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  1. The van is advertised on ebay if you want to see the full description and view the pics. Auction is finishing Monday next week at 7pm ebay link
  2. Please see the thread in the classified section for full details and PM me with any questions. If it isn't there yet it may still be waiting for approval and should be up by tomorrow.
  3. Just a quick update. I called Crowland Caravans yesterday and they are happy to carry out any warranty work for me as long as I have the van serviced by them. This suits me perfectly as I don't want to travel back to Coventry for servicing. Very pleased
  4. Bought ours in August and used it twice and we were unable to get the black from the griddle. Thought we had to buy some of the Cadac cleaner or something but maybe there is an issue with it. Emailed Cadac to find out if we are part of a faulty batch. Thanks for the info.
  5. We got our 565 in June and have had few minor issues that I will list so that you can check yours is ok. Screw in partition rail came lose as wasn't screwed into the metal and we had to re-locate it. Just have a gentle pull of the rail at the end nearest the van door to see if yours is ok. One of the shelves that is stuck to the mirror fell off in transit so we had to get some sticky pads to put it back on. Microwave has started making a loud vibrating noise and I think needs to be replaced under warranty as nothing appears to be loose. Just turn yours on and you will know straight away if it's ok. One of gas hobs won't stay lit but this seems to be intermittant but you should check them all. The seal on the bottom of the bathroom door fell off and Swift advised us to put it back on with super glue which we did and now ok. One of the fly screens on the windows has come away completely from the bar it is pulled down with. This started with a small part of the material fraying and then spread very quickly so check them all for loose threads. Seems like a lot of things but all very minor and nothing that has stopped our enjoyment. We are all very pleased with the van and certain we made the right decision. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we do.
  6. Didn't get a data booklet. Dealer didn't even have the manuals when we picked the vans up and had to post that to us.
  7. So right on the edge of that chassis then as I think the Charisma MTPLM is 1490kg and our Fairway is 1500kg. I could be wrong though as I'm not near the van to check the plate.
  8. Andy do you know what a 2009 565 has as a possible MTLM as I can't see it in the handbook ?
  9. We have the Swift Charisma (Fairway) 565 with the 3 bunk layout and it's great for us and we think it is the best layout for kids. The permanant bunks with the table and chairs still in place is an absolute god send. Also nice to be able to have the rest of the van to ourselves once the kids are in bed. We can partition them off and we are still able to access the toilet and kitchen without disturbing them.
  10. jonb2010


    Do you have an option to return it to the dealer for a full refund under the terms of the warranty with them and then buy another van ?
  11. How about the Swift Charisma 650 ? Twin axle and about the same size as the Carolina. Different layout at the back for the kids but might be an option, I'd like it as our next van. But being discontinued as the 565 being a single axle 6 berth has meant sales of the 650 are down. I'd definitely recommend a look at a 650 or a dealer special. Not sure where you are in the country but White Arches have one on display near Kettering.
  12. My 2008 Passat has the sports pack so 15mm lower suspension. After talking to Grayston and MAD my only options are the rubber inserts from the former or the air suspension from the latter. Quite interested in the Interactive Air Suspension but the price they quoted is £207. Looking around to see if there are any cheaper alternatives.
  13. I take it you have the same bench type toilet as mine. I have the funnel but have never used it. It does look like the water is going to overflow from the pipe, but just keep pouring it in and it will stay at the same level while filling the tank. Glad you got it sorted though.
  14. If you keep filling the pipe up does it keep going in or does it just overflow ? There should always be water in that pipe whether the flush tank is full or empty. Try putting a 2 litre bottle of water in and you should see some movement on the glass (hopefully if it isn't broken). We have a Ventura Atlantic 975cm. I wish we had gone for one of the 3m instead of the 2. 5m after seeing my friends at the weekend. Just gives so much extra space for the kids.
  15. Yes that was exactly what I though. One of the highlights of camping is being able to watch everybodys efforts of setting up Wouldn't suit me as we have kids, but they appear to me to be suited to couples. You would be traipsing from your master bedroom to the toilet and whoever else may be sleeping there. But full marks for innovation and trying something different and I wish you every success with the range.
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