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  1. Hi yes I had this done on my 2017 casita you cannot tell that any work has been done. Next time I go to the van I will take a pic
  2. I was contacted by my dealer re my compass casita 866 (same van) took an hour to sort
  3. caravanstu

    Change of Tug

    Have a look at a Ssangyong Turisimo I've had one for 3 years now have done 90000 miles and love it Big car loves to tow and very comfy
  4. I have the Kensington 866 which is Kimberley caravans casita special. We have found it a great van I hope you enjoy yours
  5. It's the external service point light above you water inlet. So you can change the aquaroll at night or empty the toilet waste. I have Kensington 866 basically the same van but Kimberley caravans special rather than Glossop caravans
  6. Hi Just looking for a bit of help When I leave my van in storage I have to disconnect the battery and take it home an out in charge as it goes flat after about 2 weeks I make sure the main switch is off so the should be nothing in the van using power from the battery. Anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening? Cheers Stu
  7. I have used these for over 10 years travelling thousands of miles. Never had the above problem. The idea of the mirror is that you do not use the car mirror you use the extended mirror to see down the side of the caravan
  8. Hello everyone I'm looking for a bit of help I have a 2017 Compass Casita 866 and I investigating the possibility of fitting a bike rack on the rear of it. Does anyone know if this is possible or may of actually done it. Thanks
  9. I've used the stick on mirrors for over 10 years never had a problem and you can adjust them with your normal wing mirror adjuster contols. Also not as overpriced as the Milencos
  10. That's the friendly club for you
  11. Hi Moorgate I was not turning on anybody and I was not cross with you, you answered to say it was enforced without indicating whether you had been to the site, I know the rule in France but I have been on sites where it is not enforced. If I think a rule is stupid then that is my opinion of which i'm entitled to, it does not mean I'm not going to respect it, I just wanted to be prepared. I found Val's reply very disrespectful.
  12. Thanks but that does not answer my question. I have been to French sites where swim shorts have been ok I was looking for someone that had been to this site and could let me know it it enforces this stupid dress code
  13. Hello looking for some advice we are going to go to Camping Le Logis Du Breuil first two week in August and wondered what the swimwear rule was at the pool on site. Is it ok to wear swimming shorts or do they enforce the swimming trunks rule for us blokes? Thanks Stu
  14. Hi All we will be going the Camping Le Logis Du Breuil in France over the summer andwas wondering if anybody had been here and could give me any tips, we will be crossing Newhaven to Dieppe so any tips on this route would be helpful Thanks
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