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  1. Thanks for that but I was hoping to get it all in one place as in 'old' system such as:
  2. I can't see a way of getting latest position, alarm status and battery voltage which I get on 'old' version with van power OFF.
  3. Bloomin' eck - that made the eagles costs hard to swallow! Rarnd 'ere tha gets full board for that!
  4. Do you mean Trigano Silver 10? Just a note for you in that the title of the thread should have been something like "Are these a match" or whatever but not your name! I mention this because the title may get altered so keep an eye out please.
  5. Wow I was not expecting that as a reply! I suppose your second set is the type that goes round the tyre?
  6. I suspect that Ploddy, like me, read that to mean the later wide bodied vans.
  7. Indeed and even more so in that the OP is yet to respond!
  8. I have 2 Wraith locks on the offside and have the opportunity, at no cost, to put 2 Nemesis Ultra on the near side. I would only use the second pair when in storage, Is it worth it? Anyone done it - insurance reduction?
  9. Not just in winter. My body regularly does things my brain has not sanctioned!
  10. If the 12v is keeping the alarm battery charged, then because it is a condition of insurance that there should be a working alarm, were it me, I would certainly visit.
  11. Van battery is normally high 12v by early morning then 13.8 mid afternoon. Down to 13.4 due to snow. I reckon that's a good attempt!
  12. The Vin Chip Plus adds to the Vin Chip not a stand alone product. To get the full cover the 'Bundle Package' is required. I think!
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