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  1. I think they are one of the few who do but Isabella Air Awnings also have them complete with the 'rope' pull through
  2. If it's important for you then a cheap pair of 'spreader pliers' will do the trick?
  3. Accept your points but pray tell what's the difference between the 2 products? They are identical in terms of cable to clip connection and seem to differ only in the 'gate' design which could have no impact in emergency use?
  4. Thanks Tim. Mine is also of the older type with the Michelin man logo in place of your fit2go. Agree on your point about generic product. Tested batteries and a bit low so will try with fresh tomorrow. What surprises me is why TyrePal are not aware of this and are not marketing a reader. It would sell like hot cakes - lack of instant read out is their Achilles heel.
  5. Had a go with mine this afternoon (van in storage) and my handheld reader does not communicate at all with my tyrepal system. My reader is a Michelin version but I was fairly certain that Fit2Go were only agents of theirs. Could you give me more detail - I am on the latest version of Tyrepal. Is your Reader This Type - if so I might well buy one for instant checking.
  6. Just a bit of fun but I don't understand why you cannot edit it.
  7. Maybe the case but I'm not surly.
  8. Great - I used the Fit2Go system previously and loved the ability to test pressure in an instant before a journey. I have kept the 'reader' so will have to try it out - thanks!
  9. SamD


    Total agreement with your procedure. Just the wording of the original quote - confusing cos looking in your mirrors is opposite L & R to the direction of the back of the caravan's movement.
  10. SamD


    Nope but the rest is correct! Have a butchers at my post above yours.
  11. SamD


    Rear of the van to go left not as you look at it in the mirror - badly worded but correct!
  12. Have you considered hiring for this year? Around £400 per week - East Midlands hire company here
  13. That was also my view but... The link is here
  14. The only issue I have not be able to clear up is the backdating of this legislation vis a vis 31 December when transition ended. "Do periods in EU when we were part of EU count in the 180 days for current calculations?" I wonder if some of the confusion with these calculators is that very issue. The calculator accessed through MDMs link a couple of posts above yours suggest they do count.
  15. SamD


    Could have been a lot worse. Correctly hitched, they could have parted company at speed. Moral - always leave your jockey down!
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