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  1. Hi, glad to hear you got the lock off. I am also not impressed with the Wraith and have been thinking about alternatives, which Stronghold clamp are you considering?
  2. Hi, I have found with the Wraith lock you sometimes can't get it off and have found it's because the key is not fully in the lock, a bit of wiggling usually sorts it out.
  3. Hello, If anyone is travelling to the CMC New England bay site please note the road is closed just before the site, do NOT follow the diversion, carry on past the road closure signs and you will be able to access the site ok. The diversion takes you along a single track road and you will not be able to access the site from the diversion.
  4. Hi, the 80% is to leave "space" in the battery for regenerative charging. EURO 6 diesel cars and vans alternators will only supply about 12.2v when cruising along at a steady speed but when you lift of the throttle the charge voltage will rise to about 15v, this is to minimize the load the alternator makes on the engine and increases fuel economy. If you Google smart alternators and you'll get a better explanation than mine. The Caravan chronicles webpage has a lot of info about this.
  5. Hi, the transit custom has a smart alternator charging system, the alternator output will vary between 12.2v and 15.0v. This means a conventional split charge setup will not work and could damage the leisure battery. Also this system will only charge the vehicle battery and the leisure battery to around 80%. What you need is a battery to battery charger which will supply the correct voltages to the leisure battery.
  6. Hi, no definitely not there on the Pegasus. I did look into splitting the radio feed as is done on the Unicorn range but decided to do it as above. From what I've read the diy coax antenna performs really well, certainly seems to for me anyway.
  7. Hi, when we picked up our pegasus rimini I was delighted to find a DAB radio fitted but could not get any DAB reception. Removed the radio and found no connection to the DAB antenna socket. What I did was run a coax cable down behind the corner trim into the void at the front, at the end of the coax I made up a diy DAB antenna (google diy dab antenna for details) which I fed up behind the front seats and stuck to wall with a bit of gaffa tape unseen hidden behind the curtain. Reception has been great, even in some remote sites.
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