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  1. Really interesting. I love visiting cathedrals. Popped into Worcester cathedral last week after I had got past the jobsworth woman guard "prayer only". Presumably atheists not allowed entry then? I feel really annoyed that churches are closed especially cathedrals which are vast in size. My friends dad has been attending his methodist church for 40 years and pays a monthly tithe and not once have they contacted him during covid and lockdowns. I don't feel the churches have stepped up at all during the pandemic especially as many of their parishioners are elderly and frail. Anyway rant over. I
  2. We are enjoying the showers on a CMC CL dairy farm site in North Devon £16 a night including WiFi. Toilet available. There are six units currently and hook ups for 10. So hope it doesn't get full. Close to tarka trail and Bideford and great Torrington, the town that time forgot (in a good way)
  3. Last week I changed our May Portsmouth to caen crossing to September. I was also able to book a winter crossing to santander but not leaving until 25th January. Coincidentally the winter crossings were made available that day. I had to wait 40 minutes on hold before I was able to speak to someone. The earlier winter crossings were sold out. Not that there were many dates to start with.
  4. In September 2019 we had two weeks at a site near Hayle. The weather seemed to change every two hours. We drove to St Ives to do a coastal walk. Massive queues for car parks and car park rage going on. Finally found a space it was £7.50 for three hours! We drove back out and out of St Ives. Even the park and ride was the same price. So never got the opportunity to walk around St Ives. Maybe the bus fare from Hayle might have been cheaper although I very much doubt it. Wanted to visit the Tate Gallery and I think that required a money pouch of gold coins. Often we park on t
  5. I wonder if BF staff/web site booking have been trained in this! Hope they have so that mistakes aren't made if you make two bookings >90 days in 180. Equally CMC staff. Going to call them tomorrow to reschedule. Will ask.
  6. I got quite excited then but the above is information on the automatic logging of entry and exit for the 90/180 day visits which isn't even coming on line until 2022 and a fee is payable. If they do allow UK citizens an exemption it will probably take years. If they do no doubt it won't be until Covid is negligible and they have had a full 12 months of normality. It also depends on how much money the UK long termers bring in to the country - I wouldn't have thought it would be significant compared to the two week package holiday demographic. They will also still be getting the D
  7. Yes, trouble is though massive price hike at sites. We strayed into July in 2019 and the pitch fee almost doubled. And I didn't vote for it so I am a trifle bitter!
  8. Thing is for the old timers we normally go low season summer so it makes everything complicated.
  9. More confused now! Doesn't this contradict what Woodentop is stating? "AIUI the 180 days starts when you first step off the ferry having never been in Europe before this year."
  10. Hi Caravan packed and moved from drive to road yesterday morning ready for trip to Devon. Hitched up and checked lights on back of caravan - nada. Assumed it was the connection cable between Caravan and Car so drove to nearest caravan retailer and bought a 13 pin replacement. Wired it up which took a while - found a helpful diagram on a thread here in Caravan Talk. Checked and double checked wiring. Lights still not working. Two hours later. Duh, hitched up car to our trailer - lights not working on trailer. Took car to our mechanic who did some tests replaced re
  11. Thanks. Beginning of April would be pleasant. Generally March in the UK is still cold.
  12. Afternoon, I need to change my booked crossing with BF to September and I am trying to work out whether a visit to Spain over the winter period will be possible. I have entered the two trips in a couple of Schengen Visit Calculators and it seemed to think these dates were permitted. However, I thought the 180 days was a rolling period not fixed. Could anyone confirm? Would prefer to visit Spain for three months as it is a) a long way to go and b) ferry trip cost is quite a dollop of cash. But clearly that is not possible. So, do you reckon the above is corre
  13. We booked The Barton, a working farm CL near Bideford. Their toilets are open, good reviews. £16 a night including Wi-fi. I didn't have to call any of the Caravan Club sites in the end I think I might be shocked at the prices!
  14. Many years ago we stayed at Damage Barton. Back then it was affiliated to the Caravan Club I don't know if it still is or owned entirely by the CMC now. We were pitched right at the back row and had no sea views which disappointed me! I can't remember if they allocated the pitch I think they did. It was a very popular site. There was another site opposite I think it was C&CC and we would have preferred to stay there as it was smaller and more sheltered.
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