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  1. The most common cause of water not getting through to the taps if the pump is OK is a crack or cracks in the inlet housing - the socket outside where you plug in the pistol grip water hose. Usually this is accompanied by a gurgling sound at the taps but no water appearing. The cracks can be difficult to see but if that is the problem, then the solution is to replace the inlet housing - a reasonably simple task. The other possibility, although rarer, is a crack in the inlet filter (the little box to the left of the pump in your picture with the blue locking handle) This filter is easily discon
  2. I just did the same job. That pipe can be quite difficult to dislodge from the inlet spout, it seems to get a better grip on the plastic than the collets do on the flexible pipe. But do as Mr Plodd says and it should come off if you persevere (the push-fit collet may be black depending on your fitting). When you connect the pipe back to the new inlet, make sure you push it all the way home, otherwise you'll end up with an air leak. Don't ask me how I know this. John M
  3. I had this problem a while ago in my previous caravan with a Whale inboard pump. Problem was caused by dirty valves in the pump and was fairly easy to fix with a little bit of care. Pump has to be removed and dismantled & I posted instructions at the time. I've added them here again in case that's your problem. John M Whale001.pdf Whale002.pdf
  4. I tow with a 190 bhp TDI Superb estate and it is without doubt the best towcar I have had. My caravanning friend tows with the 150 bhp saloon version and he too is seriously impressed. Spacious, very stable and both towing 1500 MTPLM caravans. You won't regret it. John M
  5. On arrival at our second site this year we encountered a problem with the Truma internal pump water system. Full container, pistol grip plugged in & reaching the bottom of the container, but all that came through the taps was a gurgling noise. Investigation soon identified the problem – the water inlet had finally succumbed to my years of wrestling with the pistol grip and developed a crack. Once home again, I ordered and fitted a new water inlet (picture below) but had some difficulty detaching the internal hose from the spout on the old inlet as the collet seemed to have a tighter grip t
  6. The original large & small sliding basket assembly in my central cupboard was attached to the cupboard wall with a single line of glue and a few staples. We use that cupboard to store tins, etc and after a while, the whole assembly simply fell off the wall. I replaced the whole assembly with a softwood frame which had legs going to the floor, so there was next to no weight on the walls and installed two separate baskets of the same size which slide individually and are much easier to access. John M
  7. Would help if you could provide more detail and, better still, a picture. Manufacturer's name would be good, possibly Whale or Carver? At that age, you might need to look at some of the Caravan Breaker's websites. John M
  8. I've had problems inserting & removing the Truma pistol grip so last year I started to use a little vegetable oil or occasionally olive oil to lubricate the O rings. On our recent trip, we were left without water as the pump was obviously sucking in lots of air. Investigation showed some serious cracks in the inlet housing which I replaced today. The old one literally fell apart when I disconnected the internal pipe. The caravan is 6 years old and it may simply be that wrestling the pistol grip in & out has finally been too much but I now worry that the plastic housing simply doesn't
  9. I've got a set like that but with a green top. They were bought at one of Aldi's caravan specials. Managed to slightly bend one and they can be difficult to extract if knocked all the way in. John M
  10. We had one of those Milenco steps which gave us good service for almost 20 years. Then it suffered a catastrophic failure when my wife stepped out of the caravan while we were holiday in Germany 3 years ago. Fortunately no injuries, just mild shock. Broke at one of the rivet points. I did email Milenco who replied but basically weren't interested. Along the lines of - What do you expect after 20 years? We lost confidence in that model and bought their double plastic step which has worked well up to now but we'll be keeping an eye on it, just in case! John M
  11. I has hoped to go to France in September but won't consider it now. The quarantine bit doesn't worry me but as the Government have advised against travel, then my insurance becomes invalid and I wouldn't go without it. John M
  12. GAS - just console yourself with the money you're saving! John M
  13. On my Swift, the black 12v button on the electrical control unit (under one of the front seats?) has to be depressed to turn on the fridge electrics while towing. John M
  14. That isn't strictly correct. Caravans are covered by the IET Regulations but they have a totally separate section to domestic installations and with good reason given the variety of caravan layouts and the relative size of the accommodation. So far as I am aware, (and I'm not an electrician) there is nothing in the Caravan section dividing the caravan into zones or stipulating the distance of sockets from basins, showers, etc. Just about every caravan I have owned has had a socket within a metre or so of the kitchen sink. My current Swift is a recent example. John M
  15. I created this diagram when I did my conversion. It might help. John M 13 Pin Wiring.pdf
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