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  1. Thanks so much for letting us know. It will certainly make life easier when we are away.
  2. I'm sure this could work just as well in Wales.
  3. We were in North Wales over the weekend and as expected the toilet block was closed. Now the toilets,showers etc on our caravan park are always spotless at the best of times and over the last 12 months they were cleaned even more. So, I would feel much safer using these toilets than the public toilets in Wales which hundreds of people use on a daily basis and are possibly not cleaned as often as the toilets on caravan parks. I find it incredible that there is Talk of overseas travel to some countries possibly being allowed soon yet caravan parks cannot open up their amenities .
  4. The prices of caravans seem to be going up literally overnight at the moment. I had been looking at prices at a large dealers of their new caravans that were in stock , the very next day the same Van's had gone up in price on average £400.
  5. Do you think it would be legal for him to travel in the footwell? I've tried to find out but with no luck.
  6. We used to have this beautiful mgf until a yob where we used to live vandalised it. Could I ask a question which could sound silly? If we were to buy another mg or Mazda convertible, would our little dog be allowed to travel in the passenger footwell ? I know that dogs have to be secured and ours has a crate in our car but in a 2 seater car that of course wouldn't be possible unless hubby left me at home. !
  7. I had my jab last week at our local sports centre. The whole process was run like clockwork in a friendly way . I'm happy to say that other than a sore arm for a day or so no side effects at all.
  8. As far as i have been informed by our park owners Andy, winterising our caravan is classed as necessary travel into Wales. We would only be going into the storage compound then straight home so will not pose any risk to anyone but it's going to be a nervy journey if we do go.
  9. We are hoping to travel to North Wales on Saturday to secure our caravan that is stored there. This is our 3rd attempt to go and we have checked with the caravan park owners if this is ok as we are in tier 3. We have been told that its ok to go as winterising a caravan is classed as necessary travel. We don't want to break any rules but really would like to sort our van out before the worst of the weather comes. Are we really ok to go? Still unsure.
  10. As I have become extremely optimistic regarding the coming vaccine and I live in hope of the beginning of the end of this pandemic I am wondering, how many of you are happy to have the vaccine? hubby and me are going to have the jab when offered and can only see this as a way of eventually getting rid of this virus. How about you ?
  11. Thank you Silversurf, when I rang our caravan park they couldn't give me a definite answer. You watch, as we are in the Greater Manchester area we will probably be put into the very high category and not allowed to travel. I cant keep up with it all but like to abide by the rules. Finger ( and everything else ) crossed that a vaccine becomes available sooner rather than later. Keep well.
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