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  1. We have them and, yes, they are comfortable but why oh why does the footrest slope downwards so much? Have you tried bending at the knee and trying to keep your foot from moving back down? We carry a couple of house bricks for each chair to level them up!
  2. Ha ha! It didn't help following my letter of complaint after my visit, when the receptionist (I presume) sent my letter as an email attachment asking how they should respond, back to me instead of to the 'boss'! It reminded me of an event many years ago when our regiment had a 'visiting Padre' who loved a drink or ten. Our CO had to countersign his monthly allowances sheet but got so annoyed with the situation that in a fit of temper he wrote on the sheet that this drunkard was unworthy of his position and should not be paid. The allowances sheet was posted to the Padre not the Div HQ!!
  3. Probably one of, if not the worst site I have been on. Queues to use the Loos; dirty facilities and a pitch which was so small I had to reverse well into the bushes to clear the road. Never again ta.
  4. SamD

    Portable pump

    I should have said that!! I use two comparators viz a WSL version supplied with the WSL nuts (HERE) and the system in my car. Those two agree with each other.
  5. SamD

    Portable pump

    John It's about 3 psi under-reading on 35 psi tyres.
  6. SamD

    Portable pump

    I have 'broken' two of those ryobi but it was when had single axle with the higher (much?) pressure requirements. The first was replaced free of charge but then the second went bust also. Replaced it with the following which is more portable and for top ups works well. https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/cordless-power-tools/ryobi-18v-one--high-pressure-inflator-bare-tool?cm_mmc=Google+PLA-_-Tools-_-Cordless+Power+Tools-_-823762&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istFeedId=62b447cf-331e-4fec-a47a-9985ff72d404&istItemId=wmwqwlmtl&istBid=tzwt&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:1537737348|agid:66544188374|tid:pla-812179357125|crid:336619154399|nw:g|rnd:7417303490533789636|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9046379&gclid=CjwKCAiA8K7uBRBBEiwACOm4d0uVtkuAX6RkZaMdUf7HEkBYxKngH4B8miiDkOL7cmlEJx5gL7eNrRoCLP0QAvD_BwE
  7. As did mine even though I told them it was detachable and never attached unless with van. That on the basis that it would save repair costs if involved in rear end shunt!
  8. It was the particular brand not the concept that has caused me and many others significant frustration and anger at their inability to do what it says on the tin. I binned my set many moons ago as did others here but, as an example, I drove from Chesterfield to North Norfolk before the first sensor awoke!
  9. No thanks! Perhaps before your time on here but I am one of many who would touch one but only with a barge pole!!
  10. Nice! Where from please and what accuracy do they claim?
  11. Why not - you can get it in wine!!
  12. Fixed double but it has a day-bed cover matching the curtains etc so the bedding goes underneath
  13. I would be very interested to know how they did the comparison. Unless you had 2 identical vans in the same site and over the same period, how would they do the comparison?
  14. I've said it before but if your van is in storage, lean your ladder against next door's van - sorted.
  15. SamD


    Would a user be able to tell the difference between 1.8 and 2.0 bar? Certainly this user can't when comparing mains reducer with on board tank and 2.0 bar on board pump.
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