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  1. Well, off tomorrow to overnight at Poole in preparation for the 8.30 am sailing to Cherbourg. Will see how quiet (or not) it is on our travels and report back.... We are taking a lot of food as we found it quite expensive last September.
  2. And it will have plastic bits that snap off easily.... Now if they made an electric car like the Henry that would be a different matter ...
  3. Sailing a week Monday. I really don't care. I've had six months of anxiety and stress worrying about a No Deal and all the other miseries of Brexit. I don't think anything will happen in June and if it does we will stay in France forever!!!!
  4. Excellent, Thank you. My phone line will be red hot today. I think 180 days will be enough for the time being. I wonder how insurance companies justify charging a fairly whopping cancellation charge when the premium was paid in advance and not by direct debit?
  5. Hi I have searched this forum however there are so many postings as it is generic wording .... Our Insurer Swinton Insurance only covers us for 30 day duration and our forthcoming trip to France is 52 days. Limited Googling identifies Ensleigh, Admiral and Saga as insurers that will offer cover for longer trips. I am sure Saga will not be cheap. Can anyone recommend an insurer that isn't going to break the bank so that I can contact them direct for a quote and don't have to spend hours trawling through the usual comparison sites? No doubt these will only cover 30 days anyway. We currently pay an excellent annual premium of only £202 fully comprehensive cover. Many thanks.
  6. Goodness, It was so difficult to get through to Brittany Ferries their lines are permanently engaged. I have now made my bookings (not possible to do online with >1 dog). It is due to the cancellation of the sailings due to the fire on the ferry. It has apparently been been a huge logistical exercise to re-arrange all the bookings. I wonder if Brittany Ferries will sue the Government as P & O are as these contracts are now not taking place?
  7. Hi Moorgate I have joined Club Voyage. Thanks.
  8. Wondering whether to purchase the £150 Club Voyage membership with a promised "up to" 30% off as we will be using BF possibly 3 x a year. Quite a significant difference using the Caravan Club though. There is a saving on cabin cost and food discount to consider though. Thank you. Thinking of Monday crossing then, 20 May. Last couple of crossing we went at the weekend due to work commitments.
  9. Hi I am being a bit lazy here as I know I should go on and run various dates.... and wondering if it goes up if you repeat the search as they know you have done the search before. Does anyone know if the pricing on Poole - Cherbourg crossing changes according to the day of departure? i.e. is it dearer at the weekend. Talking about May (not half term) Thank you
  10. Lovely photo Val. Where is the location? Yes, just booking outward journey. I love the outdoor life so sitting outside is just wonderful. It is lovely not to worry about booking sites like here in the UK I guess years' ago it was like that here. Have identified some quiet sites along the river (Municipal site by Vire in Normandy) one on the river near Saumur and one on the beach in Ile d'oleron. Only the latter in ASCI book. However, we prefer smaller sites and don't need swimming pool, all the facilities etc which many of the sites in the book appear to be. Not got further than Ile d'oleron at the moment - thinking of Dordogne next, however I do wonder if it will be busy there as it is such a popular area. Yes, on the two trips we have done so far we have not used Toll Roads, except once by accident! Today I give in my notice after 41 years of work.
  11. Yes, we have one of those. I think the awning will only go up if stay >3 or 4 days.
  12. It was mean't to be a light hearted post. i.e what do you miss? When do you decide to come back? I am really looking forward to our trip. It is odd too have received such negative comments.
  13. I wasn't really looking for condemnation but never mind ...
  14. Hi As I am currently planning first trip to France > 2 weeks as I am retiring I wondered if fellow retirees on longer trips get "homesick", not so much for family and friends but for home comforts? Will we get fed up after 4 weeks? Personally speaking I think I will miss: Having a bath! Our Super King size bed Space The garden And I might get fed up of Taking down and putting up awning repeatedly The driving (although I am the passenger) Emptying the toilet etc (although I don't do that!) When a return is open ended what makes you decide to head back? Other than French school holidays and budget of course.... Look forward to your comments.
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