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  1. Hi did you ever find out how to remove the toilet as mine has stoped flushing think it is the motor and will need to take it all out to get to it. Did you have any joy removing it ? thanks kaz
  2. It’s fine I appreciate you taking the time to help me thank you
  3. Thanks Jay I found it but unfortunately it won’t allow me to download it ☹️
  4. Hi has anyone got the instructions for a Radiomobile radio that could send my a copy of it please i would appreciate it very much thank ou
  5. Have to get a lunar clubman sb Dave if so Do you keep this Kampa table in the space where the old table used to be and can you give me the link to it pls if it is hank you
  6. It’s a terrible design. You have to pull and then unfold the table leg, iv never seen anything like it. You have to be very strong to pull and unfold at the same time . I have put some old caravan tableslegs on it but it won’t fit though the gap where the table sits ☹️
  7. Can anyone help me please? I need to replace my caravan table leg it’s one of thos silly foldup legs and it’s broken iv got a price for one leg but I can’t get the right size been on to the manufacture and they don’t do my size of leg, so it looks like I’ll have to buy two legs so I may aswell get a new table. so where do I get a new table from iv looked everywhere, can anyone help please? have enclosed a picture of the leg thanks
  8. This mover came with the caravan which was a 2003 model. Iv since found out that this model ceased production in 2008 so it's 9 years old unbeknown to me, so 9 years isn't bad I think
  9. Got exactly what I needed from bearing mart they were so helpful I can't tell you how pleased I am and it turned out the coverthat I thought was worn, wasn't it was the middle of the dissintergrated bearing stuck on the centre pin of the cover just took it off lol. Put roller back on now and working fine so pleased thanks to everyone for the help.
  10. Hi Beebee Is this Brammer engineering in in Oldham? I also now have another problem because the roller cover that has three bolts on to hold the roller in has a pivot which holds the roller in o the bearing has also worn, do you think the bearing company could weld a new one on else I'll have to p,hone purple line and ask them if they do a spare cover? Thanks for your quick reply on this Yes that's what I think I will have to do Thanks WispMan
  11. Hi My Purpleline motor mover roller bearing has disintegrated. I need to either get a new roller or a new bearing to get my by as I cant move the caravan without a mover on. Would anyone know where I can get a new roller from, there doesn't seem to be any replacement rollers on purplelines website. only new motor movers. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  12. Its a Lunar clubman SB 2013 gravon No Paul its not
  13. We have a problem with our Dometic CTW 4050 toilet, it would appear that we have algae in the fresh water sytsem which has now stopped the water flushing the toilet blocking it up in the pipe. Usually I would drain off the water put some cleaner in and add fresh water to solve this problem but it would appear there is no pipe to drain off the water ! to do this you have to flush it through the pipe into the toilet bowl, well this is where I have a problem because there is no water coming through the pipe as the algae has blocked it somewhere along the pipe stopping any water coming through the pipe. Has anyone had this problem if so could they tell me how to solve this please, btw they only made these sort of toilets for a year I wonder why I have been able to get some water cleaner in so Ill see if that helps but there has to be an easier solution to this surely ????? Any help please
  14. Thanks Geoff for the link and as you say mostly sea fishing, thought there might've been a hidden lake somewhere .
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