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  1. Hi thanks for all the replies. The garage has told him the car will be fully road legal and full mot they will also fit a fully wired towbar. Apparently this garage are also looking into importing nearly new Pajero’s into the country. Duncan
  2. Hi,have a look at the Practical Caravan review on YouTube. They really liked it and in the video it’s towing a twin axle Swift. Duncan
  3. Hi guys, friend of mine is thinking of going to look at/buy an imported Mitsubishi Pajero. Its a 2014 Exceed and has pretty low mileage. The company that has it has imported cars for a good few years. His worry is are there any problems with parts/servicing or is it just a Shogun with a different name. Its a jap import and he has no plans to tour Spain. Duncan
  4. Hi we parked there a couple of years ago and because of bad timing leaving got caught up in the traffic leaving Ibrox.
  5. Hi was just wondering if anyone made the trek to the SEC this year. I think this is the first time in about 15 years that we haven’t been. Last year we found the ticket prices and the cost of parking at the Hydro car park expensive. For me though one thing that annoys me about these shows is people who want to sit in the same van for about half an hour regardless of how many other people are obviously wanting to have a look around the van. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s ever taken me that length of time to decide if a seat is comfortable or not, Duncan
  6. Hi, about 4 years ago my Mrs traded in her 61 plate Santa Fe for a new (65plate) Rexton. She absolutely hated and got rid of it after a year taking a hit on depreciation. The car was a totally different kettle of fish than her Hyundai, more of a Shogun/Landcruiser type and she never really got on with it. It didn’t help that the dealer we got it from was useless and I actually think they’ve lost that franchise. The final straw was when she almost span it coming round a roundabout in the rain(RWD only) For what’s it’s worth I actually thought it was a pretty decent car and felt like it would tow a mountain but it’s nothing like a Santa Fe. Only thing I didn’t really like about it was that the extra two seats in the boot when folded away raise the floor about six inches. Duncan
  7. DUNCAN123

    Hyundai Tucson

    Hi, we had the 134bhp model (4wd) towed our Olympus 624 no problems. Never going to win a drag race away from the lights but enough power for anything else Duncan
  8. Just been told by someone (who is generally full of hot air) that for some reason it takes at least 4 months after your passport coming through before DVLA or anyone else can use the same picture. As already stated this could be a pile of poo. Duncan
  9. In answer to the original question , no never had that problem but if you need to show your licence for car hire, as someone else said just tell DVLA that you’ve lost the old licence. Duncan
  10. If you need a medical go online and google cheap HGV medical. Although not all GP,s charge Duncan
  11. Ok, but the problem you’re going to have asking here is everyone will recommend whatever car they tow with. If you like the car you had before the crash then why not get another one? Although I would imagine after the Gls everything else will seem a bit of a let down I know someone who has the older GL model and it’s a fantastic car Dincan
  12. Could you ask the insurance to right off the Disco, take the car back (less salvage value) and get a second hand tailgate off a breaker?
  13. Wasn’t there a problem with the original BMW X5 and “Sealed for life” gearboxes? Our 2011 Santa Fe was an auto and I’m sure someone told us that the box needed a service at 75k miles if it was used for towing Duncan
  14. Wasn’t till I reread this thread that I realised the original post was 6 years ago Duncan
  15. We used Kwik-fit, they came out to the storage yard and did the job no problems. Just let them know you’ve got tyron bands(not all their vans have the removal tool) Duncan
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