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  1. Brittania will cover the caravan, as long as it is being used as a single unit, ie when towing. I have an email from Brittania saying they will cover both . This was my question. Britannia cover is rated quite highly by caravan owners but there seems to be mixed messages from Britannia as to what is actually covered in the event of a breakdown. One member has had a verbal reply that unless ‘hitched’ the caravan is not covered, whereas another member has said as long as the car and caravan take the same trip to either the UK or abroad they are treated as “ 1 unit “ so a problem with the caravan will be treated with the same regard as if the towing vehicle broke down. I have read your terms and conditions but they can be interpreted if different ways and therefore I would like reassurance and clarification that in the unhappy event of a problem both car and caravan will be covered ‘hitched’ or otherwise as long as they undertook the same journey. One scenario is if I arrive at a site and unhitch the caravan , go for a drive around and the car breaks down , if the breakdown to the car was more serious and not immediately repairable and our caravan was on a site would the cover extend to recovery / repatriation of car as well as the caravan. Reply Good afternoon Your query has just been referred to me. I’m sorry for the delay. Yes, we would help for the scenario you gave. If we weren’t able to repair your car locally, and your car and caravan then needed to be recovered home, we would bring you back. We do indeed specify that caravans or trailers need to be being towed by a vehicle on cover. This is mainly to prevent caravans being assisted to which aren’t connected to our policy holders’ vehicles. So long as the journey was a planned trip with the car and caravan together, then we’re happy to treat them as one unit. The related exclusions to this are that caravans aren’t covered at the home address / place of storage. I’m grateful to you for the feedback on this issue and we’ll do what we can to make things clearer. Please feel free to email me directly if you have any further queries. Hopefully, you won’t be unlucky enough to break down. But if you do, we’re here to help.
  2. Sorry re-read post by Lutz, brain didn’t compute not in U.K.
  3. Once again, thank you all for your suggestions and advice.
  4. Thank you for the replies, I hadn't seem the previous topic. I do on a regular basis clean windscreen and the rubbers, I hadn't considered the spring so will apply a little oil.
  5. I find that after just a few months wear my wiper blades seem to squeek or bounce across the windscreen, the noise is annoying, I change then at least every 18 months because of this. I have tried autoglym fast glass, other windscreen glass cleaners, washing up liquid, even methylated spirit was suggested. What I can't seem to fathom is why the wiper blades are like it and whether there is anything I can do to resolve them squeaking like they do?
  6. There used to be 5 pitches, but they have expanded and there are now 10, although most are now taken by seasonal caravans, so book early!! I found the fishing to be very good with plenty of choice. The last mile is single track but there are passing places and also you can see any vehicles approaching so not a big deal. Yes it is a little remote the nearest village is about 10 minute drive. The owners are very welcoming and very pleasant nothing is too much trouble. If you want to fish on the specemin lake you will probably have to book. weekends get busy and they do have competions on a regular basis although there are plenty of other swims.
  7. Just a slight move 'off topic' but how come the French have access to out DVLA , yet we do not seem to have the same access according to a resent topic from Kent Police who apparently are letting foreign drivers off speeding tickets.
  8. I'm sure you will receive plenty of advice. when you leave home or site, just stop down the road after about a mile and double check everything is ok, just in case you may have forgotten to lock something. It's worked for us on more than one occasion especially when we first started caravanning, such as front locker or skylight. also make sure the top lockers are firmly closed so items don't fall out, very easy to miss. I tend to check and deal with outside and leave wife to check and deal with inside.
  9. Sorry, bit slow replying, but thanks to all who replied.
  10. Wispman, what precations do you take to ensure that your not ripped off, money wise. How do you make sure that your not taken for a ride ( no pun intended) . when I come to sell mine I just want to ensure that the buyer doesn't use some trick, or fraud and i'm left out of pocket.
  11. Looking at the picture, just wondering if it would all fit on your own pitch or this additional windbreak will end up butting onto the neighbours pitch, sometimes there is barely enough room for the caravan, awning and car on some sites.
  12. Perhaps the next step up will be fingerprint or eye scanning!!
  13. cotswold carp farm, 10 minute walk into bourton -on-the-water
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