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  1. Thanks everyone for all this. Well worth knowing and I will pass it on.
  2. I think part of the problem is that my daughter's family aren't carvanners so they don't know to ask these questions. I have suggested that they ask, but I wondered if the gas supply is standard. I have assumed that the builder will be able to deal with a temporary mains water supply from the house, and we know about the dangers of using a 13 amp plug connection - which is why gas will be important. I have suggested that for 3 months they buy a porta-potti rather than try to deal with the sewage issue.
  3. That makes sense, thanks. But otherwise, it's still bottles gas?
  4. Hi, My daughter is renting a static to put in the garden during some major building work and she asked my for some advice. I have been a caravanner for many years, but only had a touring van so I’m not sure of one of the answers. The gas connection to a static - is it the same as on a touring van? I.e. propane bottles? I ask because the place they are renting from suggests that need a CORGI registered fitter to connect the gas. Are they right? All replies gratefully accepted. Thanks
  5. I like that idea - it means that for the moment the problem is solved and I can investigate more closely when we get back. Corrosion is possible, but less likely as the van is stored under cover and has been from new. However, I live on a farm so mice and so on are a menace. The van is connected to the mains all winter, so an animal could have chewed a cable and died...... Again - I have two and the problem occured with both. I tried with the first converter and lead, then changed both andthe problem remained, so eliminating both really.
  6. I have tried two completely different connections from the mains socket to the van with no luck. I agree that would cause the symptoms, but that's two faults in one go - 1 - neutral disconnects, and 2 - neutral connects to live. Possible but less likely than a single fault. Then, 5 minutes later with no interaction from me, correcting itself - even less likely I would have thought....... But - thanks for the diagram, we are going away in the van on Saturday so I will take a copy of that in my head, and keep my fingers crossed
  7. One of the other, but both? No, it's nuts and bolts, but the cable in the van is too short to slide through the hole so I can't pull the socket out of it's mounting to look at the connections.
  8. I tried to get to the back of the hook up socket, but, while there is enough cable that it's not under any stress, there's not enough to be able to access the terminals. However, having tugged it back and forth attempting to access it, I would expect any loose cable to come out. Also - the van is 20 years old - loose terminals dont suddenly develop after 20 years. Do they?
  9. Sorry, I thought we were discussing my external polarity checker.......
  10. "Yes, but it won't show earth and neutral reversed" True, but I don't worry too much about caravan club sites and CLs as they have wiring certificates, and - as far as I remember - most French sites are two pin (no earth) anyway, so I'm covered.
  11. Surely that's the definition of reverse polarity?
  12. This one appears to cover a number, and it has indeed confirmed reverse polarity an a couple of occasions in France, so I am happy with it. I'll let you know how I get on with the electrical connections tomorrow.
  13. I have attached photos of the external polarity detector but I have ruled out the possibility of it actually being reverse polarity as:- 1. It is plugged into a standard 13amp socket. 2. I have replaced both the lead and the 13amp to round socket converter. 3. It's a setup I have used many times over the last 20 years, and 4. Nothing made any difference. I think a dodgy connection on the inlet to the van unlikely, but certainly possible and I will check that tomorrow, thank you for the suggestion. I can't see how an old battery can cause it either, but there is an element of straw-clutching going on here.
  14. I do. Years ago I was in electronics. It's plugged into the 13 amp mains socket with leads I have used many times before and I have a separate tester. Interestingly, I left the van to go and get some lunch, and when I got back, the polarity light had gone out and the power was on. The only thing I can think of that might do that is the fact that my battery is 20 years old, so that's certainly on it's last legs, and it probably won't hold much even though the van's been plugged in all winter. Could a knackered battery be the cause?
  15. Hi, Just got the van out and plugged the power in. The reverse polarity light is on, but the polarity is actually correct - I checked with another tester, plus it's at home with the leads I would normally use. But there is no power in the van. The circuit breakers are all "on", but the test button does nothing - again, suggesting no power. Does anyone have any ideas of other things I might be checking?
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