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  1. Hello all. Been a while since my last post. Haven't been to my static for about a month . Mother in law went down yesterday & it was heaving with flies. To say i am horrified is an understatement. In 6 years of ownership i have never been plagued with flies. I have seen it a lot on swift vans when the season starts in March as I walk around my site . but I have always cleaned it thoroughly when leaving. Any ideas what can attract them and why. Thanks Dave
  2. I haven't posted on this site for a long time since joining the static dark side. When I saw this I had to come on here as I knew it would get ripped & quite right it was absolutely awful television. The only thing I liked was the venue. I have stayed on ferry meadows in my touring days & it's a good flagship site. Back to the programme, I don't think there will be a second series even if it's only 2 episodes. It’s difficult to make caravan TV interesting but this made the majority of the country think caravanners are fruitcakes.
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    Nec Show

    Packed lunch is a must . take regular breaks it's huge . by time you have been in & out of all normal & lottery winners caravans you would have probable walked up 20 flights of stairs
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    I had the 130 & although a nice cruiser lacked punch
  5. I had the 130 insignia. & although it was a lovely cruiser I thought it lacked punch & hills scared me. . Though it never let me down. . 160 the better purchase
  6. 7. 30pm last night A483 just past Wrexham heading Chester bound . range rover pulling a yatch at 80mph . all the sail poles bouncing around . lunatic
  7. Cash not as powerfull as it used to be as their are good bonuses to be had selling finance these days . you have better chance of getting a discount with no part ex that's a bonus you want to work on. . Also if you haven't already got all the goodies make sure you get a free starter pack thrown in . water waste battery awning etc . happy hunting
  8. I have pleasure of working at land rover Halewood & this new discovery sport is an excellent replacement for the Freelander . It's no were near the size of a D4 & I wouldn't expect it to challenge in the big towing market hence it being a Freelander replacement & not a disco replacement . i think it will sell well as it has a good looks decent kit levels & will still have all the off road party tricks . so anyone not pulling horses & twin axels have another option to look at .
  9. Signal rubbish in troutbeck . but get what's app on your phone or viber & you can communicate through wifi
  10. I think the bad press is made up with a lot of people who don't do there homework . its not a cheap option but it is a lifestyle . but they get dragged in spending a week away round these caravan parks & walking passed the for sale signs thinking yes we can do that . but in reality they can't & it's a costly mistake then the site owner just offers you pittance on what you paid . as it's his business & reinvests the profit into the park . So you finish your experience with sour taste . i know I am only 2 years complete on static ownership but still don't miss touring ( yet ) .
  11. Sounds really nice . my wife said don't forget bottle opener & wine,
  12. Welcome aboard . another fella that's moved to the dark side . beware on the touring side of this forum they will be coming down the road with pitchforks looking for you . enjoy your new lifestyle your about to see a dramatic change in your lifestyle from touring. .sit back & relax . no more searching for a pitch . Laying out the load weights . fetching water . awnings . chemi loo clean out . turn up & go home at 1am if you want . good luck . Dave
  13. I would be concerned putting any overhead storage in the van. .the walls are only partition sections & flexible . Units are only going to get filled making them even heavier & could damage wall . could you not get under bed storage boxes on wheels so just slide in & out
  14. Hello . glad you joined the static world, it's a real relaxed lifestyle although is more costly than owning a tourer . can I be so brave as to ask what sort of caravan do you manage to get a dishwasher & a washing machine in ( so jealous :-) ) also why would you invest on a holiday home you could walk to from your house ?? I am intrigued , Dave
  15. In think you hit nail on head with the word awning . do you really need it ?? . i had a full size awning. & erected it once . put it in the shed for 2 years & sold it. . Loads of work for little value . i used to see couples turn up next to me with a decent size van, fixed be models etc . Them spend 2 hrs erecting an awning to stick a camping table & 2 chairs in there . all that effort when they could have just popped the table up in living space & eaten . also maybe it's worth planning the next trip with service pitches . they are a god send & worth a couple of pound extra . I think you have moved around to much as well, ok if you don't have an awning as it's just drop the steadies, level up, plug in water & electric . hollybobs time
  16. Motorhomes I used to but not caravans . Motorhomes are fascinating but that's just because something average could be parked next to you do you google it for an idea then fall of your seat when you see it's 80k
  17. My son buys a tent & sleeping bag & just leaves it at the festival
  18. Ok I am biased I work in land rover Halewood were these are made . hopefully they will do well . they are nice motors & think it may steal some évoque custom . what confuses me is land rover are giving pictures to the press etc yet we still ship all the cars out for testing full of camouflage at the moment . DOH !!!!
  19. Is there any need for that comment ??? The op asked would you pay to have a serviced pitch, when touring I always opted for service pitch as fetching & ditching water twice a day was eliminated, 3 times + if shower was used . which is one of the qualities of static ownership which is why I referenced it . Never expected the anti static brigade to come marching in saying " I like to travel " !!!!!!! Been there done that moved on . tourer suited me when kids were younger touring . static suits me now kids are adults . its a lifestyle choice & don't see the need for your comment above . doesnt give any ref to the op or thread . Rant over
  20. Sand LE mere in withernsea nice site . does seasonals & had a shed load of money spent on it .
  21. I would think every topic has been discussed before . but that would have been with different membership feedback & comments so why can't the new membership have a say ? Isn't that what a forum is all about ? People turn up early for one reason, because they can & if 7 sites out of 10 grant them access they will continue to do so . simples
  22. Turns your tourer into a static . well worth it . no water worries out & in . would pay the extra every time
  23. Happened to me but not as drastic . i thought I inserted the tow bar correctly but the wheel on side never fully engaged .( it clicks into position & a wheel on side turns 90 degrees ) it was when I put my van on tow ball that the neck come away from the car . i just gave it a good clean & squirted some wd40 into the mechanism . worked fine after that .
  24. Pays to know the hight of your outfit from highest point usually the ariel . i have seen I brand new high top motorhome crunch into a railway arch on approach to 6 arches in garstang . not nice . owner was distraught
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