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  1. We have never seen North Wales as busy. Just back from our weekend away and everywhere resembled the August weeks.
  2. Hmmmmm, this is the gearbox that we have. Were always in 2 minds as to should we change the car to tow the Nova or should we tow a little Eriba with our Golf. I'm sure one day we will come to a decision! We find the older we get the more difficult making decisions becomes.
  3. On our vin plate the figures are 3335kg. 1900kg giving us the 1400 towing capacity that we expected. The but is what I read which mentioned that although the Golf is capable of towing its not recommended as it puts too much stain on the vehicle. Could well be VW being over cautious .
  4. Will do, we are under the impression that our Golf can tow up to 1,400 but strangely I read on a VW dealers website that no variations of Golfs are suitable for towing. I am hopeless at copy and paste kr I would put a link to the website. Www.compassvw.com
  5. I have just read on a VW main dealers website that they reckon non of the Golfs should tow. I find all this very confusing as I've read many times that the Golf makes a perfect towcar. One thing seems to contradict the other leaving me more confused than ever .
  6. Thanks for the replies folks, the towbar would be for a small lightweight Eriba touring if we were to buy another in the future and not our heavy Nova Woodentop. We wouldn't get too far with the Nova on the back of our Golf.!
  7. We expect to have a towbar fitted to our 2017 VW Golf to tow a small Eriba in the near future. Is there likely to be any towbar in particular that would suit our vehicle or should we just go with whichever the fitter suggests? Many thanks.
  8. We had a khyam motordome classic awning with our eriba 310, still got it for any future Eriba. It worked well either attached to our Eriba or not. An excellent quick erect awning giving lots of space when you have a compact caravan.
  9. We got rid of the car 3yrs ago, it was brand new when we bought it and the problems started when it was 2 weeks old. I think the make could probably have something to do with it, a Chevrolet Orlando. I read on a Chevrolet owners forum that many people suffered the same problems believing the problem to be the filter being too far away from the turbo. The experience completely ruined our confidence in modern diesels.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Can honestly say we tried everything with our previous diesel and always carried on travelling so the regeneration could finish. Sometimes , even that wouldn't do it so after a long time struggling, we called it a day . I think sometimes it's the luck of the draw as our son has a diesel Tiguan and never knows when the regen is happening.
  11. Looking a bit more hopeful for toilet blocks to open then , fingers crossed.
  12. We have a Nova 541 1,800 mtpl van which we are unable to tow with our Golf. The van is currently seasonal in Wales. In the past we had a 2017 diesel towcar which drove us to distraction with dpf problems. We tried everything to resolve the issues but in the end it had to go before we cracked up. Hubby only does short drives to work but when using our previous diesel towcar we could travel all the way to the Scottish highlands and back and just before getting home the regeneration would kick in. Many times it would prove dangerous hammering the dam vehicle up the motorway to finish the r
  13. At least some of you fortunate folk have the luxury of the toilet blocks being open. God only knows when this will be allowed in Wales.
  14. We have done our best to abide by the rules since lockdown. We feel that if the powers that be think now is the time for visitors to return to Wales then who am i to disagree.
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