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  1. Although I cannot speak for your repairer directly, I can pass on some of the very common examples as to why damaged insurance repairs are being done so quickly, just to give you something to look for when you collect it. Decals are often not replaced, rather they are masked around. This is common on older models on the basis that the originals are hard to find, but even more common on the much newer Caravans simply because modern decals are often very big and cost a fortune. A lot of the repairs we see look like an amateur has done the work, outdoors and with an aerosol can. The colour rarely matches perfectly, and repairing in patches is common, even if the damage is on the same panel and close together. By this, I mean you have several dents along the top of a side panel from say an awning that's blown against the side and the poles have dented in several places. A good bodyshop should repair all the dents, and potentially just paint the whole top half of the Caravan. We often see the same scenario, but the repairer has gone along and just painted over each individual repair, which often looks terrible. 'patch repairs' The reason it can often look bad is because the paint from a gun tends to have an orange peel effect, where as most Caravans powder coating or gel coat finishes don't, so the texture change is really obvious. Lastly, bare in mind that some insurance companies can push a repairers quotes to a thin profit margin, which leads to some less scrupulous bodyshops to cut corners, although in this industry we've been told of direct experience where an insurance company paid a huge amount out to fix a Caravan and the results were very sub standard. One example was a Bailey Senator that we were told had a new side fitted at a cost to the insurance company for several thousand pounds, only to find exactly where the original damage was and a very poor repair of the panel the insurance was told was replaced. These are only extreme examples we've come across and hopefully yours is in and out quickly because the repair isn't overly involved.
  2. Funny you should say that. I went to the local bakers this morning and overheard a conversation in the queue asking a lady if she'd had to close her shop again, to which she said 'Nope, i've done the right thing throughout this, and only just re-opened, we will not be closing our doors just because others didn't listen' Leicester could of been a great PR exercise if they'd of clamped down hard, showing the rest of the country to tow the line or you will be the next 'Leicester'
  3. The problem you have here is no one has a clue what you can or cannot do. It's obvious that certain businesses cannot reopen as per the rest of the country, but other than that, the streets of Leicester look absolutely no different than the middle of lockdown. The traffic is exactly the same, if not actually worse with all the extra media vans hovering around at hotspots. The main worry for those of us outside the quarantine areas are our local village pubs which for some daft reason are still opening up tomorrow, even though it's common knowledge that many people will flock to these pubs from within the effected areas. You also have small towns like Market Harborough, Loughborough and Melton Mowbray that boarder the Red line around Leicester. The residents there must be quite worried.
  4. Here is a stark reality of the current situation from my perspective as a resident and business owner that happens to have a postcode with the letters LE at the beginning, and anyone sitting on their high horses pointing fingers from a distance pay heed. Regardless if you did the right thing for the last few months, regardless if you own a business that almost folded because you did the right thing, regardless if you actually live in an area that is outside the boarder of infections. When this localised lockdown comes to your postcode and there is a high chance it will. Not just your nearest city, the whole area that has the same letters as the effected city, which in many cases can be miles away from the effected areas. You might find yourself in a slightly unfair situation that your business that's only just got back on it's feet again, is tarnished with the same brush as the rest of your postcode and customers start cancelling again, and your emails stop pretty much overnight. You might find you're not welcome outside your postcode, even if the infections happen to be further away from you, than the next county boarder. You might find any bookings you've made to actually go on holiday or visit a restaurant in your favourite town outside your postcode are cancelled either by private email (the correct way) or publicly on social media (the incorrect way) All a reality of the current situation. Don't then start bleating across Facebook or other social media outlets of the injustices, because it won't matter. The brush has already crossed your path and you are now part of the problem that others can Talk about, assuming you personally were the one having parties in the streets, protesting in your thousands, licking trolly handles, standing 3" away from the person next to you in the street, and generally being the lowest of the low because you happen to live in that postcode. Those that have preceded to behave this way across the media and internet will soon realise that Leicester is only the first, and it might be coming to a postcode near you, and all the measures you've personally put in over the last few months, all the sacrifices you've personally made, won't mean squat once this comes to your postcode letters.
  5. None of this news is of any surprise to anyone that lives in Leicester or the surrounding areas. Thankfully my own village is outside the effected area and I personally avoid Leicester as much as possible anyway, but for those of us that followed the government advice to the letter it's no shock that Leicester is the first place to be headline news and it's shameful. Any other resident of Leicestershire with an ounce of common sense that saw what this city was like during lockdown will say exactly the same. Very frustrating, very shameful and very disappointing, but the latest measures will not change this behaviour at all. That I pretty much guarantee.
  6. I agree with your comment on wanting 'high quality' decals. We have a total nightmare when Restoring the surfaces on a Caravan that's had aftermarket decals fitted. Some are ok, but others can be so poor in quality, that you can literally rub off the colour with your finger, meaning we either have to warn the customer they might vanish, or we have to carefully mask around them, which in itself has risks too. Adria rood panels are common for vanishing gelcoat, which is identified by dark patches across the roof. We have loads of pictures of the issues. My point being, make sure the decal is exactly the same size, or you will see where the old one was.
  7. The GT60 is aluminium sided and ABS front/rear panels just for your information.
  8. I've seen dents much bigger than that, repaired to a fantastic standard. Saying that, i've also seen dents far smaller than that repaired to a terrible standard. I'm pretty confident that an 8" dent isn't the end of the world, and well within the capabilities of a good bodyshop, but choose your repairer wisely, because repairing and painting Caravans doesn't seem to be an exact science judging by some of the poor attempts we've seen first hand.
  9. I could be wrong, but i'm sure they've changed the way they attach the panels on the later Elddis Caravans. I'm sure it's a bonding, rather than screwed, removing the need to drill pilot holes. It's either Elddis or Swift that's changed the way they attach panels.
  10. I've lost count of the amount of times we've seen this, but bare in mind it's not just an Elddis problem, and it can effect any manufacture. We haven't seen a British manufacture that hasn't suffered from this kind of stress fracturing. A long time ago, there was an extensive investigation carried out by a couple of big names, that concluded the manufactures were drilling pilot holes too small for the screws or rivets the manufactures were using to join panels. This was causing tiny fractures from the undersized holes, which eventually tracked further outward to what you can see on your Caravan. That's not always the cause, and in some cases it was down to excessive stresses being put in certain places during driving. I've seen a good success rate where owners drill a small hole at the end of the crack to stop it, then just run a bead of White sealer over the whole crack. As it's out of sight, it's not a huge problem that this method is used, but it seems to work on some fractures. Another issue we've seen dozens of times is on some of the older Bailey Alu-tech side panels. They literally crack between the awning light and the roof. I was told by one customer that Bailey claimed people were overloading their Caravans incorrectly, causing the Caravan to bend, hence the cracks in the middle, which I thought was a wind up, until he showed me the e.mail directly from the manufacture. One can only imagine how much weight you'd need to distribute unevenly to cause a Caravan to bend, and how they came up with this ridiculous conclusion can only be answered by the Caravan industry
  11. Could ask any members to email directly at enquiries@tourershine.co.uk or go through my website here Tourershine It's just easier and I get instant alerts to my phone, meaning a much quicker response. Paul I will drop you a PM now for your details.
  12. Sorry, just to add to my initial statement. The above sadly excludes all jobs in Scotland and Wales for the time being. We were booked to do a 4 day Scottish run just before the lockdown and my Scottish customers have been extremely understanding and loyal. They know that they will be prioritised once their rules change. We didn't have anything booked in Wales at that time, but again, once your rules change we will be back as normal.
  13. Good morning. I've been a Trade member on CT for over 10 years and have avoided any kind of promoting of our business in all that time, so please don't take this post as me breaking a habit of a lifetime, rather see it as a rare opportunity when planning forward to any potential lifting of current restrictions. Also, i'm sure in these current circumstances, that if any rules have been slightly bent, that the mods will be happy to see past this due to all my constant advice and help to all members on here As a 13 year old business that dedicates our full attention to Caravans and Motorhomes, we haven't had to advertise our services for well over a decade, and all of our work comes from previous customers or recommendations from people that have seen our work first hand. This is simply why i'd like to use CT as an outlet to inform people that we are back fully operational after being closed and self isolating since the 24th of March. This is normally our busy time and for the last 10 years we would ordinarily have a 6 week lead time by now. I'm fully aware that this won't be a normal year for us, but we are now back in full swing and currently catching up with everything that was initially postponed at lockdown. We currently have a 1 week lead time, but for obvious reasons, work isn't flooding in, and i'm fully aware that people cannot currently use their Caravans or Motorhomes, but due to previous experience, the minute the government announce sites can reopen in any capacity we will be flooded with work and our lead-times will revert back to normal, if not even longer. This is simply a statement to give anyone a perfect opportunity to get ahead of that fact. We have implicated a few new rules within our working practice to comply with the current Health and Safely measures. These are pretty simple to follow as a Caravan or Motorhome owner and don't restrict us from our work. Providing these rules that are in more detail on my website, can be adhered too, then we can come and carry out any of our services. Lastly, i'm not in here to debate the ins and outs of working during these restrictions, nor will I comment on the politics. We are a small business that chose not to take advantage of any of the government help simply because as a business owner, I was able to sustain the shutdown myself and that's just a personal choice. We just need to get back to work as per the governments advice and I fully trust in the intelligence of Caravan Talk members who know me well enough to understand that this statement is simply to inform owners that we are back working if you need us. Thank you all and stay safe. Paul Admin comment: We understand your situation Paul.
  14. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-and-body-repair/fillers-and-preparation/u-pol-easy-sanding-body-filler-740936.html
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