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  1. I would be interested in seeing a section for these caravans as they look to be a good choice for relatively problem free touring. Please could any owners tell me how comfortable the seats are? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry I'm not able to see the listing but as i really am no expert I wouldn't like to advise you either way. It would be well worth the money for you to get a mobile caravan engineer to do a full damp report on any van before you parted with your money. Sorry I cant be more helpful but good luck with your search and if it's a Nova around 2008 then if you can get down and check the floor its advisable.
  3. Speaking from experience I would advise that you check the floor from outside along the back of the van, especially in the corners. We had a beautiful 570 2008, our son and his family took it over from us. Last month he decided to sell it . We were all absolutely devastated when a buyer came and checked it over to find the floor in the bottom offside corner was completely rotten and wet thru. The buyer knew of this problem as he had owned a 570 which also had this problem. This damp was not obvious from inside as a wardrobe and sink and toilet was covering this area. He bought the Nova as he loved it but at a reduced price allowing for the repair. This 570 had been serviced 18 months previous and had a good report but the rotten floor was so bad it must have been rotting away for years. We now have a Noa luxusline 541 2014 and one thing for sure checking it all over for damp is top priority for us. We used to be of the opinion that if it was a Hymer van then it was highly unlikely that it would be damp.
  4. A big thank you to Deno for suggesting we try A and N caravan repairs. Allan has now fitted a new control panel and everthing is working fine now. He did advise us that we need to change our battery every 3 years as old batteries not fully charged usually causes the control panel to blow.
  5. A and N caravan services, North Wales are, it seems Hymer specialists and says they can do the work so we are keeping everything crossed that it all comes together. It' good that there are people like yourselves on this forum so willing to help, thanks again.
  6. Thank you so much, we will contact them and pray they can help us.
  7. Hello, please could anyone be of help with our problem. My son has a hymer nova 570 2008 and has been told by our local service engineer that the control panel has blown and needs replacing. He won't do the job as he says it needs a hymer specialist to do the job and it will cost at least £1,000. 00. Apart from the cost our other major problem is that the Nova is stored in north Wales and none of us have a vehicle that can tow the van so getting to a hymer specialist is also a costly matter. Does anyone have any experience of this problem and are there any mobile engineers that would be prepared to do the job? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  8. This is our latest Hymer Eriba 541
  9. We've had Familia 310 for 7yrs and have enjoyed trips all over the country with him. Easy to tow, full of character and if we were to part with him today we would still get back what we paid for him, not that we are parting with him mind you. Fun on wheels, that's an Eriba.
  10. We get really giddy when we see another Eriba, not so much a problem when ours is with us but when hubby is driving his hgv and starts waving at Eriba owners they must wonder what on earth he is doing.
  11. Please could anyone tell me of any Adria dealers in the Greater Manchester area where a good selection of models could be viewed? Thank you.
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