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  1. Hi , there’s been a discussion about the extra cooling in the past and I think it’s safe to say that most owners that have the tow bar fitted aftermarket don’t bother with the fan upgrade. I don’t think anyone has ever said that they have had a problem without the fan upgrade. Its quite surprising that such a big heavy powerful car would need upgraded cooling to tow a caravan. Im sure somebody said in the past that adding the tow pack to the car when ordering new wasn’t actually that expensive but was an expensive aftermarket upgrade. Duncan
  2. As someone previously posted there are private companies doing. Lgv/pcv medicals and they tend to be a fair bit cheaper than what some G.P s charge. Duncan
  3. Hi, thanks for all the replies, apparently the offer he made was trade value and the chap on the phone did say we would get more selling it privately. They will send an “engineer “ to the storage yard to inspect it and providing he doesn’t find any problems we haven’t mentioned will bank transfer money into account. Is this a safe way of money transfer? I’m assuming once the money has been transferred they cannot remove it from our account. Ive also noticed another company called we buy any caravan which I assume are an offshoot of the car company. Duncan
  4. Hi, for a few different reasons we have decided to sell up and are looking to get rid of the van quickly. Weve had a quote from the above company and wondered if anyone has dealt with them and if so how were they? Thanks in advance Duncan.
  5. Nice car but the OP had a budget of £14k Duncan
  6. Hi, guy I know has a Bailey Ranger 620/6 his kids are roughly same age as yours. Two older kids sleep in front dinette and youngest sleeps in small side dinette. He and his wife sleep in bed at back however they have a large porch awning for sitting in once kids are in bed. They only use sites with full facilities as the washroom is on the small side although I’m sure he has said that the shower can just about make do if needed. Duncan
  7. The automatic only restriction is very strange considering that if you do your class C then C+E in an auto as long as you have a manual car license your Lgv licences will cover you for a manual I’m sure. Duncan
  8. Hi, some of the accessories that you buy might seem expensive but you only need to buy them once and you can use them on all your holidays. Duncan
  9. Hi, we used to tow a Olympus 624 with a Hyundai Tucson 4wd . car was the 160bhp version and to be honest it towed fine. Just don’t think you’ll be racing people away from the lights. We nov have a 66 plate Santa Fe ( our fifth Santa Fe) definitely better . For your budget you would probably get a Santa Fe/Kia Sorrento. Ive only ever looked briefly inside a Tiguan but I think it would be a squeeze for five people and their luggage. Dont rule out a large estate car as there a few with a reasonable kerb weight about. Duncan
  10. Hi, place I worked in years ago we had a guy who shunted 45ft tri axle trailers about the yard. He had done the job for about 5 years and he could put a trailer anywhere with millimetre precision. Failed his class 1, 3 times for? Yip reversing, couldn’t cope with examiner watching him. He actually passed on the 4th attempt. Some people just don’t deal well with exams. In response to your question I think your car/caravan will be fine providing it’s loaded properly and driven sensibly Duncan
  11. Hi, sorry that was my mistake he never actually saw the v5 (although bloke selling said he had it) he got previous companies name off of a sign that was getting put in skip. Bloke he spoke to had said it belonged to previous company so he went on that. My bad Duncan
  12. Yeah I hope so but the other one will be getting monitored very closely Duncan
  13. Our Santa Fe had shock absorber replaced under warranty at 24k we’ve only towed with it twice and it didn’t have a tow bar before we got it. Apart from towing it’s never got anything heavier than a Westie dog in his cage in the boot. Duncan
  14. No idea just repeating what garage said. Would you need to inform your insurance that you had non standard suspension? Duncan
  15. Hi guys just an update. My mate did a bit of snooping around and it turns out the bloke selling has previous for buying and selling cars but not declaring he’s a dealer. My mates thinking that he’s bought the Disco to try and sell on,discovered a problem and is now trying to move it on as a ‘ private “ sale. He definitely won’t be buying it. Thanks for all your input as always Duncan
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