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  1. Nope sorry but don't agree. Logic is not defied by the 73% who died. He never said 'all' and the only slight change he might have made would have to say 'might' instead of 'could' but to be fair (to a politician!!), 'could' is OK.
  2. Agreed but he did say 'could' not 'would' so I reckon his statement was fine - just him I don't like!!
  3. Generally they are better and probably because they have tended to be heavier for their model type. Just look at the Disco, for example, been TC of the Year for donkey's yonks. Reliability and quality nowhere near your description in my experience - 1 FL1, 2 FL2s, 2 RRS L320, 1 RRS L494 - that's 6 examples over a number of years (guess at 12) during which time I have only had one fault and the dealer sorted that at their cost. Not a bad record but I refuse to mention the amount of fuel I have used
  4. You haven't disagreed there with GPS! The moulds may well be outsourced and GPS saw those moulds which were used in the factory to manufacture panels.
  5. I do the same (apart from the France bit!) It stays open all year round in storage or on site.
  6. Yes although because we are all nomads and get very different reception quality per provider on our oft-remote sites, I much prefer to have more than one egg basket! One phone EE, the other Voda and mifi with 3.
  7. WSL bolts here. Never yet needed adjustment over a number of years. The one shot nuts are those that hold the brake drum so your WSL bolts are, of course, lifetime.
  8. Designs differ that's why, generally best to turn off. My sub pump also fills the internal tank (most do?)
  9. Only true if the pump is switched off.
  10. I have this one (400 but do 300 also) and really like it. Easy to put up and down and very stable. https://www.kampa.co.uk/awning/sunshine-air-pro-400
  11. OpenSignal? https://www.opensignal.com/networks
  12. Welcome Rod! Number of options but my favourite is Mifi. I use Huawei but there are many to choose from. I also use '3' data sim cards (see below) but really we need to know what your likely usage is i.e. loads of film downloads or just surfing or anything in between. Amazon link
  13. Deary me! That's a bit strong. Your knowledge in these areas is very welcome here but to post such an accusation is not on. It also, apparently, transpired that Trading Standards informed him.
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