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  1. Blisters are normally a sign of a previous repair from some time ago. It's extremely common and normally you will see a larger area around the blisters that is a slightly different colour or a faded patch. GRP can break down, but we'd normally see that on a Motorhome between 2002 and 2006 that's either really low mileage or spent a lot of it's life in Europe. Rarely do we see this on anything older than 2007. There is nothing wrong with repairs to GRP if they are done properly and maintained correctly and to have blisters appear suggests the owner didn't regularly wax the Motorhome. I can normally confirm by a photo if you have any.
  2. I've just seen this thread that I assume was taken form Motorhome Talk, but an interesting read considering it's from 5 years ago. I know Caravantalk is a majority Caravan forum, but I get why they merged the two forums and it's all predominantly the same hobby. I still have the above Pilote and she's now 6 years old and I still love it as much now as I did when it was new. My dealer called me recently and asked if I'd sell it, and offered £6k less than I paid for it 6 years ago which I thought was fantastic and proved I'd made the right choice in sinking the sum of money I did when I purchased new back in 2015, even with the current covid inflated prices. Saying that, I've never found a Motorhome that I'd consider replacing mine with and as it's seen so many countries and had so many amazing times, it's fallen into that sentimental trap, so it's staying with me. The Pilote is now showing over 30k on the clock, and it's been totally faultless all the way up to the last month where my engine battery packed up and this causes a very common fault with an airbag module, meaning my airbag light is on and therefor until it's fixed, I cannot get it MOT'd. Sadly the modules are on a worldwide shortage after I quickly established that some Ducato's have been sat for over a year waiting for this module, still with no ETA on the part. However, after literally 40 emails fired out to loads of different companies across Europe, I managed to track down a used module in Poland which according to the email I received yesterday, is with UPS as we speak. Other than the above small issue, the Motorhome has been serviced by me every 10k, had both batteries replaced due to age, had a full set of all season tyres because I tour in Germany in winter and it often snows and one locker handle replaced because it jammed. That's literally all that has ever been done to my Motorhome to keep it tip top. It still drives like new and is an absolute pleasure to own and drive. This photo was take in January this year and we use this shot against another photo when I collected it new in 2015 as an example of our paint seal service longevity, because the GRP still looks as good as new. So not only does my motorhome give me a huge smile when I pick it up from the storage, it actually earns it's keep too. Win win.
  3. Thats correct. My advice above was more for those that use Fenwicks who aren't our previous customers, and I don't have any issue with people using Fenwicks products because most people have for years and I've never seen them cause any problems. We just recommend Autoglym to our own customers because that's what we've always tested the longevity with, and because of this, we know the products we recommend to you will do the job perfectly, and for the sake of consistency. Then you will likely find that any traces of protection have all but vanished now. A second coating is fine if the Caravan still has it's factory finish and no panels are weathered or dull. Just bare in mind if they are weathered or dull, then no one should be applying a paint sealer over this, or it will just seal that in, making it a nightmare to clean or for a professional to rectify. We actually don't apply our sealer to anything that's not new, because our suppliers won't give us any back up unless it's been applied to a new surface, but others might be different.
  4. Thanks. I haven't seen that before on a Coachman, but we have seen it on some of the newer Swifts. It's hard to justify a fracture in that place to be anything other than stress, because it's not a natural impact area, but only by following the fracture to its original starting point will you be able to prove otherwise. A lot like the old Bailey ABS fractures that were caused by pilot holes for fixings being drilled too small, they were easy to track and prove. On a different note, that capping to the left of the crack is extremely common for lifting and flapping around. The same cap is on all 4 corners and almost every new Coachman we've paint sealed of late, has at least 1 of these caps hanging off, if not a couple of them. You can clearly see where the manufacturer has tried to stick them to the roof and it's released because their adhesive wasn't enough. It's not a huge issue, but I can see these things flying off leaving a big gap up there, which will look terrible and probably be a nightmare to actually buy the capping.
  5. From my experience, any rejected claim to do with exterior panels are normally rejected with either evidence or a theory as to why they rejected the claim, or at least some kind of explanation. I don't suppose you have any pictures of the crack and a wider photo to show it's location, on the off chance I've seen it before?
  6. In which case the Diamondbrite will be at the end of it's performance life by now if it was applied when the Caravan was new. If it wasn't applied when it was new and it was done recently, that's a whole different subject with far more in-depth information needed.
  7. I think I understand what you mean, and don't see any issues with what you've described, and it's likely that it's just the effect of driving through the poor weather, rather than any fault of a cleaning product. Bare in mind the older the Caravan, the less effective any protective products will be. I hope that puts your mind at ease and you can continue using the Fenwicks products which I can assure you won't have any adverse effects on your Caravan.
  8. Defiantly not. If you are seeing adverse effects of a Fenwicks cleaner on a paint sealed Caravan, then either the Diamondbright wasn't applied correctly or not at all, because in all my years of Caravan exterior work, I've never seen a Fenwicks or any other Caravan product effect a correctly sealed surface, unless it wasn't actually applied in the first place or the owner has inadvertently removed the sealer. If you want me to confirm what's actually gone wrong, you can put up some pictures or describe what's actually happened, but I will need to know exactly what Caravan it is and what year, plus when the Diamondbrite was applied. Paul
  9. It is and it isn't. How would anyone know what they are using is correct? Most dealers don't really know or understand the potential dangers of certain products, nor should they because they are just selling you a product that their suppliers say is ok to use. Most manufactures don't actually know either, judging by some of the aftercare advice they state on their paperwork, and again, why should they. They just sell a product and go with what their supplier tells them is to be used to maintain. None of these people see what we see later on in life, by which time most things are out of warranty and there is no way of proving incorrect usage of chemicals. It's a total minefield of differing advice from every direction, so it's no wonder we cringe at some of the products used or advised on the internet. Let's face it, no one would deliberately give the wrong advice if they knew it was wrong, but the internet is rife with it. Manufactures should look for experienced companies like ours, who have dealt with these issues for the last 16 years and use our experience on product exposure on different materials to narrow down a safe list of chemicals to clean and maintain all the different surfaces Caravans and Motorhomes incorporate, but would I personally want that responsibility? Hmmm, maybe not. We recommend the following products to maintain Caravans and Motorhomes and these have been used for years with no adverse effects, including my own 6 year old full GRP Motorhome that still looks literally like brand new. Autoglym Shampoo/Conditioner for general washing. Autoglym Caravan/Motorhome cleaner for streaks. Autoglym Super Resin for stubborn stains or to protect (yes it has a protection ability) Autoglym Fast Glass for all acrylic. The only other product we say is fine is the Fenwicks range and this is only because so many Caravanners use Fenwicks and we've never seen any adverse effects from these products. This doesn't mean there aren't loads of products available that are perfectly safe, it's only the above because that's what we personally have experience with. Lastly, a new surface will react different to an older one with these products. Don't expect any of the above to make a faded, dull Caravan look like new, or remove ingrained issues, because that's a different problem. Like trying to make an old faded garage door shine by washing it. It's not possible without much more in-depth work first. So nothing is straight forward in this industry as it tends to be in the car industry, but I hope the general product list above helps people out.
  10. Blisters on the surface normally indicate a previous repair. We see it all the time.
  11. It's not a product we use, but always good to know. Another product to defiantly not use on windows is any kind of tar/adhesive remover. This literally melts the plastic in seconds.
  12. If you are asking about windows, then Autoglym Fast glass is acrylic and perspex safe. Unfortunately the above suggestions of Autoglym Super Resin are also incorrect products and I hope people just take what I say as helpful advice and not me trying to be a smart ass. The new formula of Super Resin has a small percentage of petroleum within the ingredients, and this is also harmful to acrylic windows. Caravan and Motorhome windows really are quite a difficult material for an owner to maintain correctly, on the basis that so many products can cause damage and the window suppliers will reject most claims of certain issues because you won't be able to prove you have or haven't used these products. The issue is the damage takes months and often longer to appear, but it will eventually, and incorrect product use often shows up as tiny fractures in the plastics that then get far worse over time. We've also seen static stickers do exactly the same damage eventually. Not every window and not every time, but we've seen it so many times and it's the same products used over and over again, when we ask the owners. The best advice I can give anyone with scratched windows is to get a pro to sort them, and the best advice I can give anyone that just wants to clean their windows is to use a product that states it's Acrylic and Perspex safe. Fast Glass is just one of many.
  13. Do yourself a favour and don't use T-cut. It has several ingredients including Ammonia in this product and this damages acrylic, but not instantly, it takes several months, but you will start to see tiny fractures appearing. Windows need very delicate and specialist products because the acrylic/perspex is prone to damage extremely easy. We've seen all sorts of mistakes, but the best advice I can give anyone, is to leave T-cut back in 1990 where it belongs.
  14. Although this is sorted now, just for anyone else that has this question. As pro's that use a hose every day, dragging it in and out constantly, we need something that ideally doesn't kink or burst and we've tried several of the high end hoses, but not one compares to the Gardena range. My current Gardena is now 5 years old and gets a lot of use and it's never failed us. They aren't cheap, but if you want a quality hose that lasts, I would only ever buy Gardena.
  15. As my name was mentioned in this thread, if I could be so bold as to add a little context to the comment that some people might take away that our 'from' prices are 'conservative' and in any way unfair. Our 'from' prices are exactly this because it's very difficult to give a fixed price on the basis that rarely, no two jobs are the same. Also, we are based in Leicestershire and have to factor in travel all over the UK. Without mentioning the OP's exact location, it's not local to Leicestershire or even the Midlands, so therefor the 'from' price is not really relevant and only meant as a very rough guide, which most people fully understand. To give a quick bit of insight to how we as a mobile business, price locations. We cannot charge the true cost of travelling, factoring in fuel, vehicle wear and tear and more importantly, time taken to travel to and from a job. If we did, we would be too unrealistically priced for customers outside the Midlands area. So instead we have a limit on the 'extra' we charge for this, and it's swings and roundabouts, but means we can cover the whole country fairly. Also, just so it's made clear. This Caravan, although new to the OP, is actually an ex-demo from 2019. I try to make it clear on my website that the Tourershield service is designed for 'New or nearly New' units only. There is a reason for this and a lot of it's to do with the preparation work and our zero compromise to standards. We've been doing what we do for nearly 15 years now and I can say that 90% of ex-demo Caravans or Motorhomes will need remedial work before we apply a sealer. Ex-demo's can have a variety of different surface issues that we need to fix, but in general terms, we will not apply a paint sealant to a surface that isn't perfect, or you will only seal in these imperfections. Some companies might be happy to come along and seal in damage, weathering other issues, but it's not what we will do, hence it's never easy to give a fixed website price and I have to use the term 'from' Please don't take this as a dig at the OP, because it isn't at all. It's simply an explanation to anyone reading the comments and taking them out of context. Paul
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