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  1. What about the Towcar that happily tows the caravan down the motorway with no mirrors!
  2. Are you able to use a wall bracket with this TV?
  3. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good 22/24" TV. Max budget £200. Cheers.
  4. Anyone know what size (vesa ) this tv wall mount is? Elddis Autoquest 175 motorhome.
  5. Has anyone visited this show previously? Is it worth a look?
  6. Hello, Looking for the best deal for sim only data for huawei mobile wifi. Is it a specific sim for this type of gadget or will a mobile phone data sim work in it? Looking to use it for browsing and Netflix. Cheers.
  7. Really the Cats, we take our Cat every time we go.
  8. We have had our static for 8 months now and we are loving it. Here at Ord House Country Park we can use it all year a's it is a 12 month Site. If anyone is looking for a lovely Site they do also cater for tourers. We are minutes front the A1 Berwick upon Tweed.
  9. Not many posts in static section, probably due to the fact that we static owners are far too busy relaxing and enjoying our holiday homes.
  10. We are at Ord House Country Park, nr Berwick. Site is open 12 months great. Ideal for East coast Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.
  11. We are loving our new static. We have gone for a ABI Ashcroft. Use it every chance we get.
  12. Our Site is open all year. We plan to use the van throughout the Winter months, as it will be empty for say 2 weeks between visits what do I need to do exactly re the drain down. At the moment we open the taps and shower, drain the toilet cisterns and switch off the water at the tap below the van. Our central heating does have anti freeze in. Do I need to pour anti freeze in the toilet bowls? Should I set the heating on timer or is this too costly? First ever static and we are loving it.
  13. Can anyone explain if they use their Static during the winter months. Do you have to drain down after every visit? Is it possible to leave the central heating on when static is empty between visits.
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