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  1. . Hi there, I have actually got one of those. I bought it a few years ago and so did a mate of mine. He fitted his and it didn't bleep, it just made a whistling sound. So I never got round to trying mine. On top of that with another caravan we had, a light blew on the back and as I unscrewed the lens, something fell into the body of the van and the screw didn't have anything to screw into. Bit frightened now.
  2. . I have thought about having a reversing bleeper fitted, but thought they were illegal on a caravan? Ray.
  3. I taught him everything he knows, didn't I son. lol.
  4. That bloke with his Mummy, didn't he know he was allowed to use his mirrors and look through his car windows. How did he get too the last six. Mind you, if the chairman of the CC ripped the back off his van, what chance do we all have. Kinell.
  5. We bought a motorhome from a dealer near the dartford crossing, to see if it was suitable for my dissabled wife. It wasent new, but cost a bit. After a couple of weeks we realised it was unsuitable. Got back in touch with dealer, to see if they would buy it back and we would buy a new van off them and have it altered. They offered me a third of what I payed to them. I obviously didn't do a deal. Ray.
  6. A few years ago, the spare was kept in the front locker.
  7. . Hi Paul694, just wondered why all the mainstream designers ignore disabled people's needs. I did the survey, but didn't cover a lot. If someone produced a van with wheelchair Axcess, they would make a killing. We have a Frystar van at the moment, but would love to buy a newer van. There are firms that do conventions, but they are extortionate. If you have input, perhaps you could could suggest vans for Dissabled, regards Ray.
  8. Hi Gravon 42, last year. My wife is a fair weather caravanner I'm afraid. She has MS, so I can't go without her. Hopefully we will have a better summer this year and get more use out of it. Regards Ray.
  9. extrucker

    Dirty Van

    Our van was absolutely filthy, covered in green moss or whatever it was. Our Son & step Grandson went to the storage yard yesterday and van is absolutely shining again. Seeing it so clean has given me the urge to go away again soon. Just got to sort the inside now. Thanks Rick & Sam.
  10. extrucker


    ERF, Fodens, DAFs etc, all sleeper cabs. None of those I drove had rear windows, not even side windows behind the doors. Still it was fun. Ray.
  11. Thanks for the replies ref: jockey wheel. It's just that when I try to move the van by hand, the jockey wheel doesn't follow the direction the van is going. But raised, turns freely. Ray.
  12. We have a mover, but it came with the van. I have a question, is it better to have a pneumatic tyre on the jockey or not? Ray.
  13. extrucker


    I think driving a modern lorry is a piece of cake. When I was on the road years ago, we didn't have all the mirrors you've got now, so reversing on the blind side you found yourself laying across the engine to see what was happening. Lol. A good test was a Sainsburys depot in Charlton, London. They told you what bay to go in. Allways blind side, allways In between two lorries. Ray.
  14. I swapped a motorhome for a car and caravan on that site. Ray.
  15. extrucker


    Hi, the trouble is I think, if you have to reverse in between two cars and caravans is, that your van has to be in a straight line before it goes in between the cars. So you need a bit of room to manoeuvre, and in the case of motorway services not very often available. Ray.
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