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    Speed cameras

    Is there one driver in this land of ours, including your good self Mr Plodd, who has not exceeded a speed limit at some time in their motoring life? I suspect everyone has and has done so countless times even if only by a few miles per hour yet not, or rarely, been caught, Is there any difference between every one of those offences and the offences which are under discussion here?
  2. A couple of things happened over this week which brought me back to this thread and how we all differ so much on what is important to us and that we should not really give a hoot about our differences! The first was about fuel (again!) in that my previous tow tug, an RRS, although capable in towing was somewhat ponderous as a car and even when selecting Dynamic Mode, it never became exciting. Enter its Jaguar replacement and Dynamic Mode is a licence-losing addition which has me throwing diesel down its throat with gay abandon! The second is that MinL is taking Better Half and her sister to London for the weekend to see Hairspray (!) and staying in Corinthia (!) at getting on two grand a night plus seven hundred for the theatre. The former I enjoy. The latter is a complete and utter waste of money!! Good job I am not a Judge.
  3. Wow sounds great Why all the water? No tinnies?
  4. Not one minute do I condone it but I can also understand the warden's attitude in trying to 'prevent' 3 tons of driven wheels on wet grass pitches.
  5. @Ed1973If you can make it to Chesterfield (I see you live in Nottingham), you can have a Mifi device if you pledge a donation to a charity. It will allow you to set up wifi in the van for multiple users.
  6. But despite all that: If thou towest, thou shalt declare: 1.. The presence of a tow ball 2.. The fact that thou towest lest thou fallest foul of the foulest of foul things!
  7. No stats but I, and others, have mentioned before that LV have reduced premiums (very slightly) when towbar declared on the basis that a rear end shunt, generally, causes less damage to the 'shunted' car with a bar! They even gave me a reduction when I told them mine was detachable!
  8. To be fair, it was not the warmest of welcomes even though it was a fairly mundane question?
  9. SamD

    So am I evil!

    Methinks the point was missed!
  10. SamD

    So am I evil!

    ...and in the dark when at the end of the hedge and haven't noticed the start of the electric fence.....
  11. I don't remember the thread (link?) but would you not be far better off with a horse box or similar designed for heavier loads? OK - I see you have commented on the other thread.
  12. If I am reading your post correctly and the kettle is NOT designed to turn OFF automatically AND your faulty one was turning ON of its own accord, I would have reported that to Trading Standards as a serious potential fire hazard.
  13. Agreed a good thing but not so simple. A couple of large-ish sites I used only had 5/6 showers and worked fine cos large numbers used own facilities (suspect some not daily takers!) so we start off with two lots of capital investment to be recouped!
  14. Nothing at all to do with 'on the same side' or not. The cost of provision would vastly outweigh any income that LA might receive from such provision and would be to the detriment of current car parking places. A non-starter. You'll be asking for parking for caravans in motorway service stations next!!
  15. Now I no longer 'tow' - swapped car from RRS to Jag XF - same 3l V6 same gear box - same mad driver and full tank to full tank now gives: Solo 39.28 42.89 39.81 29.92 41.13 42.66 Happy Bunny!
  16. Your caravan brakes must be binding! Twice the consumption? My RRS : TowSolo 24.3129.42
  17. ....and 3 pubs in the village to choose from.
  18. @Steven Wow - thanks for the very full reply. I also now drive a big cat and love it (XF) and I think your point about cluttering the front screen is very valid - 21 day waiting list at the moment for the 622 - China on go-slow?!!
  19. That's the model I intend to buy -do you recommend and have you bothered with rear view cam please? Also am considering pro installation?
  20. Agreed it does but they cannot escape from the fact that they have calculated the cost of electricity at £5.30 per night and the max resale price is the same price as the price paid by the person selling it including the standing charge.
  21. A number of the posts David refers to can easily be found by looking at his profile. A very interesting story and I for one will buy the book.
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