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  1. Where do I start? 1. Insulin. Had to find surgery, make appointment, register as temporary patient etc etc 2. Awning poles. Had to improvise a makeshift tarpaulin shelter. 3. Food box. In France so had to find a supermarket next morning which meant a very long day travelling the next day and no curries for the duration of the holiday. 4. Left caravan keys on jockey wheel as we set off. That did involve a 2 hour round trip back to get spare keys. Plus, other useful things like shorts, hats, rucksack and yes have also forgotten the
  2. We have a Coachman VIP 565 and a corner of the front LHS window got broken off during an argument with a bollard in France. Below is the quote so you could try this company, they might just do the window:- We didn't bother in the end as with the mobile caravan repairer removing and refitting it came to nearly £400. It would have been cosmetic repair as the seal wasn't broken.
  3. Never. Use electric oven and induction hob unit in awning. Use microwave and hob (one pot meals) in caravan for overnighters when travelling.
  4. Brittany Ferries have a new ship Portsmouth - Santandar commencing in January covid permitting. I booked this morning and managed to get dog cabins on both outward and return trip.
  5. We have single beds in our Coachman VIP 565 and after years' of caravanning with no fixed beds it is bliss. We uses duvets and sheets. We bought the bed linen from Musbury Fabrics with the fitted sheets made to measure. Excellent quality. Having single beds means there is no disturbing the other sleeper when visiting the loo and the single beds are wide enough for a comfy sleep. The dogs have the best of both worlds sleeping either on the sofas or one of the beds! There are compromises though, shorter sofas and a smaller washroom but still perfectly adequate. Obvio
  6. Yes. Ferry crossing booked to caen 13th Jan.
  7. Don't be like us and forget to pack the awning poles (Modbury, Devon) or Food Box (France).
  8. Thanks for feedback. I live only 20 miles away so know the area well. Not sure how they will do the evening entertainment risk wise. It does appear good value but even though currently Covid is low at 8 cases per 1000 in Worcestershire I think we will go another year and look at a CL for an autumn break. This event will no doubt attract many people and I don't want to take the risk. Even if you could get into a C&MH site the prices seem to be a bit steep these days.
  9. Just measured our single bed(s) in Coachman VIP 565 and it is 28 inches.
  10. Hello. Thinking about taking caravan to this event which is £67 electric hook up. 2nd - 4th October. However, I believe the price is for four nights camping. If so, this seems like a good deal. Has anyone on this forum stayed in previous years (with caravan)? I can't see if that includes entrance tickets to the show, probably not I imagine.
  11. The question is - where will these travellers go if they are continually moved on? How is this resolving the problem? Also, this will also affect the Motorhomers who park up. Maybe not one MH but where there are a few. We have travellers who park up on grass verges, their small old fashioned caravans pulled by horses, usually 2 or 3 at most. They move on after a few days and never leave a mess.
  12. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-consults-on-new-police-powers-to-criminalise-unauthorised-encampments The government will launch a consultation on proposals to give police new powers to arrest and seize the property and vehicles of trespassers who set up unauthorised caravan sites. Currently such trespassing is defined in law as a civil matter. But the Home Office is consulting on making it a criminal offence. Home Secretary Priti Patel said: Unauthorised encampments can cause misery to those who live nearby, with reports of damage to property, n
  13. I would really like to purchase an electric bike and I have a budget of £1000. Research suggests this won't get you a decent electric bike. However I did read that electric bike manufacturers may start to produce an electric bike using the highly rated Bafung Mid Drive (currently only available as conversion kits). Apparently these bikes will retail for @ £1000. I can't find anything else about when or which companies with be offering this or indeed if production has commenced. I wondered if anyone else had heard anything more up to date on th
  14. Our Coachman VIP came already fitted with an A/C unit by the previous owners. It was invaluable in France and in the UK with climate crisis experiencing these mini heat waves makes sleeping more comfortable. I actually find the sound quite soothing, it masks external noises and aids sleep. It is expensive though I agree.
  15. Nothing whatsoever to do with the Cadac BBQ..... We bought a double induction hob for the awning. It is 100% improvement on the oven/2 ring combo we had before. Instant controls, timer and different temperature settings. Easy to clean and aesthetically attractive!
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