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  1. Hopdog

    omnivent fan

    Does anyone know if you can access the cover and lifting arm from inside the caravan by removing the omnivent fan system. The mechanism is very stiff to raise the cover and wondered if I can lubricate from inside rather than getting on roof. Van is Crusader Super cyclone 2017 Suspect they are all the same design across all models and makes. Cheers
  2. Hopdog

    Bailey Survey on 8ft wide.

    Got it Done it
  3. Hopdog

    Hanging clothes in wardrobe

    Use curtain rail hangers on the rail with small holes which you can fit the clothes hanger thro. Works every time for us
  4. Hopdog

    Elddis Stargazer Rooflight Recall

    The plot thickens. Took our 2018 super cyclone to our dealer on Monday for the fix. Technician opened the skylight and checked the hinge was securely fixed in place and said all was fine( thought that was 2017 problem). I mentioned the letter I had received from Elddis about the mechanical fix (6 screws plus caps) He said another person had mentioned something similar a few days earlier. I pointed out that there was a small gap at the front of the starlight were it is a bit bowed. He checked the rest of the skylight and surround and said as far as he was concerned it was fine Quote I wouldn't fit screws in it and monitor it if a problem bring it back. Seems a bit of left hand doesn't known what right hand is doing. We didnt really want this fix so will probably keep an eye on it for the foreseeable future and if becomes a problem return to dealer
  5. Hopdog

    Kampa Gale Pump Reviews

    Okay Thanks
  6. Hopdog

    Kampa Gale Pump Reviews

    I believe this pump has now been around for about 12 months and am looking for any feedback on its use (speed, reliability, etc) Had the Kampa Breeze which packed up after 13 months and 3 x use. Supplier not interested as out of guarantee. Have used the hand pump and found it to be quite good but using this on one of the hottest days last year not recommended. Looks like the Gale is about £50 approx and not keen to invest again unless its something more reliable Any feedback appreciated
  7. Hopdog

    Hyundai Santa Fe - Auto or Manual?

    Not on newer model Sorrento same pressure laden and un laden
  8. Hopdog

    A website to record fuel use and other data

    Just use a spreadsheet which I have used on my last 3 cars
  9. Hopdog

    How do you drain the onboard tank?

    180 degree turn on mine
  10. Hopdog

    Kampa Breeze Pump

    Used Kampa Breeze 3 times and after 13 months gave up the ghost and died Rang dealership who advised to buy the new kampa gale pump Refused as at £60+ lot of money for 3 x use If new version is as unreliable think I'll stick to the hand pump
  11. Hopdog

    Really confused! Snow in caravan

    Got me wondering if it could have happened in ours as pretty open in storage area. Been up and checked and not one snowflake thankfully 👍👍
  12. Was the solar panel fitted by dealer or Elddis as it is an optional extra I believe Not that it matters based on the problem you are experiencing - just wondering Hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction
  13. Hopdog

    Nemesis Ultra on 2018 Super Cyclone

    Thanks for the info.
  14. Hi all Does anyone use the Nemesis Ultra wheel lock on their Elddis caravan (my van Super Cyclone 2018) Looking to purchase the above wheel lock for use on site with Alko to save jacking up the van but it requires one of the bolts replacing with the Nemesis receiver Not sure they are the same specification (Nemesis 12x1. 5mm with 60. Deg conical seat) Anyone any experience/advice Thanks
  15. Can you easily remove the TV aerial to be able to fit a winter cover. Done it on previous Bailey but this one is slightly different at base ie slightly wider than main shaft Will it still go through plastic retainer.