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  1. I nearly always use serviced pitches which usually provide on each pitch mains power, fresh water point, grey water point and less often satellite connection. They always have central facility to empty black waste.
  2. Interesting though that their site does not make a point about ease of wheel locks (especially twin axes) nor changing wheel for punctures. I would have thought those issues to be a significant selling point?
  3. As I said earlier, I forgot my jan 20 MOT and had it done 2 months late with a 12 month certificate. Before the ruling.
  4. It's to show that they differ differently.
  5. Cheer up indeed. Only 4 weeks before the nights start drawing in and a couple of weeks after that we'll be thinking of christmas!!!
  6. ...and, with plenty of sunshine throughout the period, plenty of Vitamin D
  7. It's not in the mag, it's in their news section on line.
  8. ..think he meant his co pilot is his wife!
  9. Just explain how they could! Hang on kids, I'll just phone round the block and see if anyone has arranged a roster for away days!
  10. ...thereby making it more likely that they would go bust. (no ANDY CAPitals here!)
  11. Seriously - even if that were possible (and I don't know whether inadvertent connection is possible) does it matter?? Remember the days of 'party' telephone lines!
  12. Indeed. BUT muggins here went to the P&R Car Park last year and after watching a P&R bus fail to come into the car park - local resident explained that the P&R car Park has nowt to do with P&R!!
  13. ...just having a bit of fun but our lounge is set (using tado thermostats) at 19.5
  14. I know we are all different but 24
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