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  1. icepuffin

    Antisocial awning

    Looking at the picture, just wondering if it would all fit on your own pitch or this additional windbreak will end up butting onto the neighbours pitch, sometimes there is barely enough room for the caravan, awning and car on some sites.
  2. icepuffin

    Theft of keyless cars increasing!

    Perhaps the next step up will be fingerprint or eye scanning!!
  3. icepuffin

    Sites within walking distance to town?

    cotswold carp farm, 10 minute walk into bourton -on-the-water
  4. icepuffin

    Entering a motorway

    I agree with the OP, very frustrating when cars 'barge' across in front of you without a thought as to if you are able to move across into the second lane, which sometimes you are unable to do.
  5. icepuffin

    Dashcam advice

    Seems to be a common problem, mine is the same every nown again will come away from screen, I have the wiring go across my inside mirror so that when it does fail it just hangs from my mirror and not drop down all the way. On a side issue, with this extremely hot weather i wonder how the insides of the camera copes?
  6. icepuffin

    Seresto dog collars

    We have used the seresto collar for our lab for a couple of years now. They are far more effective than frontline or spot-on, yes they are expensive but in our opinion worth it. We had used frontline but he was still getting ticks, the first year we used seresto we could see the ticks on his coat, none got to the stage where they were bloated and we could pick them off. The collar is also waterproof which is a bonus for us. Last year the collar was not as effective as in previous years and our vet did make comment, hopefully the company would have had some feedback and check the strength, in fact we are about to get his collar as we have noticed at least 3 bloated ticks recently.
  7. I use the maps that came with my Iphone, I also have google maps but the Iphone maps has the advantage of showing speed limits and is supported by tomtom
  8. icepuffin

    Breakdown Cover

    Yes, brittania will cover an issue with caravan, as long as the car and caravan are on the same journey, no issue, also have it in writing.
  9. icepuffin

    recommend Insurance ?

    No doubt you will receive numerous replies. I am with coast ( formally park homes) very good when we had a claim for our window.
  10. icepuffin

    New van problem, what would you do?

    I have to say I was shocked reading about this and that a dealership could act this way, had the OP not taken a photo then there would be no proof, so a lesson to us all. In my humble view the dealership clearly knew what they were doing and it begs the question, "how oftern have they done the same to others " They said the OP would have to wait until January for a NEW caravan, yet as proven they had the demonstrator hanging around waiting unti Janaury ready to pass it off as new. It does the caravan industry no favours with this fraud and I know the OP is now happy but I would have contacted Trading standards as others have mentioned .
  11. I must admit that I used to use AVG before Kaspersky, I can't remember which but either Avast or aviva although free have alot of adverts, I don't think AVG does. (Buying a mac computer is a bit OTT just to change antivirus though!)
  12. icepuffin

    anyone use BT virus protect

    I'm in exactly the same position as you. Did you download the free BT package first and then uninstall Kaspersky, also did you have any issues uninstalling KIS before you installed Mcafee.
  13. I can only go on what I have read and the AV tests indicate that microsft essentials doesn't block some of the virus tests that they set, I know that none will be 100% all of the time but microsft essentials isn't for me. but again thanks for your reply.
  14. icepuffin

    anyone use BT virus protect

    I'm hoping to here from people who do use it and what their thoughts are, unless you use it and have had problems with it.