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  1. Nothing at all to do with 'on the same side' or not. The cost of provision would vastly outweigh any income that LA might receive from such provision and would be to the detriment of current car parking places. A non-starter. You'll be asking for parking for caravans in motorway service stations next!!
  2. Sorry - I didn't realise we were being careful at all let alone being really careful!
  3. Now I no longer 'tow' - swapped car from RRS to Jag XF - same 3l V6 same gear box - same mad driver and full tank to full tank now gives: Solo 39.28 42.89 39.81 29.92 41.13 42.66 Happy Bunny!
  4. Your caravan brakes must be binding! Twice the consumption? My RRS : TowSolo 24.3129.42
  5. ....and 3 pubs in the village to choose from.
  6. @Steven Wow - thanks for the very full reply. I also now drive a big cat and love it (XF) and I think your point about cluttering the front screen is very valid - 21 day waiting list at the moment for the 622 - China on go-slow?!!
  7. That's the model I intend to buy -do you recommend and have you bothered with rear view cam please? Also am considering pro installation?
  8. Agreed it does but they cannot escape from the fact that they have calculated the cost of electricity at £5.30 per night and the max resale price is the same price as the price paid by the person selling it including the standing charge.
  9. A number of the posts David refers to can easily be found by looking at his profile. A very interesting story and I for one will buy the book.
  10. The following is from the pdf which Legal Eagle supplied - CAMH should be able to supply their methodology for calculation on request See 2nd bullet point- fancy asking them?? Sounds very high!
  11. I suspect you mean that they are not allowed to make a profit when selling electricity.
  12. Worse than that for us where clearly use had been made of spare land to 'make' another pitch resulting in significant over-crowding!
  13. We are off to a lovely old cottage in Northumberland tomorrow morning - weather looking a bit better next week. I keep popping in here but interest is waning I have to admit. We'll see. All the best Ivan.
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