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  1. Ben - what make are they?
  2. Each to his/her own but that setup for many caravans would have speech on the TV coming from behind the listener.
  3. You will not get surround sound from 2 speakers just poor to really poor stereo and even then it will be a requirement to sit centrally between the speakers to get stereo effect. There are some alternatives recommended by users here such as Bose Soundlink II which, for its size is exceptional.
  4. How does towing a fair distance compare with an M-way thrash?
  5. For many years I used 2 inch cut-offs from a spare awning skirt and they worked very well. I have just bought these - same job but a lot smarter.
  6. It needs additional fuel to burn off That's interesting, So you are able to continue a journey until completed?
  7. If I were to: Display Instantaneous MPG permanently in the dash Lift off throttle well before ending a journey Check Inst MPG Would it show something less than 99 mpg during burn-off and, therefore, allow me to extend the journey until completed?
  8. I expect they are all driven by Lunartics!
  9. Would you not have to cut and then stick the underlay to the shape of the caravan carpet?
  10. Interesting set of photos at link https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/gallery/album/1671-insulating-ducting/
  11. Not in any position to doubt you but you seem to infer that they are all arctic cables whereas my blue cable is much more flexible at low temps and was purchased for that very reason. See here https://www.screwfix.com/p/carroll-meynell-230-240v-extension-lead-blue-2-5mm-x-14m/7332p
  12. You may be right but I have one of those set up at home and the difference between indoors and outdoors is huge even when there is no heating on in the house. The temperature differences, of course, have significant influences.
  13. SamD

    AL-KO Atc

    I had a 530 D GT (the marmite bmw) and a 2 litre touring before that. Both were fully wired.
  14. Yes we do. Last thing I check once car connected and running, is to switch fridge to auto. We can tell the difference after a couple of hours tow.
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