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  1. We bought the Isabella door canopy during the show, arrived yesterday and fitted in about 2 mins start to finish, looks good and serves the purpose for us. I can see us using this whenever we don't take an awning. (bought it primarily because we have the caravan in the back garden, and like to leave the door open when we are at home, but the damn rain keeps catching us out!)
  2. I used Owatrol Polytrol https://www.promain.co.uk/owatrol-polytrol.html on the plastic bumpers and trim on my Volvo XC70. It does what it says on the tin.
  3. We have had 2 sunncamp swifts, perfect for your needs, inexpensive, and very easy to put up and take down. We had the 220, then the 265, no experience with the bigger size.
  4. We found some of the isa fix fittings, needed to have the screws adjusting slightly. Helped stop the poles slipping shorter, in heavy wind and snow.
  5. We have a pair of Dometic covers for sale £10 + postage ?
  6. Definitely check the pump speed, it can be difficult to see, but it needs to be set to 2. Ive seen other posts where fluid have spilt out into the wardrobe, but we haven't ever suffered this.
  7. I think it is a 'one pole awning' similar to Sunncamps swift porch, except the top pole is straight rather than curved. https://s3-EU-west-1. amazonaws. com/sunncamp/manuals/Swift_Porch_Awning_V3b3. pdf
  8. You can buy an adaptor for the whale pressure reducer, to fit the Truma system. Works well. The build on our latter Lunar Clubman, had a lot to be desired compared to our previous Seville, and our present Elegance. I was always wary of opening the windows, as the whole side of the caravan seemed to move! Also the cupboards and doors lacked the soft close function, that you expect on a top of the range caravan, oh, and the curtains which we use in winter, barely cover the windows, and are of poor quality. The insulation is poor compared to other marques, we found it much more difficult to maintain a reasonable temperature in the colder winter months.
  9. I think anyone with land can apply to become a CS or CL, without planning. If there are more than 5 vans I believe, they have to have planning permission from the Local Authorities.
  10. Maybe you should try it first. It could have been altered from a 1025, and is now 1000.
  11. Good choice with the Elegance 580. We love ours, the camera works as long as the caravan is plugged into the car but looks down at too sharp an angle to be any use except when reversing. Also quite distracting to see the road behind you when driving. The image is OK for reversing. Had no issues with the LED lights towing with a Santa Fe Mk2 and a Volvo XC70.
  12. NIce One. Welcome. We made the change from Lunar, and are well pleased with our Elegance.
  13. If you have a access to a Costco warehouse, they have something similar to your picture but they are much thicker and robust. I think they are about 12 ft long and can be joined together, suitable for indoors or outdoors. I think they are about £18.
  14. Well, we used our complimentary tickets on Tuesday. Had a good day out, bought a few bits and pieces. ......mostly that we didn't need! Was surprised to see a Subway, in the cafe area, which wasn't too busy, and didn't cost the earth.
  15. We only use this in the caravan, but it provides an excellent backup service if our home broadband is down for any reason.(Caravan is stored at home) It is plenty fast enough for streaming tv and music, internet browsing on several devices at the same time.
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