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  1. Does anybody know how wide it is? Is it the same as the vision/pastiche or has it grown to the same as the vip?
  2. Well done Mr Plodd. I knew you would get there in the end. Happy Christmas to all.
  3. This is not the case I’m afraid. If you go an source a car say for the German market and try and register it over here using the coc you will come unstuck. Apart from the the steering wheel being on the wrong side, the fog light may be on the wrong side, the headlights will be wrong and it won’t have mph on the speedo. It therefore won’t meet C&U. You would need to therefore go through the import procedure and make alterations.
  4. As said previously, if a uk caravan is sold abroad or permanently export it would then refer back to the coc. Type approval on uk sold/run caravans is effectively worthless. It is an offence to sell or use an o2 trailer without type approval in the uk. It is not an offence to make alterations to it after it has received approval. As there is no notifiable alteration scheme for o2 trailers with overrun brakes Bailey have a free hand and what they say goes.
  5. Because they have stupidly low power cables. You can by special arrangement. We can still build and run them over here though, in the same way we can replate our trailers. Anybody who thinks there is any harmony with either vehicle standards and road policing across Europe is very mistaken!
  6. Well how do uk truck driver argue their ministry plates abroad then. I would say that if it is a uk registered vehicle with a uk licenced driver and legal in the uk the foreign plod wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. As long a it hadn’t been out of the uk for over twelve months of course. Using your logic anybody travelling abroad with only one fog light on the uk side would be in trouble!
  7. No it doesn’t if the vehicle is registered.
  8. The road traffic act allows the secretary of state to authorise alteration that override the original coc. They are not making up laws.
  9. The maximum gross in the statutory area of the plate matches the mtplm outside it. But what does the coc say? I suspect the higher weight. Elddis and lunar are doctoring the statutory plate. Bailey coachman swift are adding another plate. Which plate/weight is legal? Whichever one the manufacturer says is!
  10. I believe they still match. It would be interesting to see if none upgraded elddis and lunar coc’s match the plate. I bet they don’t.
  11. You would only IVA an already registered vehicle for a “radical alteration”. Downplating is not. It it is in part 2.
  12. Down plating is covered in the road traffic act.
  13. Type approval doesn’t cover USE or enforcement. As as soon as a vehicle is registered it can be altered without affecting the approval. Type approval is is only checked at point of registration and caravans aren’t registered.
  14. I have a question for you Mr Plodd. When you pulled over a HGV and determined it over weight, did you go by the weights on the statutory plate fitted by the vehicle manufacturer or the VTG 6T (ministry plate)? If the later, when you came across a vehicle with a higher weight limit on the statutory plate than the VTG 6T would you let them off with if they were over the VTG 6T weights but within the statutory plate because that’s what it was type approved too? Also what if the VTG 6T weight let them drive with a lower category licence. Would you have said “you can’t drive this because it is type approved to a higher weight than your licence”
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