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  1. That's interesting and may well be the case with some makers. With my powrtouch, if I turn on the red switch and then fail to connect the handset within quite a short time**, I then have to switch mover off and back on. **Not measured it!
  2. My point was that the banner headline 'cool box' tends to include boxes that cool and freeze but not at the same time and, as such, they are not fridge freezers. Mine is here
  3. You can, of course, buy cool boxes which also can be a freezer - we have one and over the last few months been a real plus when reducing the number of shopping trips - sometimes we need extra fridge space and other times extra freezer space.
  4. ...agreed. Once all paint is removed it just needs a 'nest' of 000 wire wool before use or, at least, mine does!
  5. Agree with other posters adding that we find the difference in temperature between upper and lower shelf is much greater than a domestic oven - less power?
  6. SamD

    help required

    Semper Eadem!
  7. I have never used my timer but are you confusing it by having 2 events morning and night which are the same time? Day ON at 0630 and OFF at 2230 with night coming ON at 2231 and OFF at 0629?
  8. When we had that type of bed we used a 1" topper - made significant difference. Only concern is they are quite bulky to store.
  9. Is that the Invoice cost i.e. after part exchange etc even though a recent purchase of mine was over that amount at pre-exchange value?
  10. Traded in my VM Signature and from two separate dealers was offered a trade-in price much higher than I expected. Did not, of course, show my surprise but afterwards in conversation, I was informed that Covid has tended to push newbies towards the second-hand sector rather than losing money on a new one were they not to like it. Suppose that makes sense - it did to me!
  11. SamD


    Wow that's low Ian! Similar car and similar weight Caravan and I got 23 mpg (brim to brim) on my last trip to Dorset (from Chesterfield) mostly motorway.
  12. ..did you miss a 't' from the last word?
  13. ...so the brake and reversing lights on the caravan blind the driver!!
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