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  1. We would not hesitate buying a German van the build quality makes british caravans seem like micky mouse affairs, parts might be more challenging to find but you will not need very many of them, look at the prob's english van owners are having with their overpriced flimsy units. we have just been offered a new Tabbert Vivaldi for £14200 that is 30ft of German engineering remember why the british car industry fell through the floor (about time Bailey Swift etc woke up)
  2. bought the door lock from caravanparts org via internet arrived nextday absolutely brilliant service although a trifle expensive, small price to pay I suppose for such a wonderfull caravan
  3. Doe's no one remember why the british car and motor bike industry went down the pan, poor build quality and shoddy workmanship all down the line, the caravan industry will be next if they do not wake up
  4. seems to be a common problem with these rubber buffers going off colour
  5. good for you we have had our Tabbert for 3 years now, only have a problem with some of the bigger club sites, as others have said we do want to be there either all the c/l sites have welcomed us in both clubs, we have had problems with some dealers as well (snobbery is a strange thing) if you get problems just ask them whether they ban german cars or Korean which seem to be in the vast majority now probably the owners cannot afford a proper car once they have paid well over the top for an English flimsy caravan which will fall to pieces within the first few months, we have noticed an amazing amount of new Hobbies now the law has changed to allow them to be towed with a car rather than a commercial
  6. door lock and a sliding door guide most important
  7. janfossil


    I have not ssen one on the road and noone else I have spoken too has seen one either, we did go to the factory and look at one we were utterly dismayed by the build quality, try the front locker hinges like a kids lunchbox hinges are just a strip of flexible plastic, the bed frame where the support struts go was held together by staples no carpentry joints or even glue ( this had already fallen off one side), bathroom wall was loose and the shower panels flapped about, the reply to various questions was our people have been ness for 40years so they know best, wonderfull
  8. Does anyone know of a reliable source of Tabbert spare parts, unfortunately we have been busy breaking ours recently
  9. janfossil


    You will not go far wrong with the Tabbert we have had ours for 2 years and been thoroughly chuffed with it, we find it extremely practical especially with the extra width
  10. I have received a brochure from stealth and agree the interior looks like an early MFI job, quite like the lay out though, would they look inside a Tabbert
  11. Tabbert caravans We bought a Tabbert Vivaldi 655 last year it was cheap £6500 just over a year old (bargain) we think, big & comfy lots of storage love the extra width over an english van the only things we dont like are no oven ( bought a table top one) the blown air heating the further away from the heater the outlets are the cooler they are, but as we only use pitches with electric point we use an electric fan heater and dont use the gas at all, no 12 volt for using the fridge while moving, as someone else said you need a 3. 5ton Transit van or similar to legally tow it.
  12. try Taylor Caravans Leicester & Yorkshire they are always looking for good german vans
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