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  1. I've really had enough

    Its the checking up on your previous van and what happened to it that caught my eye. Its not your van and nothing to do with you, yet here you are, spouting away telling us all about it when in fact you have no idea. Unless you were party to the sale and have the full facts of any repairs you shouldn't be even mentioning it on here and encouraging others to ask you to name and shame which you may follow up by private message, thus a business is being slandered with no course of redress. My business has been on the receiving end of this type of thing and it takes more time and resources to dig out where it started than I can be bothered with. Then when it comes to light I find the guy isn't even a customer but someone who tried to get me to falsify a service document to get his warranty work pushed through at another dealer. Trouble is, I sort the guy who started it but what about the numerous folks who have seen his postings before I was told by a customer what was going on. I stick my neck out every time I post on here as I'm fully identifiable, you aren't and I've no issue with that, Complain away by all means but just be careful how you present it should you go public.
  2. I've really had enough

    Simply observations.
  3. I've really had enough

    A general observation here. ..Too many assumptions here for it to be quoted as fact. Unless you were sat in on any deal you cant say how it was sold or even who bought it. so trotting off naming and shaming armed with one side of a story might make one look a tad foolish. Durbanite is known to complain about everything. From car/caravan dealers, the employees within and methods used. He is of course Mr Perfect. The know it all who is easy to spot and easier to make a fool of . I and a number of others in this trade used to contribute and offer advice on this forum but no longer do so because of the belittleing of a few. Nobody or business is perfect but when i read things written as fact with no substance it really grates my cheese.
  4. Abbey caravan brakes?

    Woah there boyo. . Dont go adjusting until you have checked the cables and the rod clearances. It is common to have the hitch almost to what you perceive as the end of its stroke with correct adjustment of the individual parts. If you get it wrong. .......
  5. Unicorn Valencia mk1. Side locker

    Why on earth buy a used one?
  6. what roof sealant is used

    Unless you know where the leak is coming from you are wastingyour time and money and you dont even have a leak.
  7. Cassoa fees went up to point where it was costing 4 vans worth of space for nothing extra for us. Despite numerous calls to and from cassoa we got to the point we felt we were paying for nothing more than a bit of paper. We debated whether to increase fees to cover this and the customers still get a discount off their insurance or drop cassoa. We spent a whole day phoning brokers and ins co's and found only a couple still have a discount . So we dropped cassoa, the final straw was when they asked for £500 to do a reinspection. Our security hasn't changed and the site is still busy so nothing changed.
  8. Ahhh, the "BMC" where the three esses applied. . sleep,steal,strike.
  9. Window Delamination

    remove the two side arms by undoing the two screws on each arm or if its newer there is a small hole adjacent to the handle, insert a pin and push the tang then slide the are off the window attachment. Removing window is a case of flipping it up until it fall out the rail. Easy 5 min job. if the window has blown and distorted then it may not be possible to rebond it.
  10. Yes they should have a torque wrench, in fact I sell my used ones to customers. I buy 3 new ones every year. But turning it round can you tell me why caravannners shouldn't have a torque wrench when the issues are known and at what point do you think the service centres liability ends and the onus is yours to check the safety of your outfit. If someone isn't fit or competent to check bolt then they should approach someone who is.
  11. Your question has been answered in two previous posts. I think its obvious why the op`s wheel detached but the discussion has moved on to other causes. Do you torque your wheels? or wait till something happens the point fingers?
  12. Correct. And causes alloy to expand greater than the steel bolts releasing the torque and away she goes. We have seen a good number where the drum has been cooked although not always with a wheel detachment. It only takes a few yards for caravan brakes to suffer total fade. Luckily no-one has been hurt ( to my knowledge) by a caravan wheel becoming detached but if one was to hit a bus stop full of kids then the roof would cave in. It does depress me the number of folk who take issue with recognised advice and complain bitterly when the thus ignored advice bites them.
  13. The only way to check torques is to slacken the bolt first. If I have tightened it to 200nm then showed you a torque wrench set to 130nm it would click and you would have no idea if it was right or wrong and set off quite happily. I cannot recall being asked to recheck bolts by a customer The customer has paid us to do a job and should trust us to do it competently. If something goes wrong, and none of us are perfect, then it will be sorted. Remember you live with the caravan we only see it for four hours.
  14. And I have plainly stated that within 20m I have full liability for whatever reason the wheel came off. The fact that it is the nearside wheel that always comes off and the bolts are a right hand thread combined with flopping about due to lack of spigot location I think is pretty evident of what would rectify the issue. I have also stated it is up to the owner whether to accept our advice to recheck the bolts and it is up to him to gain the competence or find someone who does. I take it you have no idea why bad towbar wiring can cause wheel detachment. but please have a guess.
  15. Please do not cherry pick at my post. I have not listed a string of excuses but facts that can and are used in court. Legally after 20m i have no liability. I certainly wouldn't be happy if one of my customers wheels fell off but we have to draw the line at which point it becomes your responsibility to ensure the safety of your outfit.