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  1. Hi yes we always leave the valves open 👍
  2. You could be right it was very expensive £1000 with all the extras. Our Isabella awning of 12 years has never faded or let us down and we use this a lot in the year still as good as the day we bought it . We only keep the air awning for weekends or a few days away.
  3. It’s not nylon it’s the heavy duty awning material
  4. Hi yes your right in the manual it says between 9-11 psi we have never blown it Higher than 10 I always have a feel at the tubes and turn off the pump before it reaches 10 that’s normally around psi and it was the new pump supplied and recommend by Kampa the Gale pump, I can’t be sure of the pressure but what is the point in having a pump to pump to the correct psi if it doesn’t ? And they don’t tell you that it may need calibrating. Thank you that’s very helpful but still this has never been mentioned to us and it’s not in the manual
  5. Hi We have a Kampa 390 Air Pro that has exploded on one of the main Front tubes. Not only has it exploded the bladder tube but also the outer sleeve and the outside cover that is the actual part awning !!!!! It has been blown up to the correct psi which Iv always used as it is set in the pump between 9 10 psi It is approx 4 years old and on our 2/3rd time using it had faded which we thought was the normal thing that happened to these awnings. I have phoned Kampa and shown them photos of the problem we have had and their reply is as follows :- “My manager has looked over your images and confirmed that the UV damage to the flysheet has in turn caused the air parts to fail “ To me this is saying the the SUN has caused this problem and in my opinion that means this product is not fit for purpose as it shouldn’t be used in the sun? I also told them of the discolouration of the awning this happened very early on when we had just bought the awning they said we should of informed of this as it shouldn’t of done that. I cannot believe what has happened to our awning and on loser inspection we have also found all other air pipes are also bulging it is too expensive to repair 3 sleeves and one bladder also and awning it self so that is another expense to get it repaired I would like to know if others have had this problem
  6. I’ve taken the covers off and there is NO PLUG 🤦‍♀️ is there a Lunar consultant on this site please ? thnak you
  7. Thank you so much I’ll take a look and let you know. It has to be there Iv looked everywhere else
  8. Yes I think I’ll give that a goo as Iv looked everywhere and can’t find a plug. Thank you
  9. I’m in a quandary now ? I need some advice. When I leave the fridge door open it normally bleeps but it’s not bleeping now, would this be joined to the fridge freezer part not working or would this be electrical ? Iv looked everywhere and can’t find a plug so I’m assuming it’s at the back of the fridge Iv looked it’s not there
  10. Ok what I have realised and it makes me think it’s the plug is when you leave the fridge door open for any amount of time you get a bleeping noise this has stopped bleeping also so it could possibly be the plug. What do you think ?
  11. Thanks for your reply Iv looked and can’t find the socket for the fridge it must be behind it 🤦‍♀️ Iv looked and cant find the plug it must be behind Th fridge 🤦‍♀️
  12. Hi My domestic fridge has suddenly stoped working on electric but does have all the lights lite up on the front of the fridge so it has electric going to it. have changed it over to gas and it works perfectly and have checked the fuses in the fuse box. cant get to the fridge plug as I don’t know where it is but surly the lights wouldn't work if there was no power going to it ? my caravan is 2013 Would there be anything else I could look for have I missed anything ? Any help would be appreciated as always thanks kaz
  13. Hi did you ever find out how to remove the toilet as mine has stoped flushing think it is the motor and will need to take it all out to get to it. Did you have any joy removing it ? thanks kaz
  14. It’s fine I appreciate you taking the time to help me thank you
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