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  1. Our Coachman VIP came already fitted with an A/C unit by the previous owners. It was invaluable in France and in the UK with climate crisis experiencing these mini heat waves makes sleeping more comfortable. I actually find the sound quite soothing, it masks external noises and aids sleep. It is expensive though I agree.
  2. Nothing whatsoever to do with the Cadac BBQ..... We bought a double induction hob for the awning. It is 100% improvement on the oven/2 ring combo we had before. Instant controls, timer and different temperature settings. Easy to clean and aesthetically attractive!
  3. Yeah, its not like we are planning to sell any time soon. This is our "happy ever after" caravan!
  4. I've found a 3cm scratch on the caravan after a recent trip away. I had a look on You Tube but could not find anything other than how to repair dents on a caravan. Do you just buy a can of spray paint and spray over? How would you match the colour? Also, I expect it needs special paint? It is a Coachman VIP 565/4 model. I am hoping this is a DIY job. Thanks.
  5. Well, Towergate advised last year I had filled in the insurance quotation details for the caravan as "limited use" instead of "seasonal". So easy to do with online forms and they all differ in their questions. So, Towergate advised that my true renewal cost was £200.09. I advised that I had received quotes cheaper including EU cover, however these quotes were from insurance companies I had never heard of. The representative then went away and discounted the cost to £173, so in the end I went with them as would rather insure with a well-known insurance company. I looked up some of these obscurer companies on Defacqto and they had 2 stars (rating of features and benefits) and not appearing at all on Trust Pilot so could not get any impression of customer service. Insurance renewal time is so sapping of the will to live .... and has to be done for car insurance, home insurance, etc etc
  6. And Caravan Guard quoted £194 for identical cover. Time to check MoneySavingExpert.
  7. Thanks Lutz. I have only just seen this as there were no responses initially. I am going down the same road. Towergate have quoted £167 renewal. About to check out Caravan Guard.
  8. Also, in France at least, the site fees are much higher in July and August. Going to wait until September.
  9. We have a Coachman VIP SE 565 2014 and last year I insured it without the New For Old as the premium was a lot more expensive. Its coming up for renewal soon. Caravan now 6 years old so depreciating rapidly. Would not get much if it was written off. We have owned it for 2.5 years old so it was second hand when we purchased it. Still in excellent condition. Wondering what other owners selected for their van where van similar sort of age? Do you have New for Old? I know it depends on peace of mind and the risk of an accident, theft or fire. Accident the most probable. Theft less so and fire minimal risk. I would love to hear from a caravan actuary what the risks actually are if anyone out there! If money no object no problem of course.
  10. Who wrote this CMC document - what on earth is "dwell time"??? Ah yes, a military term. Deployment in the shower block. An ex-forces officer no doubt.
  11. Thanks Moorgate. Yes should be able to manage that. I remember when we went to Royan two years back we stopped at a campsite in Nantes, although as I recall the journey around Nantes ring road to reach the campsite seemed to take forever! I think it was the only one in the city in the ASCI book.
  12. We are hoping to go to the Dordogne from Cherbourg in September but to Limoges from there it is 6 hours 15 minutes (by car) so towing would be longer. Do you stop over somewhere else before Limoges or do you tow all the way to Limoges in one go? What is your port of entry?
  13. Tesco have now removed their one way system. Everyone milling around each other as usual and queue disappeared. The security guard policing the queueing was also absent. Very few masks in evidence. Felt very uneasy. Hairdresser visit this morning - I was the only person in the shop, provided with sanitiser and mask. Hairdresser wearing visor and asked questions on current state of health. They had my contact details. Felt safe. Pub garden yesterday - maximum of four per (large) table, washable tablecloth wiped down with sanitiser. I gave up trying to order a drink on pub website and bar code scanner, as requested. It took about 20 minutes per person to order. Food came in take out carton and carrier bag delivered by member of staff wearing a mask. No salt or vinegar sachets available as they are like "gold dust"! Not a great experience but what we have to get used to now. Risk low. Although the group dog walk beforehand wasn't entirely risk free as it is difficult to distance when we are all congregating around stiles and gates etc. Every individual has to make their own choices.
  14. We tried an air awning, it leaked the first time we put it up and the repair patches were no good. Requested a replacement and that also leaked so we had had enough by then so asked for a refund. So gave up with air awning. Wouldn't mind another one if there was no chance of leaking but don't want to take the risk again. Use an Isabella mid size awning. New, they were £1400! Managed to get an "as new" one from eBay for £700. Now we are retired we go away for longer periods so always use the awning. It now takes about 3/4 hour to erect and peg out. Very useful as we cook in there, store food box, extra fridge, table and chairs and dog equipment etc.
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