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  1. Pretty much totally depends on how heavy your right foot is.
  2. Don’t rule out a Kia Sportage 2.0 diesel. We have one and it really is a good tow car for sensible cash.
  3. Thanks for that mate. Yes indeed the wardrobe is above the garage.....shouldn’t reply after a couple of vinos! Interesting comment about the Ford auto, as we have not driven one it’s good to know. Cheers
  4. We have a similar requirement but need floor space for our large dog. I compiled a list of around 12 Motorhomes and van conversions on a spreadsheet which includes fridge size, type of bed, garage type, length, width and our scores based on viewings where we could but mainly YouTube vids. Our short list included Chausson 630/640, Rapido and Pilot Compact but we have put a deposit down on a Bailey Adamo 69-4. oh if you do take the plunge check that the dealer has them on site as there may be a huge delay due to transponder chip shortage. See my post on the subject.
  5. Hi all, a week or so back a neighbour mentioned that there was a global shortage of semiconductor microchips. These things are in anything computerised from smart fridges, computer games through to medical equipment cars and vans. I understand Ford and Fiat/Peugeot have suspended production of vans inc. base vehicles for Motorhome. We had just put down a deposit for a Bailey Adamo when we found out. I went down to speak with the sales guy who didn’t know anything about it. He said that he would contact Bailey to get more details and will get back to us. So far haven’t heard anything but I su
  6. Hi David, yes we noticed the payload was low at 450 kgs but as there are only 2 of us it won’t be a problem. Not sure about the continental design. The 69-4 has a parallel lounge and a huge drop down bed with a decent garage and massive bathroom/changing room with the wardrobe over the bed. Very similar to the Chausson 630. We too would prefer the Ford auto base vehicle and the fact that it has 160 bhp is a bonus. Richard
  7. Agreed - expensive but look great and seem to hold up in gales. Don’t have one though. Just bought a bash in the ground jobbie does what it says on the tin.
  8. Stayed there a couple of times early summer. No probs with wind however as it’s pretty much on the coast I can imagine if the wind is from the North or North West it could be problematic. But don’t let that put you off it’s lovely. However we prefer Easewell farm along the road, it’s a bit more rough and ready but suits us as it’s 10 mins walk to Morethoe and a nice walk through it’s sister site across the road down to Woolacombe.
  9. Thanks all, We have been looking to change our caravan for some time now but have some specific requirements in a Motorhome e.g we have a large dog (that we don’t allow on the furniture) so need a reasonable amount of floor space. A decent bathroom and kitchen and has to be less than 7 metres so the Adamo fits the bill. We have looked at the Chausson 630 which is a very similar layout but would prefer to buy British. We have looked at all the YouTube videos - thanks Gordon, of all the contenders and even produced a spreadsheet with all the data and have decided this is prob the most suita
  10. Hi all, looking for anyone who has one of these as we are about to buy one and wondering what owners think. Thank you in advance.
  11. Ok so here goes. My own view is that sites will start opening towards the end of June. My reasoning is as follows. There is a limit as to how long the gov. can continue to pay people and keep businesses afloat so there has to be an ease to the lockdown after this current 3 week period. I, like everyone else knows this will be gradual and will require social distancing measures to remain in place, though tbh the 2 metre rule seems arbitrary to me as many countries only use 1.5 metres and as far as I can see no research has been done on the distances required to reduce the possibility of transmi
  12. While I agree that the CMC prices are quite high for some sites e.g. Barnard Castle, a lovely site in a great location with a fab dog walking field, we have stopped going due to the cost. However there are loads of CMC sites that are more sensibly priced so we use them. Also many of the commercial sites are mega bucks now check out Skelwith Fold near Ambleside again a site we have used often but now refuse to pay upwards of £40 per night. So I guess what I'm saying is if you don't like the prices go elsewhere. But you won't get the flexibility of the CMC.
  13. Whilst I agree totally with most comments on this thread I strongly feel that noseweight is extremely important. During the last 10 years I have towed with the following cars, VW Passat estate, VW Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-5, Briefly a SsanYong pickup and now a Kia Sportage. All except the Passat were 4 or All wheel drive and at least 2 litre. I pulled 2 caravans a Compass Omega 1550 kegs MTPLM and a Bailey Pegasus. Almost without exception I have found that the caravans towed much better with the noseweight close to the max permitted. Of course this is not the only factor I'm fastidi
  14. Been to Oz a few times (daughter and her family live just outside Adelaide) so have checked out the Auzzie take on caravans. There are some that we would recognise and then there are the real Off road jobbies - blimey! These things are unbelievable, as mentioned above double awnings, wading depth of over 1 metre massive chassis and suspensions most are twin axle and some are triple axle! Even come with 'proper' washing machines and 500kgs payload. But thepoint I would like to make is that they have some very original ideas myy favourite being fold outs that increase space. Not slide outs
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