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  1. It does fit under the front seats. We made the bed up at our local dealers last weekend to try our son on it and we got the cushion from under the front seat. Though I have to say it does take up a lot of the space.
  2. We are thinking of changing our tow car to a Mercedes E class 350 estate which has a big enough kerb weight to tow our van. However it's a "sport" edition. Does anyone know if there are any problems encountered with the sport edition i. e. tow bar, suspension, hitch height etc?
  3. We have owned a single axle for about 5 years and are considering changing to a twin axle. But we 'park' it in our back garden which requires a degree of manoeuvrability which I'm not sure a twin axle has. We reverse it in using the mover. So my question to the twin axle owners out there is, given that the parking space isn't too much bigger than the van, is it likely to be too difficult for a twin axle with it not having the same pivoting ability as a single axle?
  4. Yes I guess I am asking if caravans are prohibited. In the Caravan Club Europe 2 book (2009) in the Mountain passes section, for Zirler Berg (Seefeld to Zirl), it says Caravans not permitted northbound and not recommended southbound. As we will be coming from Innsbruck direction (northbound), I don't want to get to the turn off on the A12 and find we can't use it. Its a long way round from there to get back to Krun to the campsite, which will only be a stopover of two days on the way to Rudesheim. I have booked the site, but not yet paid so if its going to be a problem I may have to rethink my route. Having said that the site does sound lovely and I'd hate to change it.
  5. We are coming up from Italy (Lake Garda) to Camping Tennsee( C&CC book) via Innsbruck. I have looked at maps, books and google earth and yet I am still not sure if it is possible to take a caravan from Innsbruck up the B177 to Krun. The Michelin route finder takes you off at Exit 87 on A12 and straight up the B177 to Mittenwald (or down) to Krun. Has anyone does this route recently and can state definitely that it is do-able. I should say that I did input Car & caravan in the route finder, but as it also takes us from our house down a very narrow lane, which we'd never use while towing, I'm not sure I entirely trust it to be accurate. It seems like it would be a long way round if we can't use the B177, but I have already booked the site. Please can someone clarify it for me.
  6. I have never been a light packer. I try, but always end up packing stuff "just in case"
  7. I'm sure thats a very sensible idea Grandpa Steve. But speaking as a female who does all the washing and ironing every week - when I'm on holiday the last thing I want to do is spend time trying to figure out foreign washing machines and doing the ironing. Thats what I go on holiday to getaway from
  8. We have ordered a new Swift Conqueror 530 for delivery in April. Our present van is also a 530, but the 2011 van has a better bathroom with regards to the space around the toilet. But it also has the wardrobe on the back wall of the van. We have been sorting out our trip to Europe later next year, and I got to thinking about having 3 weeks worth of clothes(for 3 people) right at the back of the van while we are towing. As we are heading to Italy we intend to take a week getting there, stay a week, and a week to get home. So it would be better if we could keep the clothes in the wardrobe for the sake of convenience. But I am concerned about having all that weight right at the back of the van. Has anyone else out there got a van with a similar layout and do they tow with the wardrobe full? WHat does everyone think?
  9. We have decided we need some sort of awning but are completely confused with the many different kinds which basically all seem to look similar. Hoping we can get some recommendations off all the knowledgeable people on this forum. Points to consider: 1. Will probably be used for one fortnight a year (although most likely somewhere like South of France or Italy, so it will take several days there and back and will probably only be on just one site for a week or so) Other than that it will be for weekend use in this (rainy) country. 2. We intend (hopefully) to change our caravan every 3 years so the size of the van realistically may change. 3. Weight is an issue on our main holiday if we are to stay legal even though our Discovery will actually tow anything. But before anyone says put it in the back of the car we are also carrying a wheelchair so the car is already fully loaded. 4. We are not big fans of porch awnings as we'd like room for the table & chairs to be left up and also to leave the wheelchair in overnight. So anyone got any recommendations which awning would be the best for us. Thanks
  10. Thanks Steve and Andy We've done that (not easily), but Chest & Bunk minus extra seating have given us approx 20 kgs more. Every little helps at this point. Cheers.
  11. Hi Andy or Ash, Do you happen to know what the weight of the chest of drawers is in the Conqueror 530.(2009) We've taken it out and are using the extra seat cushions instead to give ourselves a large bed ( and very nice it is too), but as we're packing up for our long holiday and are struggling with the payload limit, I was wondering what we'd gained by taking the chest out. Can't figure out how to weigh it. Also we have removed the top bunk, so if you have the weights of these two things it would be a great help. Thanks
  12. Thanks Andy for explaining that. I've had a look and unfortunately our van's two figures are the same - so I guess less clothes it is then.
  13. Twiggy1953


    Have I read somewhere that it is possible to upgrade your MTPLM? We are towing with a Disco3 and have a Swift Conqueror 530 rated at 1630kgs and 242kg User payload. We are going away for nearly 3 weeks and having weighed everything going in the van we are struggling to keep under the limit. We have a mover fitted which is taking a big chunk out of the payload. Seeing as we are touring Europe and I've heard stories of checks and large fines, I was wondering how we go about upgrading the van weight if it is even possible. The only other alternative is for me to take less clothes - not an option I really want to consider. We also have to get a wheelchair in the boot of the car, so space is at a premium.
  14. Thanks Dave, I'll try that. Its a pain in the *** in the middle of the night when your creeping about trying to use the bathroom quietly.
  15. Does any one know what causes a squeaky bathroom floor, especially near the shower, and is there an easy cure. It didn't start until after we'd done our first proper tow.
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