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  1. Continental vans do seem to have a longer A frame which makes it easy for fitting a bike rack and still leaves room to manoeuvre with bikes fitted . Payload on my van is 235 kg with a max axle weight of 1500 kg when loading I aim for 100 kg nose weight AL-KO hitch, no more than 700 kg each wheel , seems easy but one side starts considerably heavier made up of battery / water heater/ fridge / cooker / microwave so loading is done to equalise weights. With the mover fitted this leaves me with about 200 kg not massive but ok so with all the equipment I’ve been told we can’t possibly do without so it all goes in and then checked with a Riech weight controller keeping in the above limits. My van is an Adria with a longer A frame very stable but so have all my other vans .
  2. https://www.wohnwagen-spiegel.de I used this site for mine all cars listed make and model very easy to order delivered in four days from order, not cheap but best mirrors I’ve had for towing but not a good buy if changing car as model specific . Use Google translate.
  3. That my point just shows how desperate certain sections of journalists are for sales, with attention seeking statements that mean nothing.
  4. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1473588/caravan-owners-slow-driving-law-fine-penalty-points I think this applies to all road users from cyclists onwards .
  5. I had a different outcome when someone put my vehicle out of action for three months sent dash cam video to my insurance company they confirmed it was a NFC a short time after receiving footage and within a hour Informed me Enterprise had a tow car waiting for me , I didn’t ask specifically for one but my insurance company said I was entitled to like for like replacement in my policy. Not all policy state like for like ,so if it was your insurance said that it may be worth a call to them yourself also try different depot’s.
  6. Long shot but there are caravan PCB repair specialist Google will help, might be worth a few phone calls, I know a new board is quite expensive mine was an older fridge but was replaced under warranty I’m glad to say .
  7. Picture of my EMUK mirrors it all came in a box with a bag.
  8. You could look at Mirrors made by EMUK they are vehicle specific so probably not for you if about to change your car and they are quite expensive but I find them a improvement over the Minlenco ones. Purchased mine from wohnwagan-spiegel.de in NL ordered Monday delivered on the Wednesday select car make from drop down box on left in your case it will be Audi A6 then model and year site is in English any questions give them a call. Definitely an improvement over Milenco.
  9. Thats a reasonable explanation as some turbo diesel cars did advise to leave it running for a short time after long hard use to cool down and not starve it of oil.
  10. When you tow a trailer, make sure to turn off the ISG sys- tem. Just a small point but needs to be disabled by the driver it’s not automatically turned off with a towbar fitted . This only applies to my Tiguan and Seat Tarraco if not factory fitted or dealer fitted, probably same goes for Skoda Kodiaq all very similar, not uncommon to turn off ISG manually when towing just consult vehicle handbook to verify any advice to confirm good advice.
  11. WARNING Take the following precautions: • If you don't use the correct towing equipment, or if you drive improperly while towing, you can lose control of the vehicle when pulling a trailer. For example, if the trailer is too heavy, the braking per- formance may be reduced. You and your passengers could be seriously or fatally injured. Pull a trailer only if you have followed all the steps in this section. • Before towing, make sure the total trailer weight, GCW (Gross Combination Weight), GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), GAW (Gross Axle Weight ) and trailer tongue load are all with- in the limits. • When you tow a trailer, make sure to turn off the ISG sys- tem. This is copied and pasted from a Santa Fe manual I don’t know how model specific it is as I haven’t had the pleasure of owning one but it does say when towing turn off ISG system .
  12. Vehicles with the Start-Stop system If the vehicle has a factory-fitted towing bracket or one that is retrofitted by SEAT, the Start-Stop system operates as normal. No special characteristics need to be taken into account. If the system does not recognise the trailer or the trailer bracket has not been retrofitted by SEAT, the Start-Stop system must be discon- nected by pressing the corresponding button in the lower part of the centre console before driving with the trailer, and it should remain off for the rest of the journey ››› . Vehicles with driving profile selection If you are going to be towing a trailer, the use of the Eco driving profile is not recommen- ded. You are advised to select another of the available driving profiles before beginning to drive with a trailer. Quote from the manual. I had dedicated after market electrics fitted which activities trailer assist and picture of caravan on screen when in reverse and prohibits fully auto opening of rear door and other things. I turn stop/start of anyway when driving if stopped level crossing or other longish delay points I just push the off button and again to go. Just my preference makes me happy and affects no one else.
  13. VW Tiguan 2017 handbook advised if tow bar factory fitted or main dealer then stop start could be left ,but if after market towbar and electrics fitted then stop start must be switched of manually This is the same for my present Seat Tarraco same instructions, it implies that it’s disabled or electrics are programmed slightly different if factory fitted but as mine were both after market I don’t know, mine are /were diesel petrol may be different?
  14. https://health.org.uk/publications/long-reads/comparing-g7-countries-are-excess-deaths-an-objective-measure-of-pandemic-performance published figures so far shows we are the worst performing of the G7 so far in the number of death of course this could change but may not as we have highest infection rate in Europe at the moment .
  15. Difficult to say but maybe services that are properly funded by there government may have helped , perhaps we could try that ?
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