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  1. Hello all. Been a while since my last post. Haven't been to my static for about a month . Mother in law went down yesterday & it was heaving with flies. To say i am horrified is an understatement. In 6 years of ownership i have never been plagued with flies. I have seen it a lot on swift vans when the season starts in March as I walk around my site . but I have always cleaned it thoroughly when leaving. Any ideas what can attract them and why. Thanks Dave
  2. I haven't posted on this site for a long time since joining the static dark side. When I saw this I had to come on here as I knew it would get ripped & quite right it was absolutely awful television. The only thing I liked was the venue. I have stayed on ferry meadows in my touring days & it's a good flagship site. Back to the programme, I don't think there will be a second series even if it's only 2 episodes. It’s difficult to make caravan TV interesting but this made the majority of the country think caravanners are fruitcakes.
  3. slimseydy

    Nec Show

    Packed lunch is a must . take regular breaks it's huge . by time you have been in & out of all normal & lottery winners caravans you would have probable walked up 20 flights of stairs
  4. slimseydy


    I had the 130 & although a nice cruiser lacked punch
  5. I had the 130 insignia. & although it was a lovely cruiser I thought it lacked punch & hills scared me. . Though it never let me down. . 160 the better purchase
  6. 7. 30pm last night A483 just past Wrexham heading Chester bound . range rover pulling a yatch at 80mph . all the sail poles bouncing around . lunatic
  7. Cash not as powerfull as it used to be as their are good bonuses to be had selling finance these days . you have better chance of getting a discount with no part ex that's a bonus you want to work on. . Also if you haven't already got all the goodies make sure you get a free starter pack thrown in . water waste battery awning etc . happy hunting
  8. I have pleasure of working at land rover Halewood & this new discovery sport is an excellent replacement for the Freelander . It's no were near the size of a D4 & I wouldn't expect it to challenge in the big towing market hence it being a Freelander replacement & not a disco replacement . i think it will sell well as it has a good looks decent kit levels & will still have all the off road party tricks . so anyone not pulling horses & twin axels have another option to look at .
  9. Signal rubbish in troutbeck . but get what's app on your phone or viber & you can communicate through wifi
  10. Get along to the Nec caravan show . there is something for everyone out there . Good luck lunar are good lightweight vans as a starter
  11. I think the bad press is made up with a lot of people who don't do there homework . its not a cheap option but it is a lifestyle . but they get dragged in spending a week away round these caravan parks & walking passed the for sale signs thinking yes we can do that . but in reality they can't & it's a costly mistake then the site owner just offers you pittance on what you paid . as it's his business & reinvests the profit into the park . So you finish your experience with sour taste . i know I am only 2 years complete on static ownership but still don't miss touring ( yet ) .
  12. Sounds really nice . my wife said don't forget bottle opener & wine,
  13. Welcome aboard . another fella that's moved to the dark side . beware on the touring side of this forum they will be coming down the road with pitchforks looking for you . enjoy your new lifestyle your about to see a dramatic change in your lifestyle from touring. .sit back & relax . no more searching for a pitch . Laying out the load weights . fetching water . awnings . chemi loo clean out . turn up & go home at 1am if you want . good luck . Dave
  14. I would be concerned putting any overhead storage in the van. .the walls are only partition sections & flexible . Units are only going to get filled making them even heavier & could damage wall . could you not get under bed storage boxes on wheels so just slide in & out
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