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  1. I understand the arguments why grass pitches MAY become more muddy for MH in SOME circumstances but whatever the arguments are, the current practice certainly favours motorhome users. They should, therefore, pay a premium for, in essence, a 'booked pitch' which would stop MH users in their tracks and we could then be called the Caravan Club!
  2. If all that is true (and I do not doubt you) the magic is very concerning.
  3. It could well be mould - it certainly was on mine - black mould remover available in many makes.
  4. SamD


    Blumin' 'eck 'russia - did that in a Matador with a 25 pdr on the hook!
  5. Marquis Sheffield - great bunch of people who have served me very well.
  6. SamD


    No expert on Wales here but I can heartily recommend Anglesey and the North. Anglesey is a wonderful holiday in its own right but you also have the beauty of Snowdonia - a huge area well worth more than one visit.
  7. What I don't understand is an extra charge for an awning when all the sites pitches are fully hard standing.
  8. (1) Spot on! How do you successfully lift your skirts (men only please)
  9. SamD


    Mileage and fill-up history often stems from collecting/using classic cars (I had quite a few) where anything to support the vehicles history proved very valuable when selling. I have continued the practice since.
  10. Please read what I said just before your quote.
  11. Different issue is that. If I pay a subscription to a club I can reasonably expect to avail myself of a goodly number of their facilities. Their magazine has developed into an advertising & sight-seeing brochure, their design of and facilities in their sites are not keeping up with the times and, if others on here are correct, their insurance services are part-way down the pan. Despite all these 'losses' the price of them increases out of proportion but I value some of their CLs. However to pay subs just for that means I'll probably be forced to give them up next year. So in essence they are forcing me!
  12. Don't know about being back in the fifties but not far off! Quite a number of the largest CMC sites just a handfull of fully serviced pitches which all the Indy Sites I frequent have in large numbers with most at 100%. There must be many members whose annual contribution gives them nothing more than access to CLs (minor cost to the Club) and Insurance Services etc.
  13. Using own router is no longer on their conditions I believe
  14. May well be but two of those makes I have had recently also and neither had a 'full' wheel well.
  15. Run flats are an option if you are getting close to needing new tyres. I had them on BMW and no probs towing with a puncture. Would not have known about it had the system not told me. Got it repaired a couple of days later.
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