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  1. Yes I know what you mean. A couple of others are wavy and badly fitted. The new one is now the neatest of the lot!
  2. Thankfully it was only a window seal. Water was tracking through the panel. Still not good but better than the alu-tech extrusion. New window rubber fitted so time will tell.
  3. Has anybody fitted a Milenco Wraith wheel lock to a 2021 Bailey caravan and can confirm if the standard bolt that comes with the Wraith is correct please? I see milenco do other bolts on a FOC swap basis.
  4. That’s good news D-Hill. Our panel is bowing slightly too but it isn’t rubbing the door so I will just keep my eye on it for the time being. We have just taken ours back to dealer as it is leaking like a sieve! After 12 totally dry and trouble free years of Lunars, two weeks into Bailey ownership and it’s not going well!
  5. Thank you everybody. I am hoping this is a blessing in disguise and I will end up with better reception than if Bailey had done the job. I am getting a torch and mirror and having a good look on what is going on behind the radio first job!
  6. Thanks to you both. The wealth of knowledge on CT is always amazing! Well I have now popped the radio out and there is no splitter and nothing connected to the DAB aerial input on the radio! The amplifier is on and is just the other side of the wooden panel to the radio. The cable has an F plug both ends and the radio end has an adapter to convert it to the radio input. Not really surprising it doesn’t work! I know I should really get the dealer to sort this out but I dare say it will take them weeks to get the part and it probably won’t work anyway! Also, as mentioned th
  7. Could any Phoenix + owners please confirm if their radio receives anything on dab. A JVC dab radio is fitted but ours doesn’t have anything connected to the dab aerial connection.
  8. We have just gone through the same process. No make or model will be a guarantee of not having problems. Buying a caravan is all about compromise. We were looking at rear island beds and narrowed it down to three models, a Coachman, a Swift and a Bailey. In our opinion the Coachman had the best finish, the Swift probably had the best body construction but in the end we went for the Bailey because of its practical design. It was also excellent value for money and even in the areas where the others were better we still felt it was more than adequate. Despite a few niggles when we went to collect
  9. No you can’t use a caravan because there has to be a “load” in the trailer of at least 600kg. Far too much for a caravan. I did my B+E two years ago and it is very much tailored to the commercial world. I was a competent tower before the test too, but there is no way I would have passed first time without the day’s professional tuition I had beforehand. You need somebody to teach you how to pass the test, not how to tow.
  10. Thanks for all the comments. Nothing to bad apart from Flatcoat888, which isn’t good. I hope you and your brother get it sorted. It sounds like it is the luck of the draw! I guess we are all used to that - we buy caravans!
  11. Thanks to all for your comments. What sort of faults are you and your brother getting Flatcoat888?
  12. Could owners of current shape Volvo XC60s, specifically with the D4 or B4 (D) diesels, let me know if they have been reliable please? There have been a few report of unreliability of the XC90. I am considering an XC60 which has similar underpinnings and the reliability is a concern.
  13. I’ve done a bit more digging on this. The fridge fitted is a RMS 10.5XS. This is a cut down version of the RMS 10.5XT which has the two way opening door. The manufacturers don’t want to fork out for the fancy twin way door so Dometic have made the XS model, which has a simple door and less shelves to keep costs down. The original fridge in the brochure has been discontinued by the look of it. We don’t think the new fridge is fit for purpose as it is. Our dealer have partly redeemed themselves by fixing the majority of the issues with our caravan. They are waiting for Bailey to comme
  14. They are telescopic slides now. It looks like the left runner was fitted lower to avoid the back of the socket, which probably means the right one is in fact too high! It is just a mess. I don’t think the left runner is even level. It has twisted the wooden drawer front. I could go to Bailey for the upgrade but it would be out of my pocket then as it was thrown in as part of the deal. I did get a (very good) quote from Chipping Sodbury too but decided they were a bit far away. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  15. Yes it is very disappointing. Here is the front drawer, which pretty much sums things up. The dealer was supposed to call yesterday with their plan of action. Nothing so far. To add insult to injury, when we ordered in October we also ordered the weight upgrade. The van arrived at the dealer in early January so they have had plenty of time to get it ready. On collection we were told that they hadn’t got the weight upgrade yet and it would take two months to get!
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