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  1. After you've entered the destination and the route has been calculated tap on the left side of the screen and a facility for entering waypoints appears and above it another icon. Tap on this and the whole route is shown.
  2. Many thanks for your helpful replies. Obvious when I think about it baddon, just didn't think! Cheers WispMan.
  3. Thanks gents. WispMan, after 41 years at sea where potable water tanks and freshwater systems were superchlorinated regularly I tend to carry on the routine. I don't do it at home as my house is permanently connected to the mains water. Maybe I am being over cautious but better safe. ..............
  4. Hi. Does anyone know a way of not filling the hot water tank when connecting the water? This is so I can superchlorinate the cold water system without potentially corrosive water entering the hot water tank.
  5. If you register the awning with Vango they extend the warranty to 3 years.
  6. Do you have a figure for the actual Ken weight? I have been struggling to get any sense from Kia!
  7. Used to carry our aquarolls in the shower in our Pageant Auvergne. Had trade in price reduced due to cracked shower tray which dealer blamed on carrying water containers there. Just saying. ...........
  8. Just taken delivery of my new Challenger 580. I noticed a couple of top lockers (over hob and front nearside) were short of shelves. Lakeland adapt-a-shelf compact seem to feet the bill except I had to tac a 3cm X 1cm batten across the back of one locker to keep the shelf level.
  9. Yes, I treated my self to a retirement present recently which is what gave me the idea, but I think I might be toiling to fit a 48" telly in the 'van!
  10. Does anyone know of a suitable caravan tv (19") with twin freeview tuners and PVR capability? This is so I can record a channel to hard drive while watching another. The Avtex ticks all the boxes apart from the twin tuner. I currently cart a Humax PVR around with me but it would be nice to do away with the need for this.
  11. eltel

    2013 End

    Our last nights in the 'van for 2013 are at - our driveway! House is full for Christmas, including our bed, so 'van set up including water, telly and booze cabinet! I think it might get very dark about 7pm Christmas night!
  12. Had similar problem (see my "Water Pump" post below). Had previouslty discovered 'O' ring missing and replaced with bog standard one which I think was too big as had the silent running treatement. Replaced with a Whale ring which was definiteley smaller, lubricated with olive oil on the dealership's advice and hey ho, problem appears to be solved. .
  13. eltel

    Water Pump

    Whale Aquasmart water system in Pageant series 7 with inboard pump. Have had issues all season. Final problem has developed to be that the pump will not switch off after re-pressurising system - just rumbles quietly to itself, nothing like as loud when working with open tap. When switched off sometimes will not switch on again without several goes at switch. When running both hot and cold output not as smooth as usual. Presently switching pump off at switch, only switching on when actually required. Could it be the pressure switch? Where is it? Is it built into pump? Anyone any ideas? Pump is Smartflow UV0814. Thanks in advance.
  14. eltel

    Outlander GX4

    Comfy, spacious, drives well
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