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  1. Thanks, did you have to cut a good length off the top brackets to make it fit?
  2. Hi, we have just got a new Swift Icon Trend 2 caravan, based on a Swift Eccles 480. It has Thule bike rack mounting bars fitted on the back of the van at a spaccing of 85cm. I wanted to fit a Thule Elite G2 bike rack, in the Swift manual electronic download it says the recommended rack is a Elite G2 standard version, which I ordered and have just tried to fit. Before fitting I watched a Youtube video of a guy fitting a rack to the back of a Swift Conqueror 630, but the rack he got was the short version of the Elite G2 rack. Just tried fitting mine, it is too long!
  3. Can anybody recommend a suitable foot for heavy duty corner steadies?
  4. Great thats the one..the one at Bentham. Many thanks!
  5. An item about the increased popularity of caravan holidays. I think it was filmed live at somewhere called Riverside in Lancashire but i can't find it anywhere. Can anybody help as to where it was please? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the replies so far. I should have remembered about dogs on the ferry. Ours are usually OK in the car but we started using the tunnel instead when going to France.
  7. We stayed at Camping Les Rives du Lac in 2017. Nice site but the pitches were quite small, felt a bit cramped in on ours. But it was a short walk to the campsite's jetty and little beach which was nice! Very convenient for a cycle track running right past the entrance as well, from Annecy right down towards the alps.
  8. We are thinking about taking the caravan to Ireland this year. I've worked in Northern Ireland, so know a lot of that area, but want to get into the south as well. We are in the north east, so Cairnryan to Belfast is the most obvious ferry. We have three dogs. I'd appreciate any advice on travel, recommendations of good sites if anybody can help! Thanks
  9. Shouldn't the mover isolator switch be located so that it can't be turned on when the 240v cable is plugged in?
  10. The actuator bar between the two units works in exactly the same way between Classic and Evolution models. It's the way each drive unit is made that is different. The Evolution has two of what they call "Shoulder Bolts" passing through the long slots on either side of the unit, and are fixed into the sllding drive motor unit. The parts photos on the website has these listed with a corresponding nut, I'm not sure where the nut is. All I can see are two yellow hexagon head screws that fit into the outer end of the shoulder bolts, and act as indicators as to what position the drive is in.
  11. Thanks David. Does anybody have an assembly drawing, or has take one apart themselves?
  12. Powrtouch sent him. There is a yellow indicator bolt head that screws into the end of a long shoulder bolt that passes through the whole unit. It had seized up on the threads. I always give it a good spray with WD40, they say thats not good enough, should be greased. But they recommend greasing the sliding parts which doesn't necessarily penetrate seized threads like WD40 would possibly do. They recommend a new mover which at over £800 is a lot of money for two seized threads! It's still usable, just have to actuate it from both sides. Might buy the bolts, drop the whole thing off
  13. Hello, Just had a Powrtouch guy out to change an actuator shaft. It had sheared on the inside of the mover, still usable, but has to be actuated from both sides. He wasn't able to do the job. I wasn't there at the time but it sounds like the yellow indicator stud has seized into the end of the long "shoulder bolt" as described on the method statement on the Powrtouch website. Has anybody else had this problem, how did they solve it? Damn thing is just a few months over the guarantee period. Thanks
  14. Our Amara was found to have high damp readings around the door when it was serviced a couple of months ago. It has been sent back to the factory for investigation and repair. It is rather difficult to get an answer back from Coachman how long it will take so we can get leave and a summer trip booked up. All they say is that they will let uis know when it can be collected from the dealers, which isn't all that helpful. Has anybody else had this experience and how long was your van away for? Thanks.
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