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  1. Thank you. I will follow my best guess without pumping too hard!!
  2. Thank you. No manual unfortunately. I have emailed the makers but no response so far. Have also emailed the supplier. Was hoping someone else may have one.
  3. I have stupidly lost the instructions. Can anyone help with the pressure required in the air tubes? thank you
  4. Thank you for your suggestions. I currently have 120w solar panel and have converted all lighting to led. Propose to do the same with any replacement van. I would like to get a two or three year old caravan, preferably with fixed bed, and heating that does not rely on a blower.
  5. Thank you I will certainly look into this one.
  6. I am thinking of changing my caravan but all seem to rely on electric hook up. I never have electric so would like a caravan that does not have a great reliant on being plugged in. I have solar panel and gas and run off grid for two weeks or so at a time. I want a single axle not too heavy and about three years old. May I have recommendations please. I love my Verona with fixed bed but it wastes space and energy, with microwave, only three gas rings on the cooker and all the heating working best on electric. Are there other people who do not want mod-cons! Have looked at ad's but t
  7. I find the dirt trapper type mats very good. In fact my whole caravan has fitted carpet with them! Also have one in the awning by the door to catch the worst of the mud. Pick up and put in the washing machine when I get home.
  8. It does not seem to be a problem with the led's they are suitable for 12v but will take up to 30v so a bit too much power should not cause a problem. I have now installed the same ones in another unit in the caravan and they are working fine. I am concerned about the number of screw holes in the ceiling under the light fitting and the length of the screws! I have loosed the screws to the ceiling and initially the light worked again, but unfortunately very short term. Now nothing again. Thank you all for your input it is very helpful.
  9. Update on the situation. Borrowed a multi meter no power to sockets. Unscrewed unit from ceiling tested wires at the rear, power all round, checked connections all appear to be fine. Put bulbs back in, worked fine, put new led's in magic all working. Screwed unit back to ceiling, working. Went back five minutes later NOT WORKING. Grrr. So I do not have a halogen to led problem it is in the wiring or connections of the light. Any suggestions on finding the fault.
  10. "Possibly you have disturbed the light fitting and lost continuity? I would be using my multi meter to see if power is getting to the light unit. If not at the pins, then remove the light unit and check if power gets to the lamp unit. There is every chance, from my experiences anyway, that the light fitting will have its own "fly" leads which connect to the van's wiring accessible when the unit is taken down. Probably coupled by push together connectors. If power is not there, then my next point to inspect would be the light switch." Sorry I do not possess a multimeter. Not bein
  11. Wow that is impressive. No lurking dark corners in your bathroom. Thank you AJGalaxy for your very kind offer. I think all I need is to get it working.
  12. Thank you. i have tried the upside down and the wiggle while on but no success.
  13. Thank you for the feedback. The wheel has been bent!! No idea how but problem solved.
  14. Ceiling lights in my Bailey GT65 have two halogen bulbs G4 10w. I purchased some leds from ebay to replace these. Installed and disaster no light. Replaced the originals and still no light. All other lights and systems seem to be working ok it is just the unit in the bathroom that I changed, which was working before I started with the halogens. I am now concerned that the leds were not correct, and I have damaged the unit, though the description seemed ok, they have the resistors, and plugging them in the other way up does not make any difference! Not being electrically knowledgeab
  15. Yes it wobbles, as if the wheel is bent. I have not been very happy with it before, but this is a recent problem that has gradually got worse. Now to the point that it jams against the sides. Yes it was new.
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