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  1. Wardens are very professional and maintain the site to a very high standard. Very friendlY indeed. Site close at shops, beach, sports hall. Hard standing pitches. Just a nice site
  2. Wardens are very professional and maintain the site to a very high standard. Very friendlY indeed. Site close at shops, beach, sports hall. Hard standing pitches. Just a nice site Click here to view the UK campsite review
  3. Yes it does and they were glad i told them, but some people dont like help. In Holland i parked my van in wrong place, on peg like UK, WRONG between pegs in Holland so i had to move my van with awaning attached in 32 degrees, no fun at all i can assure you. so i know what i pain it could have been. plus met nice people and a beer. To be honest it makes reversing van much easier as you can see the peg clearly. The wife is now redundant as she was hopeless at guiding me, so there is a plus there. ......
  4. Was putting rubbish in bin when new arrivals were parking up. Caravan club rules park van in line with white peg, great and very usefull idea. !!! The people had unhitched van in middle of pitch ( tut tut ) even though they must have been breifed by waedens no more than 5 minutes ago. ..... Devil on one shoulder and angel on the other, ,, hhhmmmmmm I was in a good mood due to nice sunny day and Holland winning the football, so the angel won and i reminded them of the rules. They began to attempt to move van by hand, no chance van hardly moved. Good deed again, i grabbed hold and togeth
  5. i have the same problem, i have a 2009 sprite major 6. not much can be done but it is annoying . i have tried greased lightening and even that does not work.
  6. just wondering if anyone has bought the lidl compressor, was thinking of buying it for the car and van .
  7. We bought a brand new sprite 4 years ago even though we only went to look ??????? we instantly knew that it was the van for us. we both sat down looked back and fell in love with it. the interior ticked every box and 4 years on still does every time we open the door. the kids jumped on to the fixed bunks at the back claimed their space. Happy days
  8. First i would not say the Sprite Quattro was ugly on the outside at all. BUT i do like have a gleaming caravan and after each time i clean and polish it i do like to stand and admire my work so NO i could not own an ugly caravan. Most modern caravans are nice on the eye anyway, when we bought our caravan the wife insisted on white not cream ????? no comment. ... It was the internal layout that mattered more to us. Viewing atleast 35 caravans until we found the perfect layout for us. Guilty but not a a snob but there are some aweful looking caravans out there recently we were on a site a
  9. HHHMMM me too. I have stayed there 3 times and again this weekend. never had a problem booking in ??? great site hardly seen wardens and never gave them a rEason to visit me. you could send me a PM about your experience . thanks MARK.
  10. We were in Holland a few years back and we put up a few Scottish flags mainly for the kids. There was one big one at the front of the van. We were amazed by the amount of people who came over to talk to us, just asking about Scotland in general. Many dutch caravanners get the ferry to Newcastle then up to scotland. So it did have its advantages in the end. Just a bit of fun and when the wind did blow it was flying in all its glory. ...
  11. My wife and i have a very simple attitude, if we say hello and get no responce or reaction then we simply do not bother with the people again, saying hello and being curtious costs nothing. The majority of people are very nice but there is always some grumpy folk ( sorry smeesh no pun intended ) We were recently on holiday in Scotland and its funny how you can just tell if someone is friendly. the people opposite us were a couple in their 60's. we got chatting to them straight away. there were visiting family and were from south england. on the first night we invited them to have a dri
  12. Thanks very much for your reply, makes things a bit clearer. . MARK. ..
  13. Hi Neil, glad you joined this site, if you ever have a question no matter how small there are lots of experienced great people on here who will help. Enjoy you new van MARK. .
  14. Sorry must agree with others !!!!!!! We have had our van for 4 years and have turned down several requests from friends and family to do what you are doing. Even the wifes mum got refused. The van was new when we bought it and 4 years on it still looks brand new. We would not trust anyone else to treat it the way we do. ...... Good luck.
  15. Last weekend we were away and the man in the opposite caravan was fizzing. his van had just been in for a service and on the Saturday morning his charger went he explained to me. He then told me the impact of this happening regards his electrics and internal power. I was caught unaware of the impact of a charger failure. He said that he had no mains power, so no fridge, t. v. or any power apart from the leusire battery which did not last long. some of the internal lights would not work. Can someone please explain the power process and where is directed once you plug in the mains. I
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