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  1. As mentioned earlier, I use permanent marker in same colour as mirror surround so you have to look for it. I mark a single line for the outside for the outer connector for each mirror. Provided you don't mess with your other adjustment screws they should be spot on every time.
  2. How often do you recommend cleaning please? I am sure I read somewhere on here recently about someone removing dust!! I have cleaned mine one in a year -whoops.
  3. For me it is more that: 1. Kerb Weight does not really exist per car 2. Highly Unlikely caravan able to be weighed 3. The Insurance Caveat is designed as a cop-out. ..but we are strange and we could all do with curbing weight!
  4. You are 12. You have been pinged. You are tested daily and clear. You stay in you bedroom all day every day. Yeah!
  5. The first 2 mondeos I looked at did not show kerbweight - I gave up then!
  6. SamD

    On loan

    Top marks!
  7. Implying that a gauge takes a significant amount out?
  8. I do tend to agree about CC though. When I changed van from Vanmaster to current, my then insurer required me to have two AL-KO Locks whenever van unaccompanied - nightmare territory. CC do give a discount if you do that but without the discount CC cheaper and just requiring one device when on site and one AL-KO when in storage. They treated me well with my one and only claim.
  9. @DUNCAN123there's a separate thread on this squire.
  10. @DACS I think it was Mr Plodd who pointed out that with the advent of car tyre systems the after market type are no longer as attractive these days so there is little need to use the lock nut. Mine cannot be read without removing but because the device is solar and left permanently on I am connected before leaving the storage perimeter which is a huge improvement on their earlier products.
  11. There are as many say on the net what you have copied as what is shown below: I suppose they are not too far apart as makes little difference.
  12. C'mon JTQ - I've admired your technical knowledge over many years but ''weather cocking stability" and "kites with long tails" gives two sorts of birds which really have no place anywhere near an A frame methinks!
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