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  1. Hi My wife lost her wedding ring down the plug hole in the basin in the bathroom We have a Crusader Aurora it has the plunger type plug which you can screw of and it doesnt have a trap We emptied the waste container over grass but wasnt there so we tried filling up all sinks and shower tray hoping the purge of water would reveal it but no luck then watched for days too see if it had came out we even hoped it might move when travelling back home So do you think it may be still trapped in the pipe work forever or might appear someday
  2. Coming from the A90 Dundee Area Looking at the route Google maps suggested looks like a lot of narrow roads Is there a better route like maybe going further up towards Stonehaven then over
  3. After deep consideration we feel it would be wrong in this current situation to travel 500 miles through the country to an unknown and changing situation.So we have cancelled and might try again next year
  4. 5 Miles unless essential So then it would be essential travel
  5. Well i took my Caravan 20 miles to dealers to get serviced on Monday I even saw other towed vans Don't think anybody cares
  6. Could not help having a giggle there Do the Welsh think we are Foreigners
  7. Well each to there own You can't hide forever and it's ok for us to go to work Go shopping to the zoo etc We are not going to build up immunity by hiding away
  8. One day (hopefully) we will regard covid 19 as a common virus When we have all built up immunity
  9. I don't see why not Once you are on the road and if you don't stop in Scotland But there is still a month yet so restrictions may be different by then We just have to wait and see it's all on hold for now
  10. lol Getting to like it too Yes it is East Fleet
  11. Thank you Andy it is actually Weymouth we are going and of course we will observe all social distancing and rules We always use our own facilities anyway so no problem there It is still another month yet so a lot may have changed by then
  12. Travelling to Dorset from Scotland in July Just want to get the views and feelings of people and the locals.We have had this booked since December but feel we might be a bit selfish about still going.Campsite says they will be open 6th July but under restrictions so we can go.What are peoples views of travelling half way down the country do you think we will be welcome. Of course this will be only if unlimited travel is allowed but do not fancy travelling so far and not being welcomed by locals
  13. FlyFifer


    Thanks Highlandman how long a climb up the hill is it will be coming from Kinlochewe Just trying to compare with hills i've previously climbed
  14. Personally its best to pass them and not let them pass you
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