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  1. Skoda Superb. Technically Czech (but with German parents!) and a brilliant tow car.
  2. Elddis and Coachman still use ABS. So did Lunar when in production.
  3. We made the same comparison ourselves before settling on a Bailey. The Coachman had a better interior finish. That’s not to say the Bailey is badly finished but you could see where the extra weight and money goes in the equivalent Coachman. They do let themselves down though, with those awful L shaped brackets that hold the furniture to the wall. It looks like they have designed everything but forgot to incorporate any fixings and then had bodge a bracket on the side! Very poor in my book. A Bailey will probably leave the factory with more snagging issues. They are built quicker and the lower price reflects this. A good dealer will have no trouble sorting these though. At this point it would be fair to say that we liked the price and weight of the Bailey but the finish of the Coachman. There were some design features that favoured the Bailey too. It felt like it had been designed by people who used it. I know this is a personal thing. However the final nail for the Coachman for us was it’s body shell. I didn’t want aluminium sides as they dent if you look at them. I also didn’t want ABS front and rear panels. They may be good for a few years but I certainly didn’t want the worry that I may be faced with a £4K bill for a new panel in a few years time after it had cracked.
  4. They are late with their first set of accounts. Doesn’t bode well!
  5. They probably do deep down. I think they have to be seen to be doing! Unfortunately it is the unsolvable problem. A modern diesel is about the cleanest option at the moment but they are the ones people aren’t buying!
  6. That article is absolutely spot on. The automotive industry knows that battery electric vehicles are not the answer. There is the other problem that the electrical cabling on all but the newest housing estates isn’t going to cope. It already relies on the fact that not everybody switches their ovens and showers on at the same time.
  7. We have a Phoenix + 640 which is the same layout as the Cabrera but cheaper. We have have had it a few months now, and had a few teething problems which were sorted efficiently, and are now over the moon with it. It’s a great layout and works perfectly for us. If you look at other manufacturers version of the layout there is always a compromise, normally in the kitchen or front seat length. The Bailey is really well designed and still has long front seats. I’m not missing the front gas locker either. I would say Bailey caravans are very well engineered, very practically designed and excellent value for money. Where they let themselves down is in finish. I think they have got better though and if they took longer to build them then they wouldn’t be able to sell them at the price they do. Should you buy a Bailey? - Yes definitely, as long as you have a good dealer and are prepared for a few teething problems!
  8. We received our missing shelves about three weeks ago. Don’t give up! They are starting to trickle through.
  9. We received our missing shelves last week (for a Bailey Phoenix +)
  10. Yes good shout Mr Plodd. Audi definitely are not wired (although VW, Seat and Skoda are - all part of the same group, work that out!) and neither are BMW. Volvo are fully wired too. Not sure about others.
  11. Ours does this too until the cars engine is running.
  12. Apparently it is progress! Just like keyless entry, electronic handbrakes and touchscreen ventilation systems on cars. Who asked for them? Enjoy your long holiday Mr Plodd. I am very envious- back to work on Monday for me!
  13. Thanks Mr Plodd. You have the better older fridge, don’t you, with manual controls and shelves?! There seems to be another post in the caravan fridge section with exactly the same problem as we are having.
  14. Yes, we are also experiencing this problem in our new Phoenix with the RMS10.5xs fridge. Personally, I don’t think the freezer compartment is insulated well enough. As you say, the main refrigerator compartment is almost working to well!
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