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  1. Have to agree cost on a £20k van is not that great even less percentage wise on a £40k van but a lot higher for some people price bracket. I do not get the impression anyone thinks it's a waste of money or just a gimmick to extract more cash, or they would be 100% safe if they did everything except fit ATC no more than they would feel 100% if they do fit ATC. As Mr plod states insurance company's offer a incentive to encourage people to fit ATC as there is some benefit thus preventing a claim, defiantly good to have but not so good we will not insure you if you don't have one. I have not seen any Adria information saying the longer a frame will increase the stability of there vans when towing. I always thought mine and other continental vans with longer a frames was to aid fitting a bike rack gaining more room when turning.
  2. Have to admit I probably come partly in this description although wouldn’t say it’s all that’s required. · Electronic Stability Control with Multiple Collision Brake. Trailer Stabilization. Front Assist (Radar Sensor Controlled Distance Monitoring System. City Emergency Braking System and Pedestrian Monitoring System. Driver Alert System. ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), with Brake Assist System. And a whole host of other safety systems that will make everyone safer should they be mandatory on all vehicles? no one should drive without any of the above. If everyone could afford them there is no argument, personally I would love equipment that has everything but on my pension that is not going to happen. ATC has to be positive thing but I would not pay extra for it. But after renewing my CMC insurance and the conversation about ATC don’t think I would ask for the discount. as only tow 5k - 8k a year out of my total i will endeavor to stay safe for all road users.
  3. Just renewed caravan insurance with CMC they do indeed give 15% discount if ATC fitted but had to ask, also told it must be fully operational all times when towing to meet T&C of insurance. So don't start journey unless fully operational otherwise van would not be covered, at least by CMC anyway, but as you have paid extra for safety and peace of mind you wouldn't anyway. If you didn't have one fitted you can start your trip knowing your van is covered do I put that down as a plus or minus ?
  4. As a slight aside does any Adria caravan come with ATC. fitted as OEM equipment Or any other continental vans but fitted as after market upgrades. Sorry if I should have started a new thread just wondering ?
  5. All the best with your new purchase and have a great time . Out of interest have you had a price for fitting or will the dealer fit for free to seal the deal?
  6. Tow an Adria Adora not fitted with A.T.C and have never felt the need to have it fitted , I feel it's more important to have suitably matched tow car and properly loaded van. If an outfit is unstable A.T.C would not improve handling . But may/will help in certain situations . Those of the right age like me can remember heading for med two weeks hols 130 km/h car with caravan speed limit . That was unsafe. Caravan hand book towing instructions said caravan and tyres were only designed to be towed at a constant speed of no more than 80MPH. Adria Manual says not to towed more than 60 MPH much safer. The purchase of a van for me would not swayed if it had A.T.C. or not unless they wanted to charge extra for it. Never been asked if A.T.C. Is fitted only where it's kept and what type of locks.
  7. weekender

    Expensive Graphics

    B. E. L. Signs Horsham will reproduce printed or vinyl graphics from rubbings for shape or photo, but if possible a quick visit may be best. Had the two long curved wave shapes replicated each side on my Adora in vinyl instead of printed pacman type design as its more robust perfect. http://www. belsigns. co. uk/
  8. weekender

    Problem driving around Chartres?

    Traveled north from the A10 to Rouen on the N154 Sunday 01/07/2018 with no problems hardly any traffic but I think some of it may close for Le Tour not sure what date. Open both directions. Edit date
  9. weekender

    Problem driving around Chartres?

    Traveled north from the A10 to Rouen on the N154 Sunday 01/06/2018 with no problems hardly any traffic but I think some of it may close for Le Tour not sure what date. Open both directions.
  10. I think it's going to take a while for this to work did see one sign on the N154 today reminding drivers But no one seemed to think applied to them and with all the original limits in place I can foresee some disputes .
  11. weekender

    N 154 Between Dreux and Chartres is CLOSED

    That's the route we decided to go but quick it's not with extra traffic from both ways painfully slow in places.
  12. Any one traveling on the N154 between Dreax and Chartres make sure you have a alternative route as it was closed yesterday and I think it will be until 12 June.
  13. Any one staying at Bonterra Park Benicassim who could advise if it looks like there might be a decent selection of pitches next week if just turning up, not sure yet how long for. Usually drive past thought we might stop this year and have a look round Thanks.
  14. weekender

    P&O Ferries 25% off

    Hi Good posting wanted to leave 3/6/18 not included in offer moved one day later good saving thanks for the info £148 .
  15. weekender

    Micheal Jordon Caravans Gomshall.

    Correct I should have said thanks.