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  1. millerhouse12

    Caravan tyres

    Thanks. Unfortunately they don't cover this far North. I thought that Blackcircles would be big enough to have good turnover and they may do but wouldn't commit to supplying recent date codes. John M
  2. millerhouse12

    Caravan tyres

    Perhaps I didn't explain myself very well. I'm aware that there's no statutory age limit for tyres. However, both major clubs and tyre manufacturers recommend that caravan tyres are replaced after 5 years simply because of the way they are used which is much different to car tyres. My current tyres appear to be fine, but I'm not prepared to take the risk of running them beyond their recommended life. If you wish to do so, that's your prerogative. Other people must have had similar problems, I just hoped that somebody could help, I don't need advice on whether or not I choose to replace my tyres. John M
  3. millerhouse12

    Caravan tyres

    My current tyres are 5 years old and need replacing. However, I'm finding it difficult to get retailers to guarantee that the supplied tyres will be less than 6 months old as I don't want to buy tyres that have already lost 2 or 3 years of their life. Typical comment from Blackcircles was that "Tyres are considered to be "new" and fit for retail for a period of up to 5 years from the date of production" Can anybody recommend a retailer that will happily guarantee the age of the tyres they sell? John M
  4. millerhouse12

    Caravan TVs

    We bought a Toshiba Smart LED TV/DVD combi from Richer Sounds a while ago and we're very pleased with it. They still do a 24" version for £199. It is only HD ready rather than full HD. John Lewis have the same TV for £169! John M
  5. millerhouse12

    Westfalia Detachable Tow Bar

    My Westfalia was fitted in January of this year and has the attached loop for the breakaway cable. I find the hook fairly easy to fit but the cover for the lock snapped off while the fitter was demonstrating the operation to me! Westfalia supplied a replacement but it is just a loose press-on cap and not as convenient as the original attached cover would have been. Initially, I had great problems with the breakaway cable, particularly with detaching it as the space for my hand was very tight and, of course, you can't see what you're doing unless you lie on your back & look up. I solved this by enlarging the cutout in the bumper - it's underneath, so isn't readily visible. It's now much easier to fit & detach the cable. I did initially try a shackle, but that didn't help much. My previous cars have had a Brink & then a Witter, both of which were easier to use, but were always visible. Now, when there's no caravan attached, the rear bumper has nice clean lines which I like. John M
  6. millerhouse12


    Hope you didn't fall in the water when boarding - the ferry terminal is on the North Shields side of the Tyne! John M
  7. millerhouse12


    We live only 10 miles from the DFDS ferry and have used it for a number of years - when we first started using them, the free caravan offer covered June but it is much more restrictive now. Last year & again this year the quoted price was way over £1000 making it totally uneconomic to travel with them. We travelled from Hull last year and have booked with P&O again this year for literally half the price (plus the extra fuel to get there). When I saw this DFDS offer, I did a trial booking which still came to over £1000 going out early June and returning early July. I tried a few dates but the price stayed much the same. Might help if DFDS showed more dates & prices. DFDS prices seem to have taken a giant leap recently so I doubt we'll be using them again despite their convenience for us. Shame. John M
  8. millerhouse12

    Cracks In Abs Rear Panel (Swift Challenger 584 2014)

    I think it would be worth taking some legal advice on this. Swift are within their rights to refuse a repair under warranty as you have breached their terms. However, these cracks are common on 2014 caravans and nothing in the servicing schedule would prevent them from happening. Swift replaced my ABS rear panel with a GRP one which I think says it all. Your dealer cannot hide behind the warranty terms, your friend here is the Sale of Goods Act as the sale was pre 2015 and I would have thought that you stand a good chance of obtaining a repair free of charge. John M
  9. I used to get emails from DFDS as we've travelled with them for the last few years but they don't seem to be talking to me this year. However, alerted by your post, I looked at a crossing in June next year, returning 4 weeks later using the 15% discount code which is still there and was quoted over £1000. There was no availability on the dates I initially entered, so business can't be that bad with prices like that! Crossing from Hull on similar dates reduced it to just over £600. Did you get a much better price from DFDS? John M
  10. millerhouse12

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm still not much nearer to liking the Bailey set-up but some things helped. As I said, we keep the table & chairs in the shower, so little room in there for anything else. We don't use aquarolls or wastemaster - don't like the things. I have a small trolley which transports my plastic jerrycans quite nicely & they fit easily in my front locker - they weigh next to nothing empty. We both like a clear floor when travelling so won't store anything between the front benches, etc. Neither does the Swift 530 have a fixed bed so storing things under there isn't an option. We can't find a fixed bed model which meets my wife's criteria so the nearest Bailey model would be the U4 Madrid. In addition to all that, I can set up my current caravan without having to venture inside apart from my wife handing me the water connector. As somebody helpfully remarked, we quite obviously have the choice of not buying a Bailey, I just wondered if I was missing something. Thanks anyway John M
  11. While at the NEC recently, we looked at lots of caravans but walked past the Bailey stand, despite being a Bailey owner in the past, because the current ranges have done away with the front locker - which I regard as indispensable. I know they have a separate gas locker, but there appears to be little else in the way of external storage available. As well as the gas bottles, we use the locker to store our water & waste containers, mains leads (2), leveling blocks, bucket, etc (nose weight carefully checked!). Our unused shower compartment is the resting place for camping table & chairs. However, we see lots of Baileys around so I've got to wonder how owners manage. Anybody care to tell me what I'm missing? John M
  12. . ...... 2 leather wallets, a hat & a 3m USB cable. Went to buy a caravan, but SWMBO couldn't find one she liked better than our Swift, so got off lightly this time. Coupled with free tickets from Caravan Talk (for which, many thanks) and free coffee at the Swift & C&CC stands, all in all, not too bad a day. We did get a bit excited with a couple of the Hobby caravans but sadly, too heavy for the current car and I don't really want to change it. John M
  13. millerhouse12

    Dometic RM8551 Door Hinge

    That sounds as though it was the bottom bar of the cabinet that was sagging - which was yet another problem I encountered during my fridge repair. The cause on mine was a right-angled steel bracket at the end of the bar whose screws had lost all grip. Like you, I fitted a small piece of wood under the bar to support it. The "wood" in these cabinets just doesn't take screws very well. Anyway, glad you solved your problem. John M
  14. millerhouse12

    Dometic RM8551 Door Hinge

    If I needed to do something to support the hinge, I think I would consider using a furniture assembly block joint screwed to the cabinet directly under the hinge with some glue or mastic to reinforce it. I doubt that it would be very noticeable, particularly when the fridge was shut and could be made even less obtrusive by cutting the block in half. These block joints have a couple of good flat surfaces and I doubt if the hinge would need a huge amount of reinforcement. Just a thought as the caravan is in storage so I can't check how practical this would be. John M
  15. millerhouse12

    Planning our big one-Slovenia info anyone?

    Others may have better experience of Slovenia but mine is limited to a day trip to Lake Bled from a site near Ossiach in Austria where we were staying at the time (sadly now closed). Because we were only going for the day, we avoided the expensive tunnel and motorway tolls by going over the Wurzen Pass without the caravan but it was a fairly easy road as I remember - we followed a lorry over. The lake is certainly well worth a visit and there is a good campsite right on the lake called Camping Bled which is an ACSI site if you're going out of season. John M