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  1. I have been looking for a new 32" TV for the kitchen. Apart from one expensive Sony they are all only HD ready. I have not looked at any of the cheaper brands so there may be full HD models available in those.
  2. I had a factory fitted electric tow bar fitted to my new V60. I think it cost about £1100.
  3. I have never bothered. £635 for a Club Class cabin and all meals. The last time that I used Brittany Ferries to Caen cost almost as much and did not include a cabin or meals.
  4. I am not sure if these are still available but they are well worth having if they are. I bought P&O shares about forty years ago so that I could get a discount on my trips to Europe. Some years ago the shares were converted to units or you could just sell them or retain without the discount. Yesterday, I booked my crossing to Zeebrugge in May and returning in late June. I booked my car, my two Cocker Spaniels and myself. For me it is a Premier Plus cabin and includes meals at the Brasserie. Total cost was £695 return. I also received a 10% discount for booking before 31st January: total cost £625. I noticed that there are midweek and weekend discounts for caravans.
  5. Robbie

    V5 mistake

    Same happened with my new V60. Volvo sent me a letter confirming the weight and DVLA repeated the mistake. Had to 'phone them to get it corrected.
  6. When I received the V5C for my new V60 D4, the maximum towing weight for a braked trailer was 750kg, the same as for an unbraked trailer. Contacted Volvo who wrote back with a letter to send off to DVLA. Did this and new V5C had the same weights. 'Phoned DVLA who apologised and they sent an updated V5C. No matter what the plate on my vehicle stated, I was concerned that if I was stopped in France for a towing incident, they would refer to the V5C.
  7. I changed my Honda CRV 2.2 I-DTEC that I bought new in 2013 for a Volvo V60 last November. The CRV was an excellent towcar and extremely reliable. I never had problems with the diesel engine despite doing short journeys when I wasn't towing. I would have had another CR-V if Honda had kept the diesel engine in the new model.
  8. My previous caravan had a size 13 sun canopy , 955 -980cm. My new caravan size awning is 995 cm. Do you think I could get away with my present sun canopy? There is only 15 cm total difference - 7.5 cm each side.
  9. Volvo offer a seven pin or thirteen pin option on a new car. I recently took delivery of the new V60 and I opted for the thirteen pin tow bar.
  10. I bought a new Volvo V60 in December and the same error was on the V5C. The mistake was made by the supplying dealer who registers the car with the DVLA on the day you purchase it. I contacted the DVLA and they told me that they would only issue a new V5C with a letter from Volvo confirming the braked towing capacity. They also sent me a printout of the dealer's registration which clearly showed an incorrect towing weight. Having contacted Volvo I received a letter from them to send to the DVLA with my V5C. I did this lasdt week and await my new V5C.
  11. My first caravan that I bought new in 1979 was a Lynton Javelin and didn't have a shower or toilet. The available space was used for storage.
  12. My Philips HD Ready TV picks up all of the TV channels including those that are encrypted. Just returned from the Charente and received over thirty channels. TV is seven years old.
  13. I noticed that Showcase TV is no longer on Freesat. Does anyone know what has happened to Practical Caravan TV?
  14. Metro Bank don't charge for transactions in Europe and it is not difficult to apply. The Halifax Clarity card does not charge for foreign transactions.
  15. I was in the Lot last year and received about twenty French TV stations on my Philips TV. Look at the specifications of TVs on sale here and you will see that they are multi standard so can be used all over Europe. On my Philips I have to set the country and then tune in.
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