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  1. Thanks all for the reply’s. I think we are now swaying to the Volvo but there’s not much between them.
  2. I’m torn between a Kodiaq and a XC60 as our next tow car. I will be towing 1500kg. Has anybody moved from one to the other and can provide me with any feedback please?
  3. March/April seems a long time to wait for a caravan only revealed a week ago! Did the dealer say why so long?
  4. Glossop caravans seem to have all the demo vans for sale.
  5. The rear panel is ABS so it is not a fill and sand job to repair like it is with GRP. It can be repaired but a bit more involved. If the damp is as bad as it sounds it is a big job. The chances are the rear panel will need to be removed to make the good anyway, so it would normally be replaced with new. However, with the current Lunar situation, getting one might be an issue. If the panel is replaced with new, I would estimate full cost of the repair in the region of £5-6k.
  6. Hopefully a clear answer! Driving licence - legal. In all other aspects - at best poor, at worst illegal. We do have all the information required to give a definitive answer. (Actual kerbweight of car, how many people travelling in car, make/model of caravan, noseweight limit for car) In my opinion the car is too light and underpowered for this caravan, to the point of being dangerous. Especially assuming a novice tower.
  7. I am glad you can laugh about it. If you ask a dealer or other industry insider you will find they don’t share your amusement. It is just starting to bite. You have to remember that a seventeen year old passing their car test in 1997 is now still only 40. Not many people have the desire to buy a caravan much before that. There are two answers to this. One is introduce the B90 licence as other EU countries have done (for caravanners primarily because they saw this problem coming). This allows 4250kg gross on completion of a CMC or CCC style course. No test.
  8. On the contrary. I work with commercial trailers. These are up 2 7m x 2.55m and 3500kg - as big as an O2 trailer can get. Having done the test myself I found it quite scary that somebody that has never towed before can get out of a pickup towing a 10 foot long 1100Kg trailer and into a 3500kg Sprinter van towing a 3500kg trailer. A combination with a footprint nearly as big as an artic and considerably less for on road stability. The B+E test at the moment is, I would say, designed around a 4x4 towing a horse trailer or a builder towing a trailer with a cement mixer on it.
  9. I agree with Dicky, the Cat B driving license limitations should be reviewed. Caravan sales are falling and IMO the B limitations are the main culprit. When the rules were changed it was publicised at the time as not affecting the majority of family caravans. And it didn’t. In those days a family caravan had a gross weight of 1200-1300kg and cars, which were mainly saloons, hatches or estates, grossed at 2000-2100kg. Staying within a B licence was easy. Now caravans are heavier and so are the cars used to tow them. The rise of the SUV has added to the problem. Th
  10. How much do you need?
  11. The landlord of the old factory is Lunar Holdings. The parent company of old Lunar. If you look at their latest accounts on companies house you may see another reason the new owners of Lunar wanted a clean break.
  12. That is the current “solution”, which isn’t working, and is therefore the problem! People are not prepared to go through the hassle of doing it. It puts another obstacle in the way and makes buying a caravan no longer an easy option. When B+E was brought in back in 1997 it was marketed, if that’s the right word, as not affecting the majority of family caravans. And it didn’t. In 2020 it does affect the majority of family caravans. I don’t think Swift or Coachman have a family model in their range that could be towed on a B licence by a newcomer observing the 85
  13. There is a B killing sales, but it’s not Boris. It is the limitations of the B driving licence. Throwback to 1997 and a typical family tourer was 1200kg ish MTPLM. A suitable car would have had a gross weight of around 2000kg. It was relatively easy to stay within the 3500kg limit. Now you are looking at a family caravan weighing 1400-1500kg MTPLM and around 2300kg for a typical car. You just can’t do it. As soon as you tell somebody they have to do another driving test it puts them off. Younger people are just not coming into the industry. They choose tents, st
  14. There is a fuse in the black control box which is part of the burner module. It is located under the hot water tank on the inside but has to be removed from the outside! Ensure gas and 12v power are both off before starting. To get at it you have to remove the outside cowl and cover plate behind this. You then need to remove the burner module and pull the control box out with it. You can then get into the control box and change the fuse. Doing this breaks a gas seal and a seal between the combustion chamber and caravan habitation area so I would advise using a qualified gas engine
  15. I think Coachman must win the award for most expensive (and useless) upgrade. On the new Acadia 545 your £35 gets you 3kg. Needless to say it is off the shortlist!
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