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  1. BTW we are not expecting a favour, the job will be done at an agreed cost. Thanks Ray

  2. Hi Screenman, would you be available to repair my panel on the rear offside top of my 2012 VIP 560/4, I can easily bring the 'van to Lincoln, we live in Leic's

  3. Hi gravon42, No I was given them along with other stuff by a couple of very good Dutch friends who had been wardens at a local site, they left pretty quickly ( after a bust up with the site owners ) parked up and stayed at ours for a few days before going back to Holland, he even chucked the awnings in a skip and I do know one of them wasn't 12 mth old. If any body can make use of the poles I can bring them over on Aug 6th and leave them in our office in Hinckley or on site at Banbury. Happy ( safe ) caravanning. indoors.
  4. Hi gravon42, No reason at all why not, I've got 3 good as new frames in bags 2 lightweight carbon and a steel set if anybody wants them. indoors.
  5. Totally agree, they design a chicane into the exits at the caisse to stop naughty caravan owning people doing a runner. ( I was told this when had to reverse off at Super U Vihiers the other day ) indoors.
  6. I'm of the same frame of mind, used to change my 'van almost every year ( had seven in the 2000's ) none had ATC and after the comments from my dealer about the problems with it I'm glad they haven't. I towed vans empty ( from Germany ) and loaded all over Europe at speeds way in excess of UK limits and never found a need for such systems. I firmly believe this system has to be proven before I decide to buy a caravan with it installed. BTW : Are there many Continental manufacturers using it ?. Happy caravanning. indoors.
  7. Hi all, Just one of the reasons we enjoy touring in France so much ( let alone the fact we live here ). I remember when visiting the UK once we arrived at Dunkirk expecting to stop the night and get the early ferry, they offered us to go on the evening ferry, which we took, big mistake. We were not due on our site in Leic's until the next day, so decided we'd stop at Black Horse, can't closed for the night, decided stop at motorway services, Toddington stunk like a p****er, fridge lorries humming their heads off, Newport Pagnel and Rothersthorpe both wanted extortionate amount just to pull in and kip for a few hours ( So much for " Tiredness kills, Take a break " ) Wattford Gap was worse than Toddington and only 20 mins from our destination anyway, this is 2-30am so we decided to pull in to an off road Lay by on the A5 at Highcross within a hundred yards of our site " Victoria Farm ". Give me the French Aires any day. Happy caravanning. indoors.
  8. They certainly weren't thinking of me trying to watch Murray beat Djokorvic whilst mrs indoors is faffing about up there. You could imagine someone on the telly looking up and saying " You be careful with that ". Happy caravanning. indoors.
  9. Hi Ian, I did notice that on some pic's of Bailey interiors, one had the microwave above the Tv point ?? indoors.
  10. Hi Graham, Sorry to hear of your woes, it's obvious the 'van has not been checked correctly by the dealer, personally I'd take it back, get yours back and enjoy a stressless trip to France. I certainly wouldn't be happy doing a European trip with a 'van supplied to me in that condition. Happy ( safe ) caravanning. indoors.
  11. Hi steelman, Please do not be at all put off by adverse advice regards the do's & don't's when driving in France. Our first trip some 14 yrs ago was with the Volvo Owners Club rally, Caen to St Gilles, Vendee. We not wishing to follow the leader got lost coming off the Nantes ring road, ended up taking the advice of a nice little Frenchman and carried on out towards Noirmoutier then down the coast to our site, even stopped off for a lovely Sunday lunch at an Auberge and not being able to speak any French, our rallier friends had been on site hours before us but were we bothered !! ?Enjoy your trip but take time out to " smell the roses ". BTW : Liked it so much we've lived here 7 yrs now and still can't speak the lingo. indoors.
  12. Hi steelman, Take a look on the via Michelin site for the route, also take a look on Google Earth, you can actually drive all the way on street view before you go. BTW : Most autoroutes in France are only two laners and the route via Caen - Rennes - Nantes is dual carriageway all the way anyway. We'll be doing the Caen / Portsmouth route to the UK for a couple of weeks on Tue 6th August. Happy caravanning. indoors.
  13. Hi steelman, I do the Caen / Ouistreham to Saumur regular and don't mind using the toll's but according to Michelin http://www. viamichelin. com Euro 62-00. I personally would do Le Havre - Caen - Rennes - Nantes to the Vendee off the night boat you'd be down towards La Rochelle by mid afternoon. Do enjoy your trip. Happy caravanning. indoors.
  14. Hi SteveE53, Same thoughts here, we were away the other weekend door open, screen across and the wind slammed the door to, the bin pushing the net and bottom runner out of the threshold. Made me think what a brilliant simple idea the T. E. C. caravan ( we had 5 of them ) was with a vertical fly bind which only came down to the lower half of the door. Happy caravanning. indoors.
  15. C'mon Harry, You were speeding, putting your Frank Sinatra 8 track in, not paying attention, he pulls out on you, end of, six of one and half a dozen of the other. LoL !!!! Happy ( safe ) caravanning, indoors.
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