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  1. Hello Can anyone tell me on these selfsat/Avtex systems is the GPS unit in the mororised dish or control unit? My GPS light does not come on any more. It is not an LED problem as it is lit during power up to show all lights. There are fixes on the net to reset the controller to attempt to fix this, but this is to no avail. Thanks
  2. No update for nearly a year! The only reason the “old” system has an “issue” is because the circuit was built around the “2G” network. Therefore people bought the expensive system and 2G was already being phased out! So in many many areas where 2G is already history (and continues to be so) you’re expensive system won’t work :-( I also telephoned Alde 12 months ago and a very friendly chap said new system hopefully ready for NEC unveiling. Sadly it obviously never happened. I am not convinced it ever will now as the development costs. This was why the first generation was so expensive to buy, development in cost against number of units to be sold. I think they took a big hit. The new system was supposed to be 3G and Wi-fi Personally I hope it can still come off, all the tech has been around for years it’s just Alde have to have 100% confidence in a working system that has longevity.
  3. Well it looks like this proved to be correct, someone at Bailey did make a (removed) and put it up on the site to ruin the big reveal
  4. I agree entirely mate, it is superior in all ways. I guess I have been fortunate as my van has had zero issues with damp.
  5. That's all very informative and obvious for things to stack up puzzle wise However rather than doing any Maths it's far simpler to go and sit in one and see if it works for you and to weigh up the density of the cushions The new Unicorn is not for us, but as always many, many will find it great
  6. Well we had a look at a few models and sadly we left very underwhelmed We are still owners of a series 1 Barcelona and have looked each year at the new models. I will stress that the comfort/design of furniture is of great importance to us. Our van is on a seasonal pitch and we get a lot of use out of it. The series 1 seats and backrest cushions are of a high standard and still today look immaculate and the cushions are still completely in shape. The seating cushions have been covered since day one. When they went to the series II the height of the back cushions dropped considerably and were moved away from the side wall by an inch or so to aid the central heating efficiency I believe. For me when sitting I naturally rest my arm along the top of the back cushion. This was just too low and uncomfortable. The changes in the layout with the series III and same cushion effect once again ruled out a change for us. Now this year I had high hopes for the series IIII. If the "leaked" layout of the Barcelona holds true (and I am 99% sure it will) then we were feeling confident that this may be the year. HOWEVER: The damn cushions again! They are higher which is great, but oh my God they are so so soft! If you rest your arm along the top it just slowly collapses. When you sit back leaning into it the exact same of course. BUT this was so bad that within seconds my back/side body were against the window/board standoff for the heating. This is MAJORLY uncomfortable. This alone makes it a NO On any other issues for those that find the seats OK, I thought the overall build quality was flimsy, all drawers were very difficult (stubborn) to operate. I was unhappy to see they had dropped the aerial socket at the front but new I could request this be put in HOWEVER have you seen where the 240V sockets are? They are on the side of the front chest facing forward. So if you wish to plug anything in, the cable will first come forward sticking out past the chest before you loop it back to your TV or whatever. So for me that looks so ugly I would turn the socket 180 degrees before attaching a custom multi block to go along the widow shelf. On the chest, the wife and I sit to eat just using the chest and pull out flap on our series I When you pull the flap out on this van the space before the lip is not even big enough to put a knife and fork either side of a moderate size plate. When things aren't working for you there is a tendency to see the negatives only, but I genuinely tried. The age of our van now has us wanting to change very soon BUT it can't be a Bailey again with the series IIII For us also the dark wood looked cheap and did not work at all. Also even if the cushions had had some substance, we feel it was very bland looking. So positive changes to other areas aside, this cannot be for us.
  7. Well in this instance it won't really be a big reveal "if" the info I posted here turns out to be correct. I believe it will be correct, and of course the style of all the interior is there to be seen so just use the floorplan to complete the picture
  8. Well still no more web pages showing up ref the Barcelona or Madrid! I am convinced that the "leaked" PDF will prove to be 100% correct but I keep searching :-)
  9. While I can understand the attraction of charging points that don't take up sockets I do not want to see cables dangling from the ceiling so as to speak. I would find that unsightly. I don't think for a moment any strengthening will have taken place in the roof, it wouldn't be necessary. I do think it's a simple useful addition.
  10. Have always had that rule 100% locked in. However my reason for not liking the lack of window is as said previously. It is a wet damp environment and a small roof light is no where near enough to dry/air it out! I like to be able to drive air through the bathroom.
  11. Yes I have a saved copy as well. I thought at the time of finding it, has someone at Bailey supplied them with the wrong PDF! As everywhere else had no info!
  12. I saved this, if it's not allowed I apologise and I'm sure a moderator will delete. I take no responsibility for its accuracy
  13. The link I posted some days back do seem to have been removed :-( It clearly showed the layout of the Barcelona and Madrid. The fridge has moved back.
  14. Which link are you referring to? Link in post 181 is fine
  15. Not sure which model you are referring to but yes I believe they have done this in favour of the large mirror. Personally I wonder about the merits of the wet damp environment of the bathroom not having a window for ventilation. I know there's the tiny skylight above the shower but we love to air the bathroom well to keep dry. I doubt there's an extractor fan!
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