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  1. Can I define my word 'normal' By normal, I mean this is very common, but totally avoidable. The reason panels go dull or chalky is simply because the effected panel hasn't been maintained correctly, if at all. It's not unusual to find a Caravan or Motorhome that's just spent it's life being used and washed when needed, but not waxed/polished on a regular basis. This is totally understandable because they are so big and who wants to spend hours washing and polishing a Caravan. People rarely wash and polish their own cars anymore, other than those that enjoy spending hours detai
  2. The roof of your Caravan won't be breaking down unless it's had any previous work carried out to the surface up there, which isn't impossible. However, from the photos you've put up, I see no sign of anything other than long term neglect (meant with the greatest respect) The Grey is often from a certain tree that drops leaves or seeds on the roofs of Caravans and this leaches out a staining when sat in pools of water, and can come in a variety of different colours, but more commonly we see Red staining. Unless there is something I cannot see, I don't think what you h
  3. I've seen vinyl wrapping on Caravans and Motorhomes a few times with varying degrees of success. We had a customer who went down this route on his Motorhome sides, and although it looked great from a distance, the company that wrapped the sides, failed to remove things like locker surrounds and windows, fuel and water caps etc, so what they ended up with was the vinyl going right up to or on top of the sealer around the windows and lockers, which quickly blistered with water from general washing and rain. Basically a temporary wrap that had a lifespan of a year or so before it would fail.
  4. I'm afraid it's not quite as simple as a product to rectify your problems. Depending on what Caravan you have, will depend any of the advice being given being a waste of time and money, or simply unsuitable for your surfaces. Dull in some areas and shiny on others can be a combination of things from patches of body repairs that are very common, to a previous owner trying different products to rectify what you can see currently, along with many other reasons for what you have. My professional advice if you intend on doing it yourself is be very careful with certain pro
  5. Ahh, so that's where these awful bodged up plastic things are coming from. You do realise it works both ways. Dealers that are a little unscrupulous also use these things and reflectors, and dealer stickers to hide damage unbeknown to the poor sod that purchases the Caravan and thinks these things are meant to be stuck to the sides. As for screwing it to the side of a fairly new Caravan in the most obscure place, really?? My advice is please don't self tapper anything to the sides of a Caravan.
  6. Coachman don't use reflectors anymore and if you stick one that high up, it will look totally out of place and far worse than the scratch itself. You might have to bite the bullet and have it repaired and painted by a proper bodyshop if you want it looking perfect again. Sadly, this is the drawback with aluminium panels.
  7. We did a Motorhome a couple of weeks ago that had been in Spain and returned just as lockdown struck, and found a live lizard scurrying across the roof. It seemed to be living under one of the roof lights quite happily.
  8. Although I totally appreciate people recommending us, there is no way we can get to anyone quickly. We are back to our normal 4-6 week lead times thankfully. My advice is call a mobile car valeting company in your area and ask them to do a simple wash that includes the roof. No business will come out to do just a roof knowing that the instant you wash the roof, all the grime will wash down the sides making them filthy anyway. Don't ask for anything other than a simple wash and a good local company should charge you around £100.
  9. If it's new, just do the simple thing and have it paint sealed by anyone that can offer this service. This is my 2015 Pilote and it's also full GRP. I sealed it with our sealant when it was brand new and only ever wash it with the same products I advise my customers to use and this is how it looked a week ago after a quick wash off. People often disregard paint sealers as an expensive added extra that dealers make extra money on, but the picture below is testament to how good these products can be if applied correctly and maintained properly. To put things into
  10. We've had the same problem with our K2 and it turns out that even the smallest bit of grit in the nozzle will stop the flow of water. If the gun fires up the Karcher without any attachments, but then stops when you add your lance, it's either blocked, or something has failed inside. Easiest thing to do is try another lance attachment. I bet one of your neighbours has one you can try. As for poorly put together, the K2 is one of the most reliable tools we use and rarely fails. Even being in constant use 5 days a week, we can often get several years out of a K2.
  11. To be fair, if you've only just noticed it going dull, then the Paintseal has done pretty much what it should of done by protecting it up until now. As a general rule of thumb, a front panel on a Caravan facing full sun, would normally be going dull after around 2 years, sometimes sooner, depending on the manufacture. So around 4 years is pretty good and a testament to the product applied when new. Yes we can fix the issue, and a single panel Restoration can be put with another job in your area to keep your price down, obviously depending on your location and what areas I curre
  12. There is nothing unusual with the sides of your Caravan, it's just normal fading that most Caravans suffer with. Although you've used some pretty odd products to clean the Caravan, none of them would of been a direct result of what you can see in your pictures. Some of what I can see in the photos, look like where you've attempted to polish parts of the surface, but as expected, it's just not the right way to do this and probably the wrong products. As a Swift, I suspect your front panel is also dull, but the rear panel might look much better. All easily fixed, but certainly not
  13. Although I cannot speak for your repairer directly, I can pass on some of the very common examples as to why damaged insurance repairs are being done so quickly, just to give you something to look for when you collect it. Decals are often not replaced, rather they are masked around. This is common on older models on the basis that the originals are hard to find, but even more common on the much newer Caravans simply because modern decals are often very big and cost a fortune. A lot of the repairs we see look like an amateur has done the work, outdoors and with an aer
  14. Funny you should say that. I went to the local bakers this morning and overheard a conversation in the queue asking a lady if she'd had to close her shop again, to which she said 'Nope, i've done the right thing throughout this, and only just re-opened, we will not be closing our doors just because others didn't listen' Leicester could of been a great PR exercise if they'd of clamped down hard, showing the rest of the country to tow the line or you will be the next 'Leicester'
  15. The problem you have here is no one has a clue what you can or cannot do. It's obvious that certain businesses cannot reopen as per the rest of the country, but other than that, the streets of Leicester look absolutely no different than the middle of lockdown. The traffic is exactly the same, if not actually worse with all the extra media vans hovering around at hotspots. The main worry for those of us outside the quarantine areas are our local village pubs which for some daft reason are still opening up tomorrow, even though it's common knowledge that many people will flock to these pubs
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