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  1. The longer you use cc on the Daf’s the more your performance score percentage goes up. Duncan
  2. Hi, as someone else said if you’re happy with the ride quality then keep that size. I would have thought the standard size from the factory would be 18 inch, certainly on the 5 Santa Fe’s we’ve had 1 has been 17, three have been 18 and one was 19. I would have thought 22” would be horrifyingly expensive. Duncan
  3. DUNCAN123

    Ford Kuga

    Hi your best bet is to make a list of cars you like that are capable of pulling your van. Read some caravan reviews (YouTube has loads as well), then have some test drives. The majorly of people on here will recommend whatever vehicle that they own. There is a tow car review section on this forum as well, where people will put reviews on their own car. Duncan
  4. Ok, so here’s another question. You have a manual B licence then do your +E in an auto, so therefore having a B+E auto only. You the pass Lgv C and then C+E, in an auto, under these daft rules your C and C+ E are now manual categories. Does this mean the B+E category is now also manual? Or does the B+E remain an auto category on your licence? Duncan
  5. Hi, I’ve driven one of these with 5 adults and a boot full of luggage and it was quite pedestrian. Not sure what it would be like with a caravan on the back. I think these models were designed for taxi drivers and others who demand every last mile for their gallon. Duncan
  6. Here’s a quick question, just curious. I know if you have a manual B licence and do the B+E test in an auto you would only have an auto B+E but if you only had an auto B licence but did the B+E test in a manual would that remove the manual only restriction from your B licence? Duncan
  7. B+E+E perhaps Duncan
  8. Hi, most of the big chains, on the invoice it will say nuts tightened by and nuts checked by. Very unusual for one nut to be loose, strikes me that it was never properly tightened in the first place. Duncan
  9. I did ask him if the car was heavy enough and he reckons they’ll be no problems. Bearing in mind that he’s mostly being using his fathers Disco 3 he might be in for a shock. Duncan
  10. Thanks guys, as I say it’s a guy a work with and he’s pretty much convinced that anything he does is 100% right. Were quite happy with our 66 Santa Fe. Duncan
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. I remember looking at a Xtrail a while back and thinking it was a good bit lighter than our current Santa Fe, there was something at the back of my mind about CVT boxes not being the greatest for towing. Duncan
  12. Hi, a guy I work with is in the process of buying a 69 plate 2019 X trail 4wd with the cvt gearbox. I don’t really know him that well but he knows I’m a fellow caravanner and was telling me about his new car he then said he intends to tow a t/a Fleetwood Herritage with it. Bearing in mind he’ll have two kids and a dog in the car with him and his wife does this seem a good match or was my thinking of it being a bit of a nightmare right? Duncan
  13. Hi, as far as I know the only pick -up that you can run constantly in 4wd in the L200 Mitsibushi. The rest you show only use 4wd in slippery conditions. Its something to do with a central differential and somebody with a lot more mechanical knowledge will no doubt explain it better. Duncan. P.s. I believe there are versions of the VW Amorak that run permanent 4wd not switchable.
  14. Hi, I’m pretty certain there will be a petrol/ hybrid Santa Fe available shortly((Tucson too I would imagine ) from what I’ve heard from a couple of people who work in the industry. Duncan
  15. Hi, was there not( or did I imagine it) a thread on one of the caravan forums about the Q7 fitted with the tow pack being unsuitable for Alko hitch heads? I seem to remember reading somewhere of a guy having major problems towing with his. Duncan
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