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  1. We have only had our Sanef (UK) tag 4 years and it came up on the Account Page as "Nearly Expired". We rang them up and was advised to order a replacement and send the old one back as soon as it arrived. Incidentally the new one uses a different "Clip" so had to scrape the old one off and fit the new one.
  2. French Sticker turned up in the post this morning.
  3. The Caravan Club has ceased to exist. ........... It is now the Caravan and Motorhome Club with a snazzy new Logo, the out their Web site.
  4. +1 . Order Number is on the Email Order Confirmation.
  5. I just tried to get a Motoring Only members quote on the CC web site (Red Pennant) Leaving 1/3/17 returning 10/8/17 (163 days) it came up with £345. Don't know where your getting the 66 days from.
  6. Look here https://www. certificat-air. gouv. fr/en/foire-aux-questions Under - Who are Air Quality Certificates for?
  7. We did the same. Also we paid using a Visa Credit Card and we have had an Email Conirmation of our order
  8. The Cycle Guard Web site says, 90 days per year max 45 days per trip.
  9. We got ours from ACSI. There is a Book of Maps it is stuck to the back of Part 1
  10. Everyone has the right to opt out of Streetview, we did. I Emailed google and complained that people had full view of our caravan (at that time) and it's security locks, we were removed from Streetview a few weeks later.
  11. We got the same Email. It seems strange to take the money after delivery.
  12. I have read reports via Twitter @driveeurope and now @britishinfrance that due to French Unions blockading oil refinerys there are fuel shortages and restriction in NW France and now N France including Pas de Calais region. We were going to tour Normandy and Britainy in 2 weeks time so we are looking at 'Plan B'
  13. Thank you for the NEC Tickets. Though hubby entered the Motorhome Talk competition, the Email said we have won the Caravan Talk comp. Oh dear, a Motorhomer getting something for nothing, I guess that makes us Freeloaders
  14. Caravan Magazine 'Tweeted' it, it is also on their 'Facebook' Page. A great loss.
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