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  1. It's actually the fronts that have worn down to about 3mm,so the tyres on the rear which are about 6mm are getting put onto the front and the new tyres will be going on the rear. main reason is that the rears although they have plenty of tread left are coming up for 3 years old and on our previous Santa Fe the rear tyres had to be replaced at 5 years old due to slight cracking. Duncan
  2. Thanks for all the replies, I’ve managed to get a good deal on a couple of OE Hankooks so will be going with them. was only asking as on a couple of websites the xl tyres were cheaper than the standard ones Duncan
  3. Hi guys ,I'm currently looking into replacing the rear tyres on our Santa Fe. I was wondering if it was worth fitting xl rated tyres for extra firmness when towing. The car has self levelling rear suspension and our caravan runs at about 95kg nose weight. I should also mention that currently we have no issues with the standard load tyres that are fitted, thanks in advance Duncan
  4. Hi guys, was watching a video on YouTube recently (I know) and there was a bloke claiming that as a ‘freeman’ you have a right to free travel and therefore don’t need a driving license. Apparantly it’s all to do with the legal definition of driver,which is someone who drives for a living. The guy phoned Dvla and some other place but couldn’t get a definitive answer. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Duncan
  5. As far as I know everyone who has downloaded the app will get a £2 off fuel offer a few days after download. got mine last week Duncan
  6. Hi I downloaded the app but it seemed to take a few days to start working.?? Fully agree about the old card as it was easy. Ive also been told that you can’t get rewards if you use a company account. Not happy if this is true as I used to get about a£20 voucher each time for filling up the truck. Duncan
  7. Thanks Bob. We had a look in the one at the dealership and it certainly looks a nice machine. Just hadn’t seen any about Duncan
  8. Hi guy, following a recent thread about the 2016 model, I was wondering if anyone had actually seen the new Santa Fe model. I know the dealer we bought our 66 plate from said that they had sold 2 in the last six months and the only one ive seen in the flesh was sitting on his four court Duncan
  9. Hi I’ve used very strong elastic bands in the past providing the original plates are not secured at the very ends. Duncan
  10. Hi we’ve got a 66 plate premium manual. Tows our Bailey Olympus 624 no problems. Remember that only 7 seaters get self levelling suspension. The dealer we bought ours from reckoned that a lot of Santa Fe owners are holding onto their cars as the new model is very expensive. Duncan
  11. I wonder what would happen if you broke down during your crossing ‘ would the breakdown service give you priority?
  12. Sounds a bit of a nightmare mate. Do you think things would have progressed quicker if the Hyundai garage had done the servicing. I only ask as all 4 Santa Fe,s we have had have came with service packages. The dealer's we've used have always pushed the package,although it's always been for a good price. Duncan
  13. Coaches are so popular at services that most service restaurant will only charge the driver a penny for a meal as they make a fortune from a coach load of passengers. Duncan
  14. What's your cars towing limit? Duncan Sorry never read the end of your post Duncan
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