on, the engine lost some power but was still driveable. We contacted our dealership - we have a great relationship with then as you would expect who advised to take it to the nearest dealership which happened to be in Lens, France. Anyway they fixed it overnight and we were on our way. It was much more complex than that but I wont bore you with the details! However I think we just had a bad one as everyone I have spoken to loves them and have had few or no problems so we were just unlucky. I loved the car but it had to go. Now have a New Kia Sportage top of the range which is lovely but I have yet to tow with it only got it on Saturday. The Mazda has a great boot, comfortable inside, nice responsive engine and some decent extras so I'm sure you wont be disappointed. Others have given the info you require so I won't repeat it. Have to say though I didn't expect to like the Kia, I think the looks are an aquired taste! But the level of equipment is stunning I can't think of anything it hasn't got. And 7 year warranty. Good luck with the Mazda.
  4. Thanks Alansi, may not be the same but is sounds like its the same engine. So it is really good to know - I know I should have checked out this forum first but looked everywhere else and all reviews seem positive. Thanks again I really appreciate the feedback. Take care Richard
  5. As always mate you have hit the nail on the head. I totally agree and have been saying the same for some time. Unfortunately politicians of all colours will never say that - it would be political suicide besides how could we reduce population. And then there are the human rights lobbyists...... As you say it won't be our problem. I cant help feeling that the planet will heal itsself (a phrase I picked up reading a scientific journal- apparently its very good at it!) in the not too distant future.
  6. I have a Bailey and have tried all ways to transport bikes (2) and have settled on an A frame carrier works great. Needed slight modifications though.
  7. I use a 4 metre one and it's great. When the guy lines are pegged down it can withstand fairly high winds. Never had to take it down in a blow and we travel with it on the rail and it's no problem.
  8. Ok so it was a long time ago but having read the entire thread how was it?
  9. Fantastic site- for us anyway. We have been quite a few times for long stays and love it. Great cycling, walking, and sight seeing. The pub in Sway (we have only been to one) was great. Lymington stunning as is Lyndhurst. Highly recommended but only for those who can do without on site errr........anything! Except EHU.
  10. Hi all, Just bought one of the above - the mild hybrid version auto box etc. Anyone out there got one if so how does it tow? We have a light(ish) 2 berth 1300 kgs. I think it should be fine but would welcome any comments. Thanks in advance Richard
  11. Hi, We drive to the French Alps every year and have been to Le Grand Born and 5 times it is a stunning place! Its only 1000 metres above sea level and the drive up from Annecy is dead easy. Be careful not to follow your Sat Nav as it may take you around some very err interseting roads. I always debate wether or no to use winter tyres and never have and haven't had any problems. I'm assuming you are staying at Camping l'Escale? It's lovely - both in winter and summer. There is a supermarket on the road up to LGB so you can stock up there, there is plenty of space to take your outfit into the car park. However don't underestimate the problems that snow can create in central France. There have been a couple of occasions where we have had to pull over for a few hours while the roads were cleared - and we always use the Autoroutes. One other piece of advice as you come into LGB take the first turning as it goes directly to the site the main road goes through the town which can be congested. The back road is perfectly fine. Enjoy a beer in the Twa Guides- the best bar in LGB and only 400 metres from the site. Oh btw the on site restaurant is great but you must book try to get upstairs. Anyway enjoy!
  12. We too have a Daytona full size air awning. Haven't used it yet as we only bought it at the NEC at the recent show, but inflated it at home - to check it was Ok and it literally took a couple of minutes to inflate. It is quite heavy but as mentioned is split into 2 bags so no probs. It looks fantastic and the quality is great. Previously we have only had poked awnings but changed due to simplicity and recommendations from many caravanners on site.
  13. It's a tough call and one most caravanners go through, including us. We have spent a good part of the last 3 years looking at motorhomes of all shapes and sizes (even refurbished a Vdub!). We have spoken to various folks on site, looked at all possibilities and have decided to stay with our caravan. The main reasons have been outlined above but I have a couple of other points worth thinking about. If you go for a MH storage is a huge consideration, you may need space for chairs, BBQ, bikes and a host of other stuff that seems to be accumulated whilst on holiday. The only realistic option we found in a MH is a rear garage this almost always means a bed at the rear which in turn means a long MH. Probably over 7 metres. I know folks will shout me down saying that they get their stuff in a smaller MH but it's just my opinion. Now here's is the dilemma many folks that I have spoken to are looking to downsize their MH, the main reason seems to be around the need to use the vehicle whilst away. Anyway whatever you do enjoy!
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