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  1. Never knew the Discovery sport came in a 2wd version. Every day is a school day
  2. Maybe this will mean an increase of sales in larger caravans and maybe larger cars too. As I’ve seen a few posts on here about people struggling with getting an outfit that will suit their licence Duncan
  3. Not to mention 70 hours plus a week . Company I drive for run a fleet of vehicles, at 7 years I’m the shortest time there. Never advertise for drivers (I got in as I knew one of the drivers was retiring) and I’m regularly asked if we’re looking for drivers at services or delivery places and we’re well looked after. Theres a good few people who are going to jump into this and get a rude awakening. It will be an eye opener for most. Duncan
  4. All this to combat a supposed shortage. Good luck to anyone thinking about becoming a class 1 driver, loads of money? Yeah provided you don’t mind all the hours to go with it. Duncan
  5. Quick question, if you have a manual B licence but did a B+E test in an auto. At present you would be limited to automatic vehicles whilst towing , will this change do away with that restriction. One of my fellow drivers at our company texted me today to say he heard that they are doing away with the reversing and coupling/uncoupling exercises on the C+E test! Really?
  6. Hi, we’ve had 5 different Santa Fe’s throughout the years. Engine was given a power boost from 160ish to 197 in 2010 I think. 5 seaters have standard rear suspension,7 seaters have self levelling rear shocks and these are very expensive to replace. You will certainly get a newer age Santa Fe/sorrento for your money than a Land Rover or German marque. Duncan
  7. Toyota Land Cruiser. Check for rust and a decent service history. (Obviously this won’t work if you only have a B licence) Duncan
  8. Yes I know and when you inform them you state you’re reporting for information only. Because you are not making a claim through them then it will not affect your premiums as you haven’t made a claim Duncan
  9. Your insurer will tell you it’s a no claim discount. Not a no blame one. I was advised years ago that if you have a no fault accident contact the 3rd parties insurance direct and let them deal with it. Happened to me recently, my car was hit on our driveway, exchanged details and the other drivers insurance contacted me two hours later. Took care of everything including loan car and picking my car up and bringing it back after repair. Duncan
  10. With the exception of the alcohol device my new truck (and many others) already have this fitted. Factor in driver facing cameras and you have another reason for the driver “shortage “
  11. Yes I know what figure you are meant to use. You would need to find someone in an insurance company that knew what nose weight meant. You are the only caravanner that I have ever heard of having their car and trailer seperated at a checkpoint for weighing purposes. Certainly any DVSA official I have ever spoken too has told me that the only weight they are interested in is axle weights (obviously adding them together for gross weight) . Duncan
  12. Practice caravan have got a video review on YouTube of the X3 I’m sure
  13. Kia Sportage? Downside is it’s being replaced next year. Upside is the prices dealers are offering. Neighbour is looking at one just now 1.6 crdi MHEV GTS line £450 a month on a PCP on 10000 miles a year.
  14. I always thought the GLB looks like a shrunken GLS
  15. Clutch slave cylinder went on our 66 plate Santa Fe in June . Thankfully covered by warranty, I did wonder if the fact you have to depress the clutch pedal to start it could have contributed to it. Duncan
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