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  1. Ah Yes Bruce Foresight! That nice to see view, to see view nice! Sorry couldn't resist!
  2. Two of those clear flat oblong plastic thingies that are supposed to fit somewhere in the fridge thingy, pushed part way between the edge of the table unit and the seat bit that cannot move, stops the bit that can move, from moving!
  3. A reasonable explanation at link below: https://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/awd-vs-4wd-whats-the-difference-and-which-to-choose.html
  4. How very true - colour me stupid! That's why they have the rule - to stop mini drivers...!
  5. Absolutely but it does stop minis towing twin axles but then one would have thought the insurance company might have noticed that in the application!!
  6. Affinity Numerology : Number Meanings Number 85 Meaning The number 85 is a number that gets things done. The numerology number 85 is a number that gets things done. Its focus and intent can seem unswervable. 85 is a realist. It is an excellent organizer. 85 builds things — roads, buildings, systems — for the long-term benefit of the community and the geographical area in which it exists. It also builds things for itself and its family. Particularly, it builds a solid foundation to support a secure future, a base for the future's requirements. 85 tends to accumulate physical abundance. When 85 decides to do something, it determines the method and steps required to accomplish it, then applies its focus to that method and those steps until the goal is reached. 85 is efficient and business-like. The way it observes its environment, without prejudice or other blinders that obstructs the reality, it can perceive opportunities others might miss. It is conscientious, trustworthy, and pragmatic. Also idealistic. The numerology number 85 is comfortable in social situations. It understands that a balance of social interaction, play, and work accomplish more in the long run than an exclusive focus on work. Now we know why it was chosen!
  7. Why? No one at loggerheads - all civil? I've learned something new!
  8. From Ford: It does not include the weight of any passengers, cargo, or optional equipment ..so Ford are taking the word 'normally' in the rules to mean that optional extras, lets say factory fit towbar, are not part of kerbweight!!
  9. Legal Eagle never said that they did.
  10. Yep - I think they call it bolt and braces !
  11. Opposite was true for me! £4k more from WBAC than dealer and then had advantage of cash to negotiate further.
  12. I have a nearly full one - Chesterfield - pm me if interested.
  13. The were a bit flushed with notices that year!
  14. I am guessing he is saying... battery reg(isters) 13.2v at source (battery) but panel is only showing 10.4v - I may be wrong of course!
  15. ..but given that towing above that figure might render the driver uninsured...?
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