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  1. On my Swift, the black 12v button on the electrical control unit (under one of the front seats?) has to be depressed to turn on the fridge electrics while towing. John M
  2. That isn't strictly correct. Caravans are covered by the IET Regulations but they have a totally separate section to domestic installations and with good reason given the variety of caravan layouts and the relative size of the accommodation. So far as I am aware, (and I'm not an electrician) there is nothing in the Caravan section dividing the caravan into zones or stipulating the distance of sockets from basins, showers, etc. Just about every caravan I have owned has had a socket within a metre or so of the kitchen sink. My current Swift is a recent example. John M
  3. I created this diagram when I did my conversion. It might help. John M 13 Pin Wiring.pdf
  4. I've used screw-in pegs for years (actually coach bolts with a plastic joining block at the head) and have never had problems other than on hard standings. They work well on grass or soil but if erecting an awning or sunshade on a hard standing, I find rock pegs are a safer bet. I always carry a drill as part of my tool kit (bits fall off caravans on a regular basis in my experience) so using it for the screw pegs or steadies is a no-brainer. John M
  5. As I said in my earlier reply, my first breakdown call to Britannia some years ago was because of a problem with the caravan (which necessitated it being taken away on a low loader). I was then a CSMA member, now Boundless. However, all anybody needs to do, and should do, is to check the T&Cs of whichever provider they wish to use. Britannia consistently do well in Which? surveys but that doesn't mean they will suit everyone. John M
  6. My Bailey, bought in 2007, was the first caravan we have had with a microwave. It also had the sticker which we ignored and simply wrapped the plate in a couple of layers of bubble wrap. The only thing that broke was the microwave which we had to replace, probably due to it overheating, so for some time we had a spare plate. Didn't fit the microwave in my current Swift, so got binned. Been using this method since 2007 and despite many miles, much of it in Europe on poor roads, have never lost a microwave plate. John M
  7. I'm with Britannia (also a Boundless member) and had cause to use them 3 times over the years. The most recent was In France three years ago when the clutch on my Citroen failed. The recovery vehicle picked up my car within an hour of my call, took it to the local Citroen dealer and I got it back two days later, all fixed. Britannia kept me informed at all stages. First occasion some years ago near home was a failure of the caravan axle. Again, picked up promptly and sorted without fuss. I wouldn't use anybody else. I'm also in the minority who had a really poor experience with a Red Pennant medical emergency and wouldn't go near them again. John M
  8. The caravan you've ordered has an MTPLM of 1800 KG and the heaviest Superb of your vintage doesn't come anyway near that weight, so I'm interested to know how the experts decided that your car is OK to tow the Dawnstar. My 2017 Superb Estate couldn't touch that caravan. John M
  9. We use the Linwater site when we visited the Kelpies & Falkirk Wheel. It's near Livingston and also handy for the Park & Ride into Edinburgh. Good sized pitches and friendly owners. Been back a few times now. John M
  10. I've got the Camper as well and although I wouldn't describe it as useless, it has on some occasions made some weird choices. As you say, it pays to check the route beforehand, but we also had some similar experiences with my previous TomTom (non-caravan version) John M
  11. I'm a little bit annoyed. We're Unit Holders and when I responded to an early booking offer from P&O back in October, there were no Unit Holder deals going and no cheap caravans, so I booked using the 15% discount but had to take the basic Saver fare which is non-refundable, etc. Current deal might not be any better, but will teach me to wait in future. I still haven't received the usual letter from them outlining the Unit Holders terms, etc for 2020. Last year for only the second time in many years, we used the Units to book a crossing from Hull and another one from Dover as the deals were unusually better than anything I could get from CMC. John M
  12. We first had a microwave in our Bailey from 2007 and have had one ever since. In all that time we have stored the microwave plate in the microwave when travelling, wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap. Never had a problem, even on those rare journeys when the state of the roads have resulted in opened cupboards. John M
  13. Not any more. The reason we binned out Flexplus account is that the interest provision was removed from 1st November. It now costs the full £13 a month regardless of how much you have in the account. The medical insurance was also useless for us as they wouldn't cover my pre-existing heart condition. John M
  14. We stayed there a couple of years ago in November to attend the Thursford Christmas Spectacular which is nearby. It had been very wet and we were initially directed to a pitch which was partially under water. We were eventually allocated another pitch but were made to feel that we were being unreasonable. Apart from that, we enjoyed our stay and if we were to return to the area (unlikely), would happily use the site again. John M
  15. +1 Had these mirrors for many years on Citroen C5s and my current Skoda. Because of the suckers and strap, they fit just about anything and stay put. Expensive but well worth it and spares are available if something breaks or goes missing. John M
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