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  1. Go regualrly to Dornafield, next to Ross Park. Newton Abbot by far the best. As you leave Newton Abbot up the hill, its empting to take a run at it, watch the Camera half way up. Aslo, just before the hill in Newton Abbot, the road narrows substantially for about 100 yards, be aware of it, nearly got clipped there by a tipper in spring.
  2. You havent left the dump valve open by any chance?
  3. Are there any places in Cornwall that you guys know of that hire these things out for the day? Always best to try before you buy. These things being the sit on type for around the bay etc.
  4. Darn it, he meant a caravan!
  5. I tend to live in shorts and Tee Shirts when away, as long as it isnt snowing, though I take more of both than I need. I also take a decent shirt or two and a pair of smarter strides if we decide to dine out. A couple of pairs of jeans top off the ensemble. Coat, jumper, no siree, never need em. Kag definitely. Most sites have a washing machine these days anyway, so no need to go overboard. If I go away in winter, I may condescend to take a lightweight fleece for under the Kag. Must say, the wet suit and snorkel sound like a good idea but not sure how caravanners use them. Other people, more normal, swim in them.
  6. It is whilst you are cooking. What about your water heater, fridge, gas fire. Can you honestly say you would never use them. Suppose the site had a power out? Like Caraman said, is the paltry price worth a life.
  7. Thingy

    Charisma 550

    We have a 2010 Charisma Variant too. In short, any awning will do, we have an Isabella now, finally. I too am wondering what you mean by the horizontal bar but I suspect you are referrring to the awning skirt rail which is not involved with erecting an awning, just takes a van length draft excluder. If on the other hand you are referring to the awning entry point, I always use this rather than thread to the bottom as I find the shape of the Charisma front doesnt lend itself to a tidy finish.
  8. For once, I wont be at Hawes, but Ill give you a good tip. The pubs in the village are very good and the food passable, but last time out was our anniversary and I asked the warden if there was anything local a bit different. Less than a mile from the site is a resteraunt called The Stone House. Turn right out of the site and right again. It was utterly superb and the warden has vouchers for 25% of the total bill. http://www. stonehousehotel. co. uk/
  9. Well, I have been promising to do it for a long time, four caravans to be exact and now have finally got round to fitting a Carbon Monoxide Detector. Bearing in mind the rash of tragedies we have this time of year with the silent killer, just thought it might be a timely reminder to others, who like me, couldnt be bothered.
  10. We never go without the full awning, we spend more time in it than the caravan. Sometimes think we would be better of with a tent. Nowadays there is only wifey and myself, but still, the full awning lives on.
  11. Im currently in France using the latest TomTom updates. You are quite correct that there is a new France Cameras Folder, but it no longer contains camera locations. It now contains "Danger Zones" and apparently this IS legal in France. There is an explanation on the TomTom website. See also http://discussions. tomtom. com/t5/News-and-announcements/Speed-Cameras-in-France/m-p/137741#M518 and read Dittes post from 09-01-2012 timed 3pm which refers to preapring a test route. Instead of an exact location of a speed camera you are now warned of a Danger Zone by a general area.
  12. What I dont get is why would you deliberately pick a motorway service area, on which by the way you have to pay, when for the same money you could be on a club site overnight. Peace and quiet, safety, showers, hookup, no pervading stench of urine. Just doesnt make sence. Plan the journey properly and arrive fresh and happy.
  13. The simple answe to this is that if you wish to be adjacent to your friends, book only on sites that allow you to book specific pitches. I cant think of anything more ignorant than expecting somebody to move to accomodate you.
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