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  1. SamD

    Van levelling

    You're getting a bit fruity there, Robert
  2. I agree but, to be fair, it would be quite hard to design an aquaroll that didn't work!
  3. It would help this discussion to know what design your water inlet has. Is it just an opening (with flap) that you push the hose into?
  4. SamD

    Van levelling

    All makes sense now. I use a professional laser level with a 20kg tripod - only takes an hour or so to set up.
  5. SamD

    Van levelling

    ... but the vertical frame of the door itself has two planes i.e. use the outside plane for side to side measurement. Have you got only one bubble on your level?
  6. SamD

    Van levelling

    There are two planes to a door frame
  7. Asking a rhetorical question whilst requesting answers is putting great strain on the meaning of 'rhetorical'!
  8. I could easily be wrong but my first was a Sprite Major bought in '77-ish but no idea what year it was*! Just seem to be able to picture a small plate under the end of the A frame. What does the term 'wishbone chassis' mean please? *Just the same today!
  9. My memory may be way out but did not the pre-Alko Brit A frame have a skid as well as Wheel?
  10. Just back from a couple of weeks in Norfolk with the SSS and early in that period some windy conditions. Just check when you first erect it that the outer end of the centre rafter is fully against the main bladder. It is held against it by velcro-type material and mine was not seated properly. The strong winds were directly onto the near side of the 'van so I had to slightly re-position the upper guys to be at right angles to the van side, if that makes sense. Once done it held with absolutely no problems and the winds were very strong. Rock pegs or similar essential, as already mentioned.
  11. That's true but many people (the majority?) are attracted (and fooled) by the phone camera's processing and particularly over saturation of colour (hated here!). Attempting here (in this post) to get double figures of () and just made it!
  12. My experience tells me, on some occasions it can make a difference. I'm a firm believer that a dedicated device is likely to have better components (internal aerial) than a multi-purpose one and additionally many Mifi units have the option for an external aerial which can make a significant difference in poor reception areas which are common place for us 'wanderers'.
  13. You are referring to single axle movers. My response was clearly about twin - read 1164 County reply where he has gone into more (correct) detail. What I and County have posted are just precis of the manual which tells you how to lock the inner wheel set for a much tighter circle.
  14. Of course, you press first the direction arrow needed then press the opposite one and the pressing of the opposite button locks those wheels i.e. the inside set. I can assure you that locked inside wheels produce a much tighter circle than those inside wheels pulsing when pressing a single button only. Don't knock it until you have tried it!
  15. Agree with all that but would just add that pressing opposites ( e.g. Fwd L and Rearward R) at the same time on the controller, makes the inner wheels lock up which gives a much tighter circle.
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