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  1. This morning I had to drive along part of the trans Norfolk highway . I passed three caravans being towed that had their covid19 mask on kot pigs
  2. Hi Lee which one would make the best towing box caravan is under 1400 kg kot pigs
  3. Hi Fred I have a 2ltr passat man/gearbox . is your's the dsg box as I am just starting to search for a replacement tow car and would/might look at a dsg box kot pigs
  4. Now the pm and others in government have said that we should ware masks in shops etc. will this mean that shops will have bouncers on the door. No mask you can't come in I wonder kot pigs
  5. Renewed in February so we won't get anything at all, but thats the way the cookie crumbles, and hey we are still alive so up yours covid19 kot pigs
  6. Is that the greens answer to anything they don't like, TAX it out of reach of the masses. kot pigs
  7. summer or winter and it knocks the chewing gum out of the hair kot pigs
  8. If restrictions are lifted in some way, it doe's not mean that the pandemic is over it just means that they have a bed in an icu for you kot pigs
  9. To quote monty python you don't know you are born. my passat is an eye watering £30 kot pigs
  10. I was in front of the of the caravan top left in the picture last February and had to reverse back far enough to leave the ship down the ramp on the right side of the picture. This is normal loading for the Baie de seine, car and caravan had been washed before I got to it (no salt) and the reverse is straight so no problem kot pigs ps to reverse a two wheel trailer. Start from straight and with one hand holding the steering wheel at the BOTTOM move your hand left or right the way you want the trailer to go simples Remember there is no shame in moving forwa
  11. 246000 WOW!!! all of us must be awful drivers kot pigs
  12. Sir I stand corrected!!! kot pigs
  13. I have had over the years the less expensive movers, and I have had the more expensive ones. They all move the caravan so pay your money and take your choice. kot pigs
  14. Along with a set of car keys it cost almost £400 to replace, and then she found them kot pigs
  15. Had the vans 4th service today (2nd since I have owned it) happy days a clean bill of health, damp report is like a carbon copy of last year set up now for another year. kot pigs
  16. I had the same problem re getting the awning flush to the caravan. The way I found round this is when siting the caravan was to use a level block to raise the near side of the van so the van was leaning just a small amount (not enough to notice when in the van) away from the awning this enabled the sides of the awning to meet the caravan . kot pigs
  17. £60 an hour if its a one man band does seem a little steep. If however it is with a dealer with a work shop that seems a little on the low side as the overheads have to be paid for, nowadays £95 to £110 is not uncommon for work on a car at a dealership. kot pigs
  18. Not the cheapest but very good service should you need to claim. Try the CMC kot pigs
  19. Left my phone on a seat on the sea front on the costa del sol last year. I did not realise that I had lost it, so asked swmbo to ring my phone so I could hear it ring, imagine my suprise when spannish plod answered it. kot pigs
  20. Keith your not wrong there, the A11 between Attlebrough and Norwich is like a tank proving ground shakes the car so much that at anything over 55mph its dam uncomfortable kot pigs
  21. They are getting to be hard to find, as when they get damaged calor will not refill them so it is an ever smaller number on the market. kot pigs
  22. At circa £27 calor lite would be circa £4.50 per kg. I paid £28 last week £4.66 per kg, That would make flogas gaslite @£3,80 per kg a bit more attractive if you can fit the 10kg cylinder in your locker. The price of the cylinder ( rental!! ) is quite large as it seems to be a purchase not rental but they can be found on the bay of E or facebook market place as very reasonable costs. kot pigs
  23. At the risk of fred drift. what price are people being charged for a 6kg calor lite refill ? kot pigs
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