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  1. We have cancelled our two holidays (in the UK) between now and September. Moving across the country only facilitates this virus. Shopping, toilets, CL owners etc etc. Let be wise and sensible our NHS is already under extreem pressure, we have a duty to help not to hinder. Stay at home - its only a holiday
  2. Thanks - when the wind has calmed I'll do that.
  3. I've just bought a 2018, second hand Kampa 260 AIR porch awning. Before going off in 3 weeks I wander if its possible to "blow" it up, free standing as I have no room to attach it to my caravan at home, so that I can make sure everything is with the package. Many thanks if you can advice me.
  4. Gari

    Heavy Awning

    Thanks to everyone. WE are 74 but fit but we are now looking seriously at the Camptech Starline 260 or 300 Inflatable Air Porch Caravan Awning. The 260 is 16kg and the 300 19kg.
  5. Gari

    Heavy Awning

    Many thanks for all your comments. Weight might be a problem. I have now looked at Outdoor Revolution E-Sport Air 325 which is a lighter awning. Maybe sticking to the poles is the sensible action!! Many thanks
  6. I am considering buying the Kampa Rally Air Pro Plus 260 to replace my poled awning. If you have experienced using this awning I wander if you could advice me of how cumbersome and heavy it is to put it through the awning rail. Many thanks if you can help me.
  7. OK - thanks for your suggestions. I have opened the cap and replaced it. I will be off 2nd week of August - chance to test it!!! Many thanks
  8. I recently bought a Bailey Unicorn Seville (20 17) which is a lovely van. However while travelling and at the end of each journey, we find a small pool of anti freeze has spilt from the central heating (Aldi) tank in the wardrobe. Anyone knows what could be the cause of this. If its a small job I don't want to travel 140 miles to the dealer to sort it out. Many thanks for any help.
  9. Gari

    Steel poles

    Many many thanks for your help. My stiff shoulders does not help when putng the awning up without the further problems of attaching the poles together! Old age galloping in. Many thanks
  10. I have a Towsure Awning (2.7m) but the steel poles have become very difficult to fit together. Has anyone suggestions to ease this problem. Would candle wax help os is there a spray to make the joints fit smoothly?
  11. Many thanks for your help Fireman Iain. Knowing this I will now contact the CL to book for a spring holiday.
  12. I am planning to stay in the Fox and Rabbit Inn CL site near Pickering next year. Could anyone tell me if its possible to cycle offroad to the Dalby Forest from the site. I believe there is a walking path but unsure if this is suitable for cycling (mountain bikes). Many thanks
  13. Agree with the above - Chester and then the A55. The A5 is not great for towing; living in Beddgelert - I have used it a lot but I tend to take the longer route these days and get onto the A55. Gareth
  14. I have a 2014 VW Touareg and I want to fit a towbar. Will a fixed towball affect the reversing sensors or should I go for a more expensive detachable one?
  15. I read in the VW owner's manual that if the electrics are not fitted by VW then you should always witch off the Start/Stop. I do not know any more than that
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