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  1. Oh goodness. It sounds a non-starter. Thanks for responses. I am not sure that the Portsmouth Santandar return is cheaper than flying but I guess with dog cargo as an extra it may well be but will do some research! Cheers all.
  2. I believe Flybe and Thomson carry pets in the hold.
  3. Apologies in advance for a non-caravan post. We were wondering about renting an apartment for a month in Spain over the winter period and wondered about the feasibility of our two dogs to accompany us in the temperature controlled hold as we don't want to put them in kennels and don't have anyone to look after them. plus we would really miss them. We would fly from Birmingham. I understand that it would involve taking them to a separate cargo terminal beforehand to drop them off and collecting them on the way back. I wondered if anyone had done this, how much was the cost and how your dogs coped? I would not do it if it were really stressful for them. We have done ferry crossings with them in the car (4.5 hours) and they seemed OK, just went to sleep (obviously overjoyed to see us on arrival in Cherbourg - as most dogs are!).
  4. We ALWAYS forget something, no matter how many lists I make. So take a relaxed attitude and some laissez-faire. Try not to use any bad words towards your partner. The worse thing he forgot was the awning poles on a two week holiday in Devon, in second place the food box last year to France.
  5. Some friends were refuelling on a service area on their way home to the tunnel. Passengers not in car and car windows open. Their bag was taken with passports and cash while back turned at pump. Gendarme came nothing on CCTV 2 hours at police station. Luckily the bag was found abandoned still with passports but sans cash. They were travelling non stop from Dordogne so were tired and also I think it is easy to get relaxed on holiday e.g walking to shower block and leaving caravan unlocked. We did it on every site we stayed on over the past 7 weeks although I did feel very safe and had hidden passports. Probably obvious to all readers of this forum but bears restating.
  6. Thanks for tips. Going to the village vert. Its a bit hot to overnight at the port.
  7. I know it's not the loire but camping maisoneuve in Castelnaud le Chapelle near sarlat in the dordogne is open from 1 April to 31 October and is a truly beautiful location.
  8. Hi We are booked on the 8.30 am crossing Cherbourg to Poole on Tuesday next week having always previously taken the afternoon crossing. Can anyone recommend a site nearby?. There is Le Village Vert 8 miles away and also Camping Cotentin which is very close not great reviews but only a night. Need to check in to ferry by 7.30 am latest. Just wondering about whether campsite barriers would locked leaving so early. Any advice appreciated about sites or has anyone stayed overnight at port? Many thanks.
  9. Ended up at camping megalithes in erdeven nr carnac. Lovely quiet site with very large pitches mature trees and hedges. Modern very clean facilities toilets with seats and toilet paper.... Nice swimming pool. No bar etc and hardly any tourers no other brits as far as I am aware. However it is still 31 degrees at 20.45. Couple more days of this and then forecast to cool down I hope!
  10. Thinking about Carnac area Do like good modern facilities and a pool. Will look that one up thank you
  11. Very reluctant to leave beautiful site in the Dordogne but 2 week heatwave started with temperatures of 38 and 40 degrees making it very uncomfortable for us and our dogs. Can anyone recommend a site near the beach not too far west in Brittany with large pitches and good facilities? So many in ASCI guide not sure where to start and unfamiliar with Brittany, never having stayed there before. Many thanks.
  12. We are in the dordogne at camping maisoneuve in castelnaud le Chapelle. Been here 2 weeks and weather has been mixed some lovely days but not too hot, cloudy days and a few showers. However today it has not stopped raining. The outlook tomorrow and most of next week is much warmer and sunny. The campsite has been quiet other than the French whit weekend when the "Outcome" tough mudder equivalent took place. I think today will be a cave visit as the rain is unrelenting.
  13. Applied for a Barclaycard Platinum before our trip to France principally for the no interest deal on cash withdrawals. Using it OK for a week when I get a text to say the card is being cancelled. So I call them and after several frustrating conversations and being placed on hold with offshore operatives I am told that the batch of cards tht were sent out were faulty and they were sending a new card to my home address which is very useful. Finally, they agree to extend the card to 30 June. So, I say, what do I use for the remainder of my trip? When I mention the word complaint I am then transferred to the UK call centre, complaints department. There is nothing they can do other than post a card to an address in France, which as we are touring and not sure where we will be, is not practical. The complaints person said they will credit my account with £150. I was quite surprised I think that was to "resolve" the complaint. Apparently thousands of cards were sent out in a faulty batch, although not had any problems using it so far. Luckily I do have another credit card I can use after 30 June, although I did not mention that.
  14. have spent a week near Saumur staying in camping Huttopia Saumur which is a lovely campsite about 4 miles from Saumur. it has been very quiet until the past few days. the campsite has been very sympathetically refurbished and has all new shower block in former farmhouse barn with extremely posh basins and nice floor tiling. It is very peaceful with views over the Loire. however at 28 euros a pop we settled on a pitch where we still get the views. 20 euros a night with ehu dogs awning and asci. weather blue skies and cloud. 22/23 degrees when sun out. moving on tomorrow to isle d'orean.
  15. Well, off tomorrow to overnight at Poole in preparation for the 8.30 am sailing to Cherbourg. Will see how quiet (or not) it is on our travels and report back.... We are taking a lot of food as we found it quite expensive last September.
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