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  1. My van has a carpeted (fawn baize?) ceiling and it certainly reduces the sound significantly but suspect it would be awful for smokers!
  2. I'm 6'2" also and have no problem with the transverse bed in my van but I never sleep on my back or front - side-sleepers like me tend to bend their legs at the knee (bending them at the ankle tends to hurt!)
  3. Didn't know that but why? Scandi-land is likely to be a tad cooler than here but get larger fans?
  4. As Black Grouse mentioned, a member here tows a massive twin axle with no fan upgrade - he lives in Spain and if I remember correctly, the Spanish dealer from whom he bought the car could find no reference to any fan upgrade anyway! I have had two towrags - great car solo or towing.
  5. I can understand that but then everyone's car insurance would have the underlying premium reducing!
  6. Exactly my point - they do seem to be rewarding me for loyalty. 3rd year now (2 renewals) with only a few pounds increase last year and only around a 1.5% increase this year LV
  7. For the second year now, I have renewed car insurance with the same company. Annual increase over last year less than a fiver and comparisons on line only gave one company slightly less and I had never heard of them. Got quotes from the others such as Aviva, Direct Line and, as a first for me, tried NFU who wanted over £400 more than current provider with a much larger excess! Are we starting to see a change in terms of customer retention?
  8. This is from Sargent: The STINGER 310 system unit uses a special 4.8 volt Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack that supplies backup battery power to the system should the supply from the leisure battery fail or be disconnected. It is recommended that the alarm system is permanently connected to a 12 volt supply. When fully charged the battery will provide approximately 6 months stand-alone operation, depending on temperature conditions. It is recommended that this battery pack is replaced every 3 years. I re-charge once a month simply because I have a couple of 12v batteries and it's easy for me to have one on charge and swap them over. The 3 year bit is, I reckon important in that I confirmed that the 4.8 battery fully charged would last 6 months in standby mode but only if the battery is in good nick.
  9. I think you have a Sargent Alarm and, if so, I leave mine in storage with the alarm on for anything up to a month in winter with the main 12v battery disconnected. I then connect the 12v for 3 days to fully recharge the alarm battery and then disconnect again. Worth checking the date on the alarm battery though.
  10. Good stuff - thanks
  11. John I have the Michelins and am very pleased. MAKE SURE that you turn on the receiver unit BEFORE you stick it to the windscreen. I didn't and it's a beggar to get off. I know - mea culpa I don't know about you last sentence but as I check the van pressures before setting off, I know they are all working.
  12. This really only affects those who store greater than 10 miles from home and, I would have thought the numbers would be very small. My storage is about 5 miles so van to store; car to home - job done. Paul B's example must surely be rare?
  13. Your first para is exactly what 'Here' mapping does. 2nd Para so true but wide roads, even in UK, are unlikely to be re-built narrower than they were!
  14. Don't know about others but Aguri (I have) specifically does avoid. It uses Here mapping and all roads are photographed and then width etc and other 'suitabilities' are taken into account.
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