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  1. Indeed so and so is mine in arctic blue cos easier to wind in winter. I was not having a go at homemade per se but given its length and container, I perceived 'homemade' but I am now wearing sackcloth and am smothered in ashes and will never use that word on here again!!
  2. SamD

    Used Awnings

    Both my local dealers will take awnings in part exchange for another more expensive one - is that not common 'darn South'?
  3. The length of the cable in that I don't believe you can buy the amount he had factory terminated.
  4. Some folks though, Gordon, don't want to learn! I recently saw a 'van with a home-made cable which almost filled up an industrial cable drum with only 5/6 yards of cable uncoiled. Unfortunately a gentle question to the 'offender' can often be met with abuse.
  5. Alternative might be a Kampa Sunshine Air Pro 400 Caravan Sunshade which we use - only has four pegs and with a lanyard attached just thread it through the front channel and pull it through. We have had one for 2 seasons now and just had 7 weeks with it over the English summer with variable (!) weather and wind - no faulting them - brilliant bit of kit. https://www.winfieldsoutdoors.co.uk/kampa-sunshine-air-pro-400-caravan-sunshade/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwt5zsBRD8ARIsAJfI4Bi949z1c3o95jkxnZuv39TtYG5lwi59Fq1RM6tzlayyqMnX7PeoGTEaAvnOEALw_wcB
  6. There really is no other way to do it!
  7. Same here - full first time BUT it's quite easy to see level by gently shaking bottle and looking at the openings at an angle rather than straight on. One gentle shake will disturb the liquid for quite some time.
  8. Good points so thanks but evidence of many here show that the groaning stops for some time following cleaning/sanding. That suggests to me the the sound must be coming from the two mating surfaces in that the cleaning action is not affecting the rear of the pads. Hope your trials are successful but I have always thought that the action of the pads on the ball is to blame.
  9. ...but cleaning is only necessary if either component is contaminated with grease or similar or significant corrosion?
  10. You may well be right but the tech I mentioned has year's of experience and... Note 'if originally fitted' mentioned twice. Doesn't prove anything but it's interesting!
  11. Interesting. Mine, as I already mentioned does not groan at all but when I had the pads changed a couple of months ago, the tech was surprised the old ones had no shims so did not use any for the new ones.
  12. Tempting fate, I know but have no groaning on my last 2 or 3 vans BUT I never clean the towball once the paint is thoroughly removed. Maybe that the slight surface rust on the ball is sufficient to scour the pads? All my recent cars have had detachables/electric operation so the towballs are always off unless in use.
  13. I suspect that a very large percentage of new customers will have no knowledge of this issue and a good proportion of seasoned vanners will be the same. We here and on similar forums, are a very small number in the overall count
  14. They are brilliant and quite near the Village Inn! They walk everything round to the post office on same day you order online/phone and are very competitive for such a small org.
  15. It also looks as if the caravan 12v plug is not connected to the MH!
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